A Day Early, And A Dollar Short

Well, I hope it’s short, anyways. I will be driving south to my brother’s wedding tomorrow, so I am posting this today, rather than the usual Friday morning.

Here’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems for this week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 286 – The Trap is Sprung – September 25th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 287 – The Great Escape – September 28th, 2006

My stuff:
Health & Exercise – I’m doing okay. Actually, my doctor, who I saw Wed, says that I am doing great and not to worry too much about the little weight gain. She gave me lasix to take for a little while to get rid of the water weight that the new diabetes medication has made me put on. It if helps, good. And to stop taking it when the perscription runs out. Or sooner if it causes me any difficulty. So… I’m going to be visiting the little lion’s room a lot for a little while.

She says keep up with the exercise, maybe increase it a little. I’ve signed up to use the company gym, so I will put in 30 mins a day on the bike when here. That should help. And keep taking those stairs.

Mhari is doing well. She’s coming with me to the wedding and her doc said it was okay. Her back has also stopped hurting her thanks to some help from a friend’s talented fingers and mind.

I had some mental bugaboos in the whee hours of Saturday morning that I had to get past. Just the happenings of the prior weekend haunting me. Mhari was sleeping peacefully and I made it past the one-week mark and my mind seems to have settled. Thanks Whyaylooh for sitting up on City of Villians with me and being ‘with me’ through that time.

TV – Saw some cool stuff. Last Friday we watched the CSI priemere from last Thursday. The featured ‘crime’ took place at a Show of Ka’, a Cirque de sol show that Mhari and I would love to go see. We tend to love anything Cirque, and it was rather good. It’s a 2-parter that completes tonight. With us out of town tomorrow, we’ll have to watch it next week after getting back. But the Dvr will catch it.

We also watched a bunch of Mythbusters (and ‘taped’ even more on the Dvr to watch later).

Then on monday we caught the priemre of Heroes on the Dvr and watched it Tuesday before our City of Heroes session. Mhari kept commenting that she was expecting a reference to City of Heroes or Cryptic in the credits. It reminded her of the game, some. Or at least had resonance echoes and meme from the game. It had a mention early on of ‘Patient Zero’, which is something you encounter related to Vaziloc (spelled wrong here, I am sure) in CoH.

Heroes looks like it is going to be good. I will likely be transfering it from the hdd to dvd for long-term archive.

EQOA – Got back to mostly normal this week. As it is Thursday when I am writing this, we haven’t done that session yet. But monday we were back to putting the smack-down on the mammoths. We really should find a new hunting ground soon. They are white, yellow and occasionally red to us now, rather than all red when we started bashing on them a few levels (and months) back.

EQ2 – Monday’s XP-for-Filthi session went okay. I’m sort of feeling like I am dragging the others down some, sometimes. Didn’t make a level this time. But it won’t take long. We moved to the Frozen Wastes, I believe. And we were going against yellows and oranges, mostly. And thus while the xp was higher, the number we could face at a time was limited to 1 or, at most, 2. So the grind was a little slower. If I can pull up to level 40, things will start to move way faster. The rest of the group heads back for the Kingdoms of Sky tonight, where they are pulling in a lot of XP. I sure wish they had the ‘sidekick’ concept in EQ2, then I would be up there with them.

City of Heroes/Villians – Tuesday night was kinda nice. Played as Knight of Power (my empathy/electrical defender) and went out with Katri (Mhari’s scrapper), David Paterson (Eric Z’s FF/Mentalist Defender), and one of Zafel’s characters by the name of FelisTigris. We did rather well and did a timed mission or two. Our only problem was with, at one point, the timing of going inside a mission left Dave outside without his mentor when a much higher level Tsoo LT came back and I couldn’t heal fast enough to save him and got taken out too… then my rez didn’t work. It kept saying ‘you can’t target yourself’ when I was targeting it on David… too strange. And Felis went down once, too, but that time my rez worked…. But I -think- all the debt was worked off. They were level 24 missions, and Knight of Power is only level 20 (21 now). So everything was purple to me most of the time, so the xp was just rolling in. I got KoP over a level of XP in the night. I think David leveled, too. Not sure about Felis.

As tomorrow we will be on the road, and in a hotel, unlikely I will be doing City of Villians.

