Up out of the Darkness

Another week, more comics from Matthew McAndrews:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #292 – Time Out – October 16th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #293 – Good Guys – October 19th, 2006

And on to my life for the week:
The title of this entry tells some of the story. So I will start with my

Physical and Mental Health:

The first half of the week was more of the same. My toe got better, and I felt physically better for the most part. I continue to climb the stairs and take the longer walks than neccessary to get from point A to point B. But despite all that, my back started hurting more, my energy was ka-put and I just plain didn’t care.

I noted in earlier missives that I was dissatisfied with my dissatifaction and upset about being upset. This boiled to a point on Tuesday midday that I was barely stumbling through my day and the smell of other people’s lunches in the office came close to making me sick. So I went home early from work, and when I got home I went to bed, after asking Mhari to wake me around 6pm for CoH time.

The nap helpped a little. Then we lingered about on line for a while. Then when team night was over, I went back to bed. Wed was a work from home day, so I slept in. Got up only enough to do basic work email and then back to bed with me. Got up around mid-day, did some more work from home, then out to do my Wed chores. That night I went to bed early. And Thursday morning I was feeling much better.

Thursday was a good day (other than some things noted in EQOA and a little mental hicup causing me to get some numbers wrong in some internal FC con email. But that got straightened out).

Best I can tell I have pulled out of the depression I was in. And a LOT of it may be lack of proper sleep. With that in mind I am going to try to do better about getting sleep. I had been getting 4-6 hours a night at best. I’m going to try to turn that into 6-8, and 10 when I can spare it. I can handle a LITTLE depression, but that mess my head was in was not something I want to live with day to day.

I’m still not happy with my job. But I am buckling down and digging in. I’m going to make of it what I can, without closing my eyes, ears or mind to other opportunities that might appear.

Haven’t watched this week’s Heroes yet. Just couldn’t fit it in. Might try to watch it, tonight, before CoV time. Last week’s episode was cool! Do Hiro and his friend are coming to the US and heading for Vegas. The telepathic policeman is joining up with the gal that arrested him and have confronted someone that might be this Sklyr (sp?) person. He saved the little girl. And the cheerleader just wants a normal life. The elder of the brothers outed his younger brother’s "attempt at sucide" to further his political agenda. I’m starting to think they need to be near each other for flight to work for them. The show continues to be strange, but good in the way of things like Rising Stars by J.M.S. I really do want to know where it goes from here.

I’m keeping tabs on Star Trek: The Original Series with the new effects. Not much to mention so far. I’ve seen each episode too many times, and some of the changes they’ve made are just tooooo subtle for me to notice. I am looking forward to The Doomsday Machine or another episode with more space special effects to see how things come out.

Need to watch episodes 17-22 of West Wing Season 3. They are sitting next to our TV thanks to Netflix. Really need to watch them.

BC07 & WC07 – I should hear back sometime this next week on what ‘the plan’ is here. Will they give the Anime folks a 24/7 room to do their stuff in, or will they take the easy way out and choose not to have an Anime track at all?

FC07 – Well, the newsletter should be hitting the wires soon. The dealers that were offered half-tables back in August are Finally getting their payments and paperwork in. Next set of half-tables go to a random draw next month, from folks on the waiting list. Furry Market Place will have 10 more spaces going for sale first-come, first-served starting Nov 1st. Folks interested should grab the form from the website and send it in with payment starting Nov 1st. Items postmarked BEFORE November 1st won’t be considered until last. Watch for the newletter in the usual places or go to the dealers part of the Further Confusion website for more proper details. Oh, and we are looking for staff to help man the Convention Store. Send email to   info AT furtherconfusion DOT org   and say you are interested. They will forward it to HR. Working staff members do get a discounted membership rate.

