A Day Early, And A Dollar Short

Well, I hope it’s short, anyways. I will be driving south to my brother’s wedding tomorrow, so I am posting this today, rather than the usual Friday morning.

Here’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems for this week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 286 – The Trap is Sprung – September 25th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 287 – The Great Escape – September 28th, 2006

My stuff:
Health & Exercise – I’m doing okay. Actually, my doctor, who I saw Wed, says that I am doing great and not to worry too much about the little weight gain. She gave me lasix to take for a little while to get rid of the water weight that the new diabetes medication has made me put on. It if helps, good. And to stop taking it when the perscription runs out. Or sooner if it causes me any difficulty. So… I’m going to be visiting the little lion’s room a lot for a little while.

She says keep up with the exercise, maybe increase it a little. I’ve signed up to use the company gym, so I will put in 30 mins a day on the bike when here. That should help. And keep taking those stairs.

Mhari is doing well. She’s coming with me to the wedding and her doc said it was okay. Her back has also stopped hurting her thanks to some help from a friend’s talented fingers and mind.

I had some mental bugaboos in the whee hours of Saturday morning that I had to get past. Just the happenings of the prior weekend haunting me. Mhari was sleeping peacefully and I made it past the one-week mark and my mind seems to have settled. Thanks Whyaylooh for sitting up on City of Villians with me and being ‘with me’ through that time.

TV – Saw some cool stuff. Last Friday we watched the CSI priemere from last Thursday. The featured ‘crime’ took place at a Show of Ka’, a Cirque de sol show that Mhari and I would love to go see. We tend to love anything Cirque, and it was rather good. It’s a 2-parter that completes tonight. With us out of town tomorrow, we’ll have to watch it next week after getting back. But the Dvr will catch it.

We also watched a bunch of Mythbusters (and ‘taped’ even more on the Dvr to watch later).

Then on monday we caught the priemre of Heroes on the Dvr and watched it Tuesday before our City of Heroes session. Mhari kept commenting that she was expecting a reference to City of Heroes or Cryptic in the credits. It reminded her of the game, some. Or at least had resonance echoes and meme from the game. It had a mention early on of ‘Patient Zero’, which is something you encounter related to Vaziloc (spelled wrong here, I am sure) in CoH.

Heroes looks like it is going to be good. I will likely be transfering it from the hdd to dvd for long-term archive.

EQOA – Got back to mostly normal this week. As it is Thursday when I am writing this, we haven’t done that session yet. But monday we were back to putting the smack-down on the mammoths. We really should find a new hunting ground soon. They are white, yellow and occasionally red to us now, rather than all red when we started bashing on them a few levels (and months) back.

EQ2 – Monday’s XP-for-Filthi session went okay. I’m sort of feeling like I am dragging the others down some, sometimes. Didn’t make a level this time. But it won’t take long. We moved to the Frozen Wastes, I believe. And we were going against yellows and oranges, mostly. And thus while the xp was higher, the number we could face at a time was limited to 1 or, at most, 2. So the grind was a little slower. If I can pull up to level 40, things will start to move way faster. The rest of the group heads back for the Kingdoms of Sky tonight, where they are pulling in a lot of XP. I sure wish they had the ‘sidekick’ concept in EQ2, then I would be up there with them.

City of Heroes/Villians – Tuesday night was kinda nice. Played as Knight of Power (my empathy/electrical defender) and went out with Katri (Mhari’s scrapper), David Paterson (Eric Z’s FF/Mentalist Defender), and one of Zafel’s characters by the name of FelisTigris. We did rather well and did a timed mission or two. Our only problem was with, at one point, the timing of going inside a mission left Dave outside without his mentor when a much higher level Tsoo LT came back and I couldn’t heal fast enough to save him and got taken out too… then my rez didn’t work. It kept saying ‘you can’t target yourself’ when I was targeting it on David… too strange. And Felis went down once, too, but that time my rez worked…. But I -think- all the debt was worked off. They were level 24 missions, and Knight of Power is only level 20 (21 now). So everything was purple to me most of the time, so the xp was just rolling in. I got KoP over a level of XP in the night. I think David leveled, too. Not sure about Felis.

As tomorrow we will be on the road, and in a hotel, unlikely I will be doing City of Villians.

WoW – Started a pair of new characters. Or did I do that last week. In any case, I will not be playing the Night Elf Priest I made any more. Nope. Didn’t like it. The Warlock female human is rather nice. I might play her some more. I think her name is Phaelee. Not sure. I don’t have a lot invested in any character other than Thrilli. She’s level 22 now. Not bad, really, level 22 in four weeks. Don’t know if I will keep with the game. I know I like the ‘mechanics’ of WoW better than EQ2. But my friends on EQ2 are more actively involved in scheduling time during which I can share play with them. I’ve managed to hook up with Ray P., Eric Z and Ron B, only that one time two weeks ago. That one time was really cool. But one time in one month… not enough to really justify keeping the game.

Still.. I shall see.

Second Life – Didn’t do a lot more than wall sit and camp, this week, in SL. Didn’t really socialize or anything. Oh, well. 😉

Jeeze… this wasn’t supposed to be so long. I’m going to be a little late to work at this rate… well, thanks for reading. No deep insites this week, sorry.

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