WoW – Started a pair of new characters. Or did I do that last week. In any case, I will not be playing the Night Elf Priest I made any more. Nope. Didn’t like it. The Warlock female human is rather nice. I might play her some more. I think her name is Phaelee. Not sure. I don’t have a lot invested in any character other than Thrilli. She’s level 22 now. Not bad, really, level 22 in four weeks. Don’t know if I will keep with the game. I know I like the ‘mechanics’ of WoW better than EQ2. But my friends on EQ2 are more actively involved in scheduling time during which I can share play with them. I’ve managed to hook up with Ray P., Eric Z and Ron B, only that one time two weeks ago. That one time was really cool. But one time in one month… not enough to really justify keeping the game.

Still.. I shall see.

Second Life – Didn’t do a lot more than wall sit and camp, this week, in SL. Didn’t really socialize or anything. Oh, well. 😉

Jeeze… this wasn’t supposed to be so long. I’m going to be a little late to work at this rate… well, thanks for reading. No deep insites this week, sorry.

What a week!

Some of you already have read my friends only postings on LiveJournal about this past weekend. I’m going to write about that a little more below, after this week’s comics from Matthew McAndrews.

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 284 – A New Friend – September 18th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 285 – Another New Friend – September 21st, 2006

And on to personal things:

At 12:30am Saturday morning, Mhari_Lindhaven, my love and companion, suffered Congestive Heart Failure. I got her to emergency and she was on a ventilator for about 14 hours and in CCU intil sometime on Sunday. Then she moved to a hospital room and had a number of tests and the like. She bounced back INTENSLY well. She is home now (came home Wed) and is back to ‘normal’. Well, as normal as someone that went through that can be. She (and I) have a number of life-changes and diet and living changes to go through to adjust for her new life. I am still recovering from the shock of it all and the like.

This is the version of the events with as much of the emotional impact removed. Maybe, sometime when I can deal with it better, I can release those postings that I made friends-only on LiveJournal to public. But right now I am still recovering too much from being so F’ing scared and worried and all that.

During all this, I was at work for part of a day. The rest of the time I spent either at the hospital, or at home burring myself in WoW or Second Life. Since she has come home I have been working from home and watching over her. I don’t want to leave her alone for long yet… if I hadn’t been here when things happened… *shudder*

Didn’t really do any TV watching. But when she got home I bought a new DVD/HDD recorder to replace our VCRs… we’ll see how we like it. We want to record Star Trek Remastered, Heroes, and the CSI Primere.

Health and Exercise:
This is a mess for me. I’ll recover. I’ll get back to normal. But emotionally I am a mess.

EQOA – No Monday session since Mhari was in the hospital. But we did our Thursday outing per normal. It was nice to try to get back to a normal routine. We got about one yellow of XP. Though Mhari had forgotten to go back to full XP so she got about half that. She’ll catch up easily enough out farming.

EQ2 – Network issues made things mostly impossible for Whyaylooh, and it was Kacey’s birthday, so it was just me out there for a while. Then I went off to WoW as it just seemed lonely.

CoH/V – Friday night we managed to get out and do villians night as best possible. I don’t remember the details at all because of the events that happened with Mhari right after it all. Tuesday when no one showed up other than BronzeBlade and myself, we went over to Villains and did a couple missions there before I sort of lost it with worry. (Mhari was going to have a angiogram in the morning, so I was worried.)

SecondLife – I spent a LOT of time here. But wasn’t very active. Mostly I communicated with WhiteFire through here, and he was an incredible help through this path in helping me with my worries and fears. Mhari had left her character sitting on the wall at Chaos Theory Gaming and so I sat Jethric Mousehold and my other character to either side of her, sort of a symbolic manner of being with Mhari. I also took my character to Bingo as Mhari wanted me to, to tell Germaine about what happened.

WoW – This is where I hid. I spent a lot of time when not working from home here. I got Filthi up to level 21… it was nice to be able to go somewhere and NOT have to deal with life.

I need to get back to said work…

Ninty-Nine defects on the wall…

Yup, another week has passed. So here’s some more comic strips from Matthew McAndrews and another week in recap:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 282 – 9-11 – September 11th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 283 – Letter From PETA – September 14th, 2006

My week:

Not a lot to report, really. It was a week. Some of it was spent planning to help Whyaylooh move, and some of it was spent being happy for him that Plan A is coming together at last and we won’t have to resort to Plan B or C. Fantastic! Soon he will be a west coast resident once more!

