Another Apple in the Pie

Okay, don’t hit me! That’s just the silly title that came into my head for this week.

So let’s get this thing rolling. Here’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems comic strips for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #280 – Guns – September 4th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #281 – Mexico’s Nice – September 7th, 2006

And here’s the week:
Over the long weekend we managed to get through the rest of disc one of West Wing season 3. These episodes are not new to me, as I watched them all, I them all when they first aired, or within days of it from Video tape, as we timeshifted things to when Mhari and I could be together back when they first aired. I remember those times well as Mhari and I were just getting deep into our second relationship with her. We had been apart for a number of years as our lives diverged. And had drifted back together when the time flowed our lives back together. Back then we were both working, her health was better, and we didn’t really get a lot of time together. We found that there were a lot of shows being aired during the week that we were both interested in and would prefer to watch together. Many of them aired at the same time as each other. We had 5 VCRs between us, and set things up so we didn’t have to miss any of the shows if they didn’t get pre-empted or changed their times at the last moment (or we programmed something wrong). Then we’d gather at her place and watch them on a couple nights a week and the weekend, together.

West Wing season 3 was one of those shows. I have fond memories of those times, despite the horrors of what was happening that year, it having been the end of 2001. Five years ago. Our relationship was one of the things that made dealing with the sights and sounds of 9/11 just a fraction more bareable. I don’t want to fully remember the horrors of 9/11. I would rather remember the joys of the life of the time. The good writing, and deep insights of West Wing is part of those joys.

Other than the bit of West Wing, a few interesting documentrys on the Discovery channel and lots of Baseball, that was TV for the past week.

Gaming (Pen & Paper):
Nothing here. September is a month off for this.

EQOA – Not a lot to report here. Our regular monday gathering didn’t happen, so I took my Enchanter, Jethric, out with Mhari’s Valthea to the Bandit hills and worked him either real, real close to level 20 with her powerleveling me against the bandit on the hill, or all the way to it. I don’t remember. I’ll have to look in on him this weekend and see. Thursday our regular grouping got together and went out bashing mammoths in the Snowblind Plains again. Mhari’s Aelora nearly got to 46. Richard’s Arpiean is already hovering on the brink of it (he’s switched to 100% mastery for us to catch up) and Whyaylooh’s Narcelupe and my Starlia are bringing up the rear with our XP and CMs set at 50% each (since we are still running The Luck, and Aelora isn’t). Monday we should all manage to ding 46.

EQ2 – Whyaylooh couldn’t join the crew Monday because of the holiday, so Filthi, Kumplapa and Icxer (I -KNOW- I must be spelling those names wrong) went out into the Ferott as a trio and Filthi managed to make it to level 37. Thanks gals! Then on Thursday it was my solo night while the others went with their high levels. I went into one of the solo instansanced ‘dungeons’ in Nekleos (again, I am messing up the spelling here), called the Underot. I think I pulled in about 30% of a level in there. So maybe Monday I will make 38. We’ll see.

City of Heroes/Villians – Tuesday wasn’t too bad. I played Knight of Power, Eric played Mr Adventure, Mhari was playing Katiri (I believe) and Whyaylooh was on as Avenging Flame. Katiri had to be Extemplared down, and Avenging Flame sidekicked up. Knight of Power pulled in about half a level, and I think Mr Adventure pulled in a level. I don’t remember that part clearly. I do know that Mr. Adventure and Knight of Power got KO’d fighting a fire in Steal Canyon at one point, but I believe we were both out of debt by the end. I really wish they would cut outdoor debt in the same manner they did debt gained inside a mission. Getting KO’d (killed) when the fire explodes (which is what happens if not enough people fight the fire to properly get it put out before a certain amount of time passes) really… well… sucks.

Last Friday we had a fun time on City of Heroes again with Reba’s FullDark, Mhari’s Pink Squirrel, Whyaylooh’s Broulin and my Commander Kitty. I’m glad FullDark doesn’t seem to mind being trampled by all the Mastermind henchmen. Alas, I don’t remember the details of the night. I think we did 2-3 missions before we called it a night. We are going to TRY to do some more tonight.

WoW – Yes… I did it. I returned to World of Warcraft. However, this time I am going to pay by the month. As that way if I find I don’t have the time or interest in playing, I can cancel and only waste the money spent on the current month not a whole 6-month deal. My character on Peronald (I may or may not be spelling that right… I don’t want to bring up the game just to find out right now) is called Thrilli and is a Female Gnome Mage. I have put about 6-8 hours in (most of it on the holiday monday) and she is level 13 now. I’ve made contact with Leo’s and Ed’s characters by tells.

WoW is still entertaining at the low levels. It is easy to be playing on there and get lost in it until hours that you really should be climbing into bed and sleeping to be able to work properly the next day. I’m going to have to be careful.

What I am telling myself right now (and it remains to be seen if I am fooling myself or not) is that if I can’t properly hook up with one of my many friends on the server and get playing with them for some schedulable timeframe, I will just cancel again and write it off. I’m already stretching myself quite thin. The only way I can really do this is because of the hiatas that the pen&paper games are on for this month. And yes, blackcypress, I know you told me not to do it. I’m sorry, your Uncle is week in some areas, and MMOs is one of that areas. I am addicted to that progress bar.

SL – Still active here. During the long weekend I actually went and sat in on some SL-ingo games. I think Kyim startled the people at the Paradise Island SL-ingo game when one of the Hosts asked for a small bit more for the pot and I dumped L$1000 into it. I was just remembering when I was doing SL-ingo and that session there was a good one. The location didn’t suffer the lag that kills off SL-ingo so many places. And while there was SOME of the trash talking and dirty mouth chat that has been cropping up and infesting some of the other SL-ingo events I’ve gone to in the past few weeks (and keeps driving me away from them, as I like innuendo… I just do NOT like over-abundant F-words and cussing and swearing no matter how many devils sit on your card), this session was run in a Friendly happy mood that I could enjoy. I felt I should spread the love and dumped the L$ into the pot. Didn’t win it back, either. 🙂 I think if I got back into doing SL-ingo events, someplace like there would be good. Low lag island sim, well thought out location that has a backdrop of emptiness (so there’s no nextdoor for the system to try to render) and happy people.

Other than that, CARP was completely redesigned, with WhiteFire doing a lot of the framework building. I get the impression he was the force of the redesign into the multi-level layout… but he might just have been the implementor and builder. Whatever the case, it is good work. Now if the Silvermoon sim would just stop crashing!

Yes, I am addicted to these online environments. I have been since the early days of MUDs and MUCKs. If I could earn money in the field of them I would either be in heaven or finally be rid of my addiction. 😉

I’m treading water here. I haven’t been doing the exercise bike thing like I should be. But I -am- taking those stairs harder and faster. And I am feeling better. I’m not eating as many of the sweets or crackers or snacks… I haven’t stopped, but I have cut back a little. I’m sleeping slightly better. And I am a little happier. Maybe the mini-depression is over for now. I sure hope so. Of course, having 3 days where I was able to sleep in until I woke of my own accord helpped a LOT.

That’s enough… I gotta finish this and get headed to work. I’ll dump it up the stream once I get there. Thanks for reading!