What a week!

Some of you already have read my friends only postings on LiveJournal about this past weekend. I’m going to write about that a little more below, after this week’s comics from Matthew McAndrews.

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 284 – A New Friend – September 18th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 285 – Another New Friend – September 21st, 2006

And on to personal things:

At 12:30am Saturday morning, Mhari_Lindhaven, my love and companion, suffered Congestive Heart Failure. I got her to emergency and she was on a ventilator for about 14 hours and in CCU intil sometime on Sunday. Then she moved to a hospital room and had a number of tests and the like. She bounced back INTENSLY well. She is home now (came home Wed) and is back to ‘normal’. Well, as normal as someone that went through that can be. She (and I) have a number of life-changes and diet and living changes to go through to adjust for her new life. I am still recovering from the shock of it all and the like.

This is the version of the events with as much of the emotional impact removed. Maybe, sometime when I can deal with it better, I can release those postings that I made friends-only on LiveJournal to public. But right now I am still recovering too much from being so F’ing scared and worried and all that.

During all this, I was at work for part of a day. The rest of the time I spent either at the hospital, or at home burring myself in WoW or Second Life. Since she has come home I have been working from home and watching over her. I don’t want to leave her alone for long yet… if I hadn’t been here when things happened… *shudder*

Didn’t really do any TV watching. But when she got home I bought a new DVD/HDD recorder to replace our VCRs… we’ll see how we like it. We want to record Star Trek Remastered, Heroes, and the CSI Primere.

Health and Exercise:
This is a mess for me. I’ll recover. I’ll get back to normal. But emotionally I am a mess.

EQOA – No Monday session since Mhari was in the hospital. But we did our Thursday outing per normal. It was nice to try to get back to a normal routine. We got about one yellow of XP. Though Mhari had forgotten to go back to full XP so she got about half that. She’ll catch up easily enough out farming.

EQ2 – Network issues made things mostly impossible for Whyaylooh, and it was Kacey’s birthday, so it was just me out there for a while. Then I went off to WoW as it just seemed lonely.

CoH/V – Friday night we managed to get out and do villians night as best possible. I don’t remember the details at all because of the events that happened with Mhari right after it all. Tuesday when no one showed up other than BronzeBlade and myself, we went over to Villains and did a couple missions there before I sort of lost it with worry. (Mhari was going to have a angiogram in the morning, so I was worried.)

SecondLife – I spent a LOT of time here. But wasn’t very active. Mostly I communicated with WhiteFire through here, and he was an incredible help through this path in helping me with my worries and fears. Mhari had left her character sitting on the wall at Chaos Theory Gaming and so I sat Jethric Mousehold and my other character to either side of her, sort of a symbolic manner of being with Mhari. I also took my character to Bingo as Mhari wanted me to, to tell Germaine about what happened.

WoW – This is where I hid. I spent a lot of time when not working from home here. I got Filthi up to level 21… it was nice to be able to go somewhere and NOT have to deal with life.

I need to get back to said work…

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