Other than baseball, didn’t do much watching of TV that I can remember. No West Wing (there always seemed to be a baseball game to watch when I had time I felt I could spend watching TV) or anything. Maybe I will be able to do some tonight for a little. I really would like to watch at least some of the Pinky and the Brain DvDs that I have.

Pen&Paper Gaming:
Nothing to report… it’s still on hold through the month of September. I do have the 25th Anniversary Edition of Champions now. Nice book! Worth it to me. Champions was a big part of my life for a long time in the 80’s and 90’s. And still plays a part in it to this day.

Exercise & Health:
I’ve felt mostly good this week. No return of the Mini-Depression this week. I did go a little short on sleep on a number of the days. I’m still taking the stairs and all that. Though I backslid a little today and took the esculator from the station to the street. Going to have to make up for that some place. No sweets today, I guess… yeah. Riiiight.

EQOA – We made it to 47, our little group of rabblerousers. Nothing much else to report here. Now Mhari’s Aelora can do Level 10 tradeskills.

EQ2 – Filthi made Level 38 on Monday during ‘my’ session of EQ2. We did a lot of chasing around the Feerott again. Maybe soon I can graduate from this area. I suspect when I get to 40 that will happen. Likely be within 2 weeks. On Thursday I tried out the new Tradeskill Workorder thing. Not bad. I think I will do more of it. Still only level 28 Tailor, but that’s more because I ran out of roots and had to go back out and hunt some down for a while. I put a lot of the other stuff I collected on that run up on the market, so maybe they will sell and I can buy more roots rather than hunting for them.

City of Heroes/Villians – Last Friday’s villian session wasn’t bad. Didn’t do a lot of adventuring, and we were without FullDark. Hope to do some more tonight. But it’s being a grind at level 38. Tuesday’s session wasn’t heroes as many of the regular crew are taking a break from the game. So Eric Z’s Larry the Imp and my Notakat villians went out and did some adventuring. Larry is 2 levels ahead of Notakat, so it was interesting, to say the least. We did get KO’d by one nasty snake, but defeated it the second time. And worked off the debt.

I am getting tired of the game. But some of the features coming up for I8 interest me. We’ll see. I am still going to stick with it and get Commander Kitty to level 50 as I did Thrillseeker on the hero side. I want my prestige class character unlockable whenever they add them to the villian side. 😉

WoW – As mentioned last week, I have returned to the game. Thrilli now level 17, I believe. She’s working on Mining, Engineering, Cooking, and First Aid. Got some time in last Sunday with Ray P., Eric Z. and Ron B.’s characters in Lakeside. It was fun. As a team we can handle things real well. I pull with a big attack, Ray’s Paladin and Eric’s Rogue tear it appart, and Ron’s Druid heals us and fills in as needed in other roles. We might be deadly if we get some team work worked out. It helpped me learn some crowd control and the like. Might be interesting if we can group more often. But the time frame when we four can get together is might small.

Second Life – Oh, what a ride. Didn’t do a lot in the world, really. But WhiteFire has something ready for me to do my construction stuff with. I’m hoping to try it out this weekend. But the ride was the MESS Linden Labs made of the update on Wed, and the reverberations of that that keep the place unstable since that time. We’ll see. Of all of the worlds listed, this is the one I am likely to keep along with City of…

I won’t be on any of the games during Saturday afternoon due to a Further Confusion staff meeting. Only 4 months to con!

I am still procrastinating on the Fauxpaw Publications sites… as I mentioned to Goldfur in a email this past week, I am tempted to rename my publication company as ProcrastinationPaw Press or something.

On the Modem Problems site I did a lot of work behind the scenes getting the next three months of comics ready that took most of Wednesday night and still needs a little more work. Matthew has been REAL active and sent me a large batch of them. So we are good to go for having a new strip up promptly on time, net willing and my memory not stumbling.

No changes have been needed for the Consonance website, other than getting the mirror site that Google insists on also indexing to be a proper true mirror so it matches the real site.  Right now I am researching how to get Google’s listing for Consonance.org to match the way it comes up for http://www.fauxpaw.com/consonance  (which is the mirror site). The powers that be like the way the mirror site’s listing comes up. -I- haven’t done anything different, so it must have to do with the fact that http://www.consonance.org is a redirect to another site where the real thing lives… and the mirror isn’t… I am going to search google’s FAQs and things and see if I can discover more.

Nothing more to report. Look at yesterday’s LiveJournal posting for something with actual meaningful content to discuss.