EQOA – Monday went rather well. After a bit of confusion with both Arp and I giving directions rather than a single voice doing so, we did one of our level 45 Castle Light Wolf quests. It was rather easy for us since we had already collected the Ice Worm Meat and Glaciers Hide while we were out doing other things and working our way to level 47. It was slightly tricky going after Olivia MacFadden, but we managed it rather well. Thursday on the other had wasn’t so good. We went through the Black Gate and dropped into the Ocean. Our quest notes we were following told us to save time and get something from a lighthouse to the north. Going there we found out that since the quest notes were written, they had changed the quest so you had to do some things in order. So back to our landing spot we went. We managed to take out our squid target rather easily the first time. However, there was a group of 60’s in the area, and it appears they were pulling a much larger beast in the same spot. They warned the zone in general it would be a nasty and did AOEs… and we thought we were clear enough. They pulled it and it killed them then came for us. Complete group death. Why the FFFF did the devs put the quests in overlapping areas like that. That level 60+ mob must be raid grade or some such. I just know to us 47’s it did an AOE Damage over time of 750 points. Even if our healer could have gotten off his big heal in time, it would have only saved him. And an Evac would have just left 4 dead bodies at the arrival point, as none of us could suurvive 5 tics of 750 points each. SOOOO, we went out and worked the debt off then signed out. We’ll do that one again… but abort the mission if there is a group of 60’s out there waiting for that nasty spawn.

EQ2 – Filthi hit 41 on Monday, and on Thursday I took her out and got her to 31 Tailor, then went to the Enchanted Lands and tried to get to Runnyeye to do some writs… the group of mobs guarding the bridge took me out. So I went to Lavastorm instead. Got one of my Lavastorm writs done. Then Called Home and logged out and went to sleep early to keep my mental health in shape.

WoW – Didn’t really do much with this. Though I talked with Blackcypress on the phone and we will try to get together this coming Sunday to adventure. If that works well, Sunday may become my WoW day. It’s worth the monthly fee if I get to play beside my niece online. Otherwise I will be pulling the plug on my subscription until the new expansion comes out. Which IS soon.

Second Life – Again, didn’t do a lot here. Spent some time on it on Sunday evening, dancing and playing about. Got to spend some quality time with a couple of friends. It felt real good. But I had sort of gotten online for the wrong reasons that night. I’m glad it worked out.

CoX – As I posted earlier this week, this is really my game of choice. Last Friday night was fun, trampling FullDark again while the three of us masterminds took on Infernal and Litithu (or however her name is spelt). On Tuesday we hung out on Heroes side for a bit, then moved to Villians and Trackless Shade was the trampled one between us masterminds until FullDark arrived and shared the position. Trackless Shade even got a level out of it. Don’t remember if FullDark did as well or not. Then Wed the Halloween Event began. It’s fun. One of the rewards is an extra costume slot (we wondered what that fifth slot was for). We did the Trick or Treat thing until we collected the right things as treats. Then I took Commander Kitty out to a place near the Magic Quartermaster in St Marshel where there are lots of Level 35-38 Freakshow, Arachnos and Family hanging out and this perfect door amoungst them. You can Trick or Treat once every 60 seconds. So between those times, I would take on the street spawns around. Kept the XP rolling in slowly, but faster than just the Trick or Treating did. (A Trick causes a spawn of 2-3 mobs at a level even with your own.) I earned the badges for the zombies, the witches and the werewolves. Going to work on the vampires and spirits next. The Firbog don’t seem to have one. But they MIGHT have one that’s something like 333 defeated. We’ll see. Plus I have the salvage to trade with others that need them. I am looking very forward to tonight. This event is helping make things fun. Oh, and Issue 8 is on Test… it’s neat. I look forward to taking real characters through it when it goes live.

Well, I am sure I have left a lot out. But I’ve put enough mindlessness to this and I need to head out to work. Getting a ‘free’ flu shot, today. So into the flash drive it goes to be uploaded when I have time at work, today.

Addendum added from work: BART was interesting today. Train I was on had trouble getting out of West Oakland station. We eventually got moving, but I was nearly late to work. But I made it in time for my flu shot.

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