Ninty-Nine defects on the wall…

Yup, another week has passed. So here’s some more comic strips from Matthew McAndrews and another week in recap:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 282 – 9-11 – September 11th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 283 – Letter From PETA – September 14th, 2006

My week:

Not a lot to report, really. It was a week. Some of it was spent planning to help Whyaylooh move, and some of it was spent being happy for him that Plan A is coming together at last and we won’t have to resort to Plan B or C. Fantastic! Soon he will be a west coast resident once more!

Other than baseball, didn’t do much watching of TV that I can remember. No West Wing (there always seemed to be a baseball game to watch when I had time I felt I could spend watching TV) or anything. Maybe I will be able to do some tonight for a little. I really would like to watch at least some of the Pinky and the Brain DvDs that I have.

Pen&Paper Gaming:
Nothing to report… it’s still on hold through the month of September. I do have the 25th Anniversary Edition of Champions now. Nice book! Worth it to me. Champions was a big part of my life for a long time in the 80’s and 90’s. And still plays a part in it to this day.

Exercise & Health:
I’ve felt mostly good this week. No return of the Mini-Depression this week. I did go a little short on sleep on a number of the days. I’m still taking the stairs and all that. Though I backslid a little today and took the esculator from the station to the street. Going to have to make up for that some place. No sweets today, I guess… yeah. Riiiight.

EQOA – We made it to 47, our little group of rabblerousers. Nothing much else to report here. Now Mhari’s Aelora can do Level 10 tradeskills.

EQ2 – Filthi made Level 38 on Monday during ‘my’ session of EQ2. We did a lot of chasing around the Feerott again. Maybe soon I can graduate from this area. I suspect when I get to 40 that will happen. Likely be within 2 weeks. On Thursday I tried out the new Tradeskill Workorder thing. Not bad. I think I will do more of it. Still only level 28 Tailor, but that’s more because I ran out of roots and had to go back out and hunt some down for a while. I put a lot of the other stuff I collected on that run up on the market, so maybe they will sell and I can buy more roots rather than hunting for them.

City of Heroes/Villians – Last Friday’s villian session wasn’t bad. Didn’t do a lot of adventuring, and we were without FullDark. Hope to do some more tonight. But it’s being a grind at level 38. Tuesday’s session wasn’t heroes as many of the regular crew are taking a break from the game. So Eric Z’s Larry the Imp and my Notakat villians went out and did some adventuring. Larry is 2 levels ahead of Notakat, so it was interesting, to say the least. We did get KO’d by one nasty snake, but defeated it the second time. And worked off the debt.

I am getting tired of the game. But some of the features coming up for I8 interest me. We’ll see. I am still going to stick with it and get Commander Kitty to level 50 as I did Thrillseeker on the hero side. I want my prestige class character unlockable whenever they add them to the villian side. šŸ˜‰

WoW – As mentioned last week, I have returned to the game. Thrilli now level 17, I believe. She’s working on Mining, Engineering, Cooking, and First Aid. Got some time in last Sunday with Ray P., Eric Z. and Ron B.’s characters in Lakeside. It was fun. As a team we can handle things real well. I pull with a big attack, Ray’s Paladin and Eric’s Rogue tear it appart, and Ron’s Druid heals us and fills in as needed in other roles. We might be deadly if we get some team work worked out. It helpped me learn some crowd control and the like. Might be interesting if we can group more often. But the time frame when we four can get together is might small.

Second Life – Oh, what a ride. Didn’t do a lot in the world, really. But WhiteFire has something ready for me to do my construction stuff with. I’m hoping to try it out this weekend. But the ride was the MESS Linden Labs made of the update on Wed, and the reverberations of that that keep the place unstable since that time. We’ll see. Of all of the worlds listed, this is the one I am likely to keep along with City of…

I won’t be on any of the games during Saturday afternoon due to a Further Confusion staff meeting. Only 4 months to con!

I am still procrastinating on the Fauxpaw Publications sites… as I mentioned to Goldfur in a email this past week, I am tempted to rename my publication company as ProcrastinationPaw Press or something.

On the Modem Problems site I did a lot of work behind the scenes getting the next three months of comics ready that took most of Wednesday night and still needs a little more work. Matthew has been REAL active and sent me a large batch of them. So we are good to go for having a new strip up promptly on time, net willing and my memory not stumbling.

No changes have been needed for the Consonance website, other than getting the mirror site that Google insists on also indexing to be a proper true mirror so it matches the real site.Ā  Right now I am researching how to get Google’s listing for to match the way it comes up forĀ  (which is the mirror site). The powers that be like the way the mirror site’s listing comes up. -I- haven’t done anything different, so it must have to do with the fact that is a redirect to another site where the real thing lives… and the mirror isn’t… I am going to search google’s FAQs and things and see if I can discover more.

Nothing more to report. Look at yesterday’s LiveJournal posting for something with actual meaningful content to discuss.

Oh, and I bought Mhari an iPod. šŸ™‚ Gave it to her early and we will get it all set up and lots of her music on it either tonight or this weekend. Hope Apple gets the bugs out of iTunes 7 fast!

Off to work now… it’s FRIDAY!!!

(Please note: This is a quick re-edit/paste of my weekly LiveJournal posting)