Oh, and I bought Mhari an iPod. 🙂 Gave it to her early and we will get it all set up and lots of her music on it either tonight or this weekend. Hope Apple gets the bugs out of iTunes 7 fast!

Off to work now… it’s FRIDAY!!!

(Please note: This is a quick re-edit/paste of my weekly LiveJournal posting)

Another Apple in the Pie

Okay, don’t hit me! That’s just the silly title that came into my head for this week.

So let’s get this thing rolling. Here’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems comic strips for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #280 – Guns – September 4th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #281 – Mexico’s Nice – September 7th, 2006

And here’s the week:
Over the long weekend we managed to get through the rest of disc one of West Wing season 3. These episodes are not new to me, as I watched them all, I them all when they first aired, or within days of it from Video tape, as we timeshifted things to when Mhari and I could be together back when they first aired. I remember those times well as Mhari and I were just getting deep into our second relationship with her. We had been apart for a number of years as our lives diverged. And had drifted back together when the time flowed our lives back together. Back then we were both working, her health was better, and we didn’t really get a lot of time together. We found that there were a lot of shows being aired during the week that we were both interested in and would prefer to watch together. Many of them aired at the same time as each other. We had 5 VCRs between us, and set things up so we didn’t have to miss any of the shows if they didn’t get pre-empted or changed their times at the last moment (or we programmed something wrong). Then we’d gather at her place and watch them on a couple nights a week and the weekend, together.

West Wing season 3 was one of those shows. I have fond memories of those times, despite the horrors of what was happening that year, it having been the end of 2001. Five years ago. Our relationship was one of the things that made dealing with the sights and sounds of 9/11 just a fraction more bareable. I don’t want to fully remember the horrors of 9/11. I would rather remember the joys of the life of the time. The good writing, and deep insights of West Wing is part of those joys.

Other than the bit of West Wing, a few interesting documentrys on the Discovery channel and lots of Baseball, that was TV for the past week.

Gaming (Pen & Paper):
Nothing here. September is a month off for this.

EQOA – Not a lot to report here. Our regular monday gathering didn’t happen, so I took my Enchanter, Jethric, out with Mhari’s Valthea to the Bandit hills and worked him either real, real close to level 20 with her powerleveling me against the bandit on the hill, or all the way to it. I don’t remember. I’ll have to look in on him this weekend and see. Thursday our regular grouping got together and went out bashing mammoths in the Snowblind Plains again. Mhari’s Aelora nearly got to 46. Richard’s Arpiean is already hovering on the brink of it (he’s switched to 100% mastery for us to catch up) and Whyaylooh’s Narcelupe and my Starlia are bringing up the rear with our XP and CMs set at 50% each (since we are still running The Luck, and Aelora isn’t). Monday we should all manage to ding 46.

EQ2 – Whyaylooh couldn’t join the crew Monday because of the holiday, so Filthi, Kumplapa and Icxer (I -KNOW- I must be spelling those names wrong) went out into the Ferott as a trio and Filthi managed to make it to level 37. Thanks gals! Then on Thursday it was my solo night while the others went with their high levels. I went into one of the solo instansanced ‘dungeons’ in Nekleos (again, I am messing up the spelling here), called the Underot. I think I pulled in about 30% of a level in there. So maybe Monday I will make 38. We’ll see.

City of Heroes/Villians – Tuesday wasn’t too bad. I played Knight of Power, Eric played Mr Adventure, Mhari was playing Katiri (I believe) and Whyaylooh was on as Avenging Flame. Katiri had to be Extemplared down, and Avenging Flame sidekicked up. Knight of Power pulled in about half a level, and I think Mr Adventure pulled in a level. I don’t remember that part clearly. I do know that Mr. Adventure and Knight of Power got KO’d fighting a fire in Steal Canyon at one point, but I believe we were both out of debt by the end. I really wish they would cut outdoor debt in the same manner they did debt gained inside a mission. Getting KO’d (killed) when the fire explodes (which is what happens if not enough people fight the fire to properly get it put out before a certain amount of time passes) really… well… sucks.

Last Friday we had a fun time on City of Heroes again with Reba’s FullDark, Mhari’s Pink Squirrel, Whyaylooh’s Broulin and my Commander Kitty. I’m glad FullDark doesn’t seem to mind being trampled by all the Mastermind henchmen. Alas, I don’t remember the details of the night. I think we did 2-3 missions before we called it a night. We are going to TRY to do some more tonight.

WoW – Yes… I did it. I returned to World of Warcraft. However, this time I am going to pay by the month. As that way if I find I don’t have the time or interest in playing, I can cancel and only waste the money spent on the current month not a whole 6-month deal. My character on Peronald (I may or may not be spelling that right… I don’t want to bring up the game just to find out right now) is called Thrilli and is a Female Gnome Mage. I have put about 6-8 hours in (most of it on the holiday monday) and she is level 13 now. I’ve made contact with Leo’s and Ed’s characters by tells.

WoW is still entertaining at the low levels. It is easy to be playing on there and get lost in it until hours that you really should be climbing into bed and sleeping to be able to work properly the next day. I’m going to have to be careful.

What I am telling myself right now (and it remains to be seen if I am fooling myself or not) is that if I can’t properly hook up with one of my many friends on the server and get playing with them for some schedulable timeframe, I will just cancel again and write it off. I’m already stretching myself quite thin. The only way I can really do this is because of the hiatas that the pen&paper games are on for this month. And yes, blackcypress, I know you told me not to do it. I’m sorry, your Uncle is week in some areas, and MMOs is one of that areas. I am addicted to that progress bar.

SL – Still active here. During the long weekend I actually went and sat in on some SL-ingo games. I think Kyim startled the people at the Paradise Island SL-ingo game when one of the Hosts asked for a small bit more for the pot and I dumped L$1000 into it. I was just remembering when I was doing SL-ingo and that session there was a good one. The location didn’t suffer the lag that kills off SL-ingo so many places. And while there was SOME of the trash talking and dirty mouth chat that has been cropping up and infesting some of the other SL-ingo events I’ve gone to in the past few weeks (and keeps driving me away from them, as I like innuendo… I just do NOT like over-abundant F-words and cussing and swearing no matter how many devils sit on your card), this session was run in a Friendly happy mood that I could enjoy. I felt I should spread the love and dumped the L$ into the pot. Didn’t win it back, either. 🙂 I think if I got back into doing SL-ingo events, someplace like there would be good. Low lag island sim, well thought out location that has a backdrop of emptiness (so there’s no nextdoor for the system to try to render) and happy people.

Other than that, CARP was completely redesigned, with WhiteFire doing a lot of the framework building. I get the impression he was the force of the redesign into the multi-level layout… but he might just have been the implementor and builder. Whatever the case, it is good work. Now if the Silvermoon sim would just stop crashing!

Yes, I am addicted to these online environments. I have been since the early days of MUDs and MUCKs. If I could earn money in the field of them I would either be in heaven or finally be rid of my addiction. 😉

I’m treading water here. I haven’t been doing the exercise bike thing like I should be. But I -am- taking those stairs harder and faster. And I am feeling better. I’m not eating as many of the sweets or crackers or snacks… I haven’t stopped, but I have cut back a little. I’m sleeping slightly better. And I am a little happier. Maybe the mini-depression is over for now. I sure hope so. Of course, having 3 days where I was able to sleep in until I woke of my own accord helpped a LOT.

That’s enough… I gotta finish this and get headed to work. I’ll dump it up the stream once I get there. Thanks for reading!

First Cross-posting

Okay, I’m going to start off here in spaces with just doing a sort of mirror of my LiveJournal entry for the week, edited to work on spaces.

My entries usually start with a link to the week’s two Modem Problems comic strips by Matthew McAndrews. Modem Problems has been going for 5 years this coming October, as it has been going since October 1st, 2001. I have been hosting that strip, and maintaining the site since it launched. It was originally a weekly strip, but on the first of 2006, Matt decided he was up to providing me 2 strips a week, and thus it has been since then.

( Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 278 – Mission Orders – August 28th, 2006 )
( Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 279 – Fire 1! – August 31st, 2006 )

Now, on to more personal things.
Watched some episodes from the third season of West Wing wednesday night… the first of them was the episode that they aired in place of their season starter, right after the events of 9/11/2001. Issac and Ishmael was the episode title. It’s outside the regular continuity of the series, yet fits right in there without a problem. In it they handle some topics that really are still quite proper to be reviewing now. The bigest of them was how we can let our anger at some faceless foe cause us to lash out at someone just because they are in some way (be it color of skin, place of national origin, religon, political party) remotely associated with the faceless foe we want to strike out at. Unfortunately this reaction is seemingly a part of ‘the human condition’.

Otherwise in TVland I mostly got to watch baseball or the weather channel, because that’s what Mhari Lindhaven leaves on when we are playing EQOA and things. I am a big A’s and mild Giant’s fan. I like baseball. A lot. But I am getting a little tired of the announcers and the really, really, really lame commercials that are on during the games. Plus it sometimes leaves us distracted. Especially bad when I am trying to keep track of a battle in EQOA, checking the websites for clues in our next part of the current quest, AND a big play comes up. My attention just gets so fractured that, occasionally, it is strongly disorenting and it takes me a little to get my focus back. Especially if I am asked a question at the same time. I guess I just don’t multi-track like I used to.

Last week I managed to put together the bones of a cast off computer, a video card and an inexpensive 250GB hard drive and made TERRABASE, our new NAS on our home LAN. It works great. Nice to get to use those cast off parts. But I discovered that the hub behind our easy chairs, where TERRABASE needed to be hooked in, was only a 5-port and was full (uplink, 2 PS2’s, my downstairs PC and a downlink to the other hub in the room). So, this past week I went to Frys and bought the least expensive 8-port switch I could find. I also found a great deal at Newegg (thanks to a listing on Engadget or BoingBoing or some such about it) for an NEC 3550A DVD burner… it came in and I bought an inexpensive USB 2.0 external enclosure for it. So now I can burn DL in both + and -. So I got my fix of being a geek and computer nerd. Felt good.

Feeling a little better this week. Both physically and mentally. Still getting ‘stuck’ in my head at least a few hours a day with the mini-depression. And occasionally feel a little disjointed, but not as bad this week as last. Physically I am doing better, that’s for sure. I am taking those stairs out of the BART station faster. And people aren’t looking at me quite so weirdly as I do warm up exercises on the platform while waiting for my train.  I am also cutting down on the sweets intake even further than I was before. The combination of the increased exercise with the lower intake is starting to work. Now, if I can just keep it up. My next plan is to start decreasing my soda intake and increase my plain water intake.

Pen & Paper Role-Playing:
Last weekend was game weekend. Our last one for the next 6 weeks as people’s weekends get clogged up, or at least that of one of our main GM’s. And the rest of us agreeded we would rather take the time off than try doing only the one game short a player. Especially as the new game really needs that player to feel right.

Speaking of the new game, it went rather well. It was mostly a ‘get the characters all together for the first time’ and all that goes with that. All of us trying to get a handle on our characters. My ‘Nick Meers’ or should I say ‘Captain Nick Meers’, feels like a ‘person’ to me. Which means that I’ve got a handle on him. Having that happen with the very first game is a good sign. And the GM seemed to like him, too. Eric Z. seemed to be doing okay with Maxwell, his ‘loyal retainer with the checkered past’. Ron B had Dr Parks, a young woman with CSI training and a good head on her shoulders. She’s a real looker, too. Vic B. is playing Engineer Tsing (or was it Tsung… I don’t have my notes). I think she is going to be a fun character, too. Our NPCs are Hank Devlin (again, not sure on the spelling or last name), pilot and maverik. He was really down on his luck when we found him. He had just been drummed out of the space navy for doing the right thing against direct orders. He’s a hot shot. The other NPC is our Robotechnition and general assistant all around. He has a long arabic name, and seems to be a mussilm or islamic. He asks that we just call him ‘Ken’ (I think that was right. It might have been ‘Dan’.. but I think it is ‘Ken’) as most people have a hard time pronouncing his real name.

Its going to be an interesting game. We have a custom built ship called The FourDuece, because her callsign ends in 2222. Our next game, in six weeks time, will be the ‘shakedown flight’. As this craft has never lifted from her cradle as of yet.

In the Fantasy game, we started out camped a distance outside of a town that straddled the opening of a pass (it’s a HUGE city, actually, filling this little valley) that is the only easy overland route between The Heartlands and Targos, the city we are trying to go to. It was 12 days to this midway point. Our prarty is comprised of two Felor (cat-peple, one of which is my character, Leon, and the other is his mate, an NPC by the name of Hel’lanna), 4 humans (Espey – Eric Z’s character (a young girl rogue-like character), Nicoli – Vic B’s necromancer, and Drazen the Grey Ray P’s enchanter/wizard and Sarah (and NPC), a girl that we were taking to Targos to reunite with her mother), a Half-Elf Bard NPC, and 2 Dark Elf Ex-ShadowKnights cum Paladins of Asterann(also NPCs). The problem we have is getting the 2 dark elves through, as they are considered ‘the enemy’ by most of those in this part of the world. In fact, they had been enemies of ours until the God came down from on high during an earlier part of our adventures and they saw the light… so to speak.

So we had to contact people from the ShadowKeepers, an organization we are a part of that is trying to keep things from going too far to hell with corruption and the like. They contain a lot of spys, thieves, and others that one would normally consider to be working for ‘the dark side’ but are actually working for the light in their own way. (One complication in our party is that Nicolai is a member of The Circle, a magic order that keeps Neutral and NOT a member of the ShadowKeepers.) Drazen and Espey went into town (after waiting HOURS to get in the gate past the customs and security checkpoint) and hunted up a ShadowKeepers contact. That contact arranged for us to be escorted through the city in near secrecy around 1am in the morning. It took us almost to dawn to get through the city.

Then it was another 12 days to Targos. Once there, we got in with little effort (for many of us, Targos is where we started the campaign, and people remember us from before the campaign). Leon took his mate, Nicolai, Sarah and the Bard to a really, really seedy INN called The Bloated Boar that he used to find bareable (ICK… what did he EVER see in the place… of course, that was back before he was touched by The God), while the others took the 2 dark elves to the ShadowKeepers to seek a place for them to find a purpose and a place that would accept them. That accomplished, we stayed overnight (ick) at the bad inn, then moved to a MUCH better place in the morning. At which point Nicolai took Sarah to the local tower of The Circle, where Sarah’s mother had been working as a servent while waiting for us to reach there. Sarah was reunited with her mother, Laura, and all was well… except that Nicolai found out that he was now nominal ‘owner’ of Laura, and also thus of Sarah, as The Circle had bought her writ from those that owned her on his behalf when he had directed them to save Laura from some illness he had seen in a vision. (It gets complex in there, and really needs more back story… so just trust me here.)

We had come to Targos to see Sarah back to her mother, and the dark elves to someplace of their own. We weren’t expecting to come out of it with Sarah and her Mother. Oh, well. Complications, complications. And all the while, we are searching for info on a baron that was our Bard’s ‘father’. (More complications.) And then there is the God’s Work, which Leon is on, to reunite the tribes of the world and thus end the war that has been going on for centuries.

(And all that was from one day of gaming!)

EQOA – We did part 2 of our Level 43 side quests on Monday, and Part 3 and finished them on Thursday. Not bad, really. Of course, we were Level 45… 😉 Now we need to do our Level 45 quests… but first, we want to get to Level 46. We won’t be playing on Monday, so next Thursday it will be back to Mammoth hunting.

EQ2 – Got Filthi to level again (is that 35 or 36? I don’t remember) on Monday. And Thursday it was mostly time out hunting down things for stale quests on my Solo night. Also found a new dungeon that has a Solo version as well as a group version. I took the solo quest. It will give me something to work on for my solo nights.

CoX – Last Friday we did City of Villians from around 10pm to 1am. It was fun having the 3 masterminds together again. And we took along a friend. It was reba’s corruptor. I forget his name at the moment. That’s me… bad for names. Tuesday on City of Heroes we went out, Momcat and Stand In, and beat on things in Crey’s Folly and Founder’s Falls. Nothing special, really. I don’t remember details. Mostly it was street missions Stand In had. She takes those missions because there is No Way that she, as a Defender made for group support, not firepower, can do door missions of her own level. So she takes street missions and goes for things she can handle. We did okay, and I think she got out of debt from her KO the prior week. Only other thing I did in the City was take Static Kat out and got her level 12. Did a Mayhem Mission in Kings Row and got her KR temp power.

WoW – Yes, I am considering going back to Wow. But likely only for the month of September. We will see. Depends on if I can find the time.

SL – I spent a fair amount of my spare time in SecondLife. Though a lot of that time I was idle while I was actually active on one of the MMOs. Luskwood released a new Avatar on Thursday night: Wildcat/Lynx. It’s really, really, really nice. Moving ears, Moving tail, ears back/front, tail up/down, eye color change, expression change (2 facial ones, 4 eye states), and claws on/off. L$900 and worth every linden of it.

I think that’s about it. I’ve spent enough time on this, and I really need to get to work. Thanks for reading. I still plan to actually post something of substance one of these days. Rather than this drivel. 😉