Over the Hill and through the woods

It’s been a week of vacation for me, but first, lets see what Matthew McAndrews had for his Modem Problems comic this week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 302 – That’s Why He Doesn’t Have a Date – November 20th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 303 – Thanksgiving ’06 – November 23rd, 2006

Here we go:

Health and Well-Being – All is well. And it looks like the amount of food I ate on Turkey Day didn’t mess me up to badly… other than being a little jet propelled overnight.

What I have mostly been doing this week is vacation. Tuesday we headed out onto the road and drove north to Mhari’s mother’s place. And today we will be driving back. We had our adventures of a hotel reservation that the hotel didn’t get, and lots and lots and lots of rain. But everything had done well. We’ll see how the drive home goes. Looks like we might have to deal with some snow, but we are planning it so we will be travelling through the highest spots during the warmest part of the day. And by travelling today, we MIGHT avoid most of the holiday travel traffic.

Watched Heroes on Monday, and the episode was good. Hiro is still missing, Peter got to the Cheerleader’s school in time, and it would appear that the Cheerleader has been saved. But was it Claire that needed needed to be saved… as another cheerleader was killed. We’ll see, I guess. But not next week… as they are going to be jumpping back 6 months and showing some of the back story and things for a while.

EQOA – None played this week. Monday we were heading to bed early to get up early the next day. And Thursday we were away from home and had Whyaylooh with us… hope Arpiean had a good T-Day with his Dad and Brother.

EQ2 – Played a fair chunk on Friday evening before villain time. And a little more on Sunday and Monday. Playing as a Fae and the like with the new expansion. None played the rest of this past week. Monday night … well, see above. And Thursday all the players were in one place away from their computers. 🙂 K, N and Whyaylooh all joined us at Mhari’s Mother’s. We talked EQ2 and many, many other things.

WoW – I played Sunday as usual, Blackcypress was not around as there were other commitments. I got my priest about 1 more level and harvested a lot of stuff for others and mailed them off. Naturally I haven’t played any the rest of the week.

SecondLife – Same answer, different virtual world. I didn’t do much here. I did sign on from the hotel here for a little on Wednesday night when I couldn’t sleep and Mhari could. And I managed to get on for a few minutes from Mhari’s mother’s place when I discovered a neighbor with an open wireless connection I could use, though it was too slow to do anything much other than chat. I was on all of 5 mins, then, I would say.

CoH/V – What can I say… last Friday we got in some time on it, and it was fun playing. But I don’t remember much about it now. And the regular Tuesday and Wednesday sessions I wasn’t on. Well, that’s not true. I connected both nights for about 3 minutes to see if anyone else from my friends list or SG were on… didn’t see anyone. Good for them, maybe they were having a good holiday, too.

Still reading The Protector’s War…. will report more when I finish it.

Well, I can’t really think of more to write, Mhari’s standing here rubbing my back and pulling my hair as I type. We have a traffic cam running on my desktop of the pass we need to drive over and we just saw a shot of cars driving through. (It had been blank of them for the past while. It’s seldom updated…) We are going to pack up when I am done posting this, and then drive back to her Mom’s place and then head out for home…. I am looking forward to getting back, though not looking forward to returning to work. However, it’s only about 4 weeks to my NEXT vacation around year’s end.

Thanks for reading…

Fondness makes the heart grow absent…

Well, here are Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #300 – Next Time, Don’t Ask – November 13th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #301 – Silence Is Golden – November 16th, 2006

And my personal life looked like this for the week:

Health and Well-being:
I’m doing okay. I’ve suffered some minor bouts of depression this past week, but made it through. Only got to make it through today and then I get a week free from work while I take some paid time off. I’ll report on how I spend it… next week. I got a lot of walking in on Tuesday when I walked about town trying to buy the new expansion to EverQuest II. Didn’t manage to do it and ended up buying it at Frys after all my running around… but at least I got some good walking in.

About all the TV I did was watch this week’s Heroes. Fun, fun fun. Looks like Hiro needs some more work using his powers. Don’t know if he’s going to manage saving the girl or not. Doubt that because the ‘present’ has not changed other than him being in a photograph. I don’t know how I feel about the gal with the split personalities being still alive. However I do like the path they took with the telepath cop. Now… is the Cheerleader’s dad really a ‘good guy’ after all? Doubt it!

Mhari_Lindhaven went and looked at some site on the web that shows episode names and things. And who is in episodes. It sounds like after this coming week’s one or maybe one more after that, we’re going to be doing some prequel/background work on the story. The whole ‘Save the Cheerleader. Save the World’ part of the plot might be getting resolved before then. If this is all true, it will be interesting to see if they can hold on to me and the rest of the audience that has been following things so far.

I am currently about a third of the way through ‘The Protector’s War’ which is the sequel to ‘Dies the Fire’, by S.M. Stirling. This one starts 8 years after the change and widens the scope of our knowledge of what’s happened in the world as part of the story starts in England and follows some friends of the british guy, Sam, that’s helping Juniper and the MacKenzies. And it’s heading for a major confrontation against The Protector, as the title suggests.

I’m enjoying it. I might finish it in the next week, though I am not sure.

EQOA – Just mammoth hunting here. Nothing new. We’ll take a break from it next week. We’ve gotten about half way through level 47. We don’t have The Luck going any more and things are not as Red as they used to be. Plus we are all running putting half our XP into Class Mastery points rather than main XP, so it’s much slower… but it moves a little.

EQ2 – Well, Monday we adventured quite nicely in Everfrost going from one end of the first area and back again and again. And despite another group and a half hunting through there, Filthi managed to get a level… 44. And I believe Kumploppa(sp?) also got level 66! And on Tuesday Echos of Faydaer, the new EQ2 expansion came out. I grabbed a copy at Frys after going all over the place trying to avoid buying it there… then I had to wait through close to 3 hours of download, despite having pre-downloaded most of it. Then Fetish Nightfall, the third-party UI I like to use, hasn’t been updated so it was back to the old default one. On top of that, Wed night Kithcor server was ‘Locked’ when I tried to get in. So I played a Fae Troubadour on another server through a number of levels. I rather like the Fae, except for ONE NPC crying human girl in the newbie zone that just rankles on me with the voice. Too much cute. The gliding ability of the Fae is rather nice. And the creative zone design is quite good. Last night I started in on Tinnie, my Paladin Fae on Kithcor server. We’ll see how I like it. But Filthi is still my main. There are 2 new sub-crafts added to the game that I haven’t more than sniffed at: Tinkering and Transmuting. They are separate from any other tradeskill and can be done in addition to normal. And there is a new Achievement Point alternative system more tied in with your class. Overall, some of the little UI tweaks (like making an ability icon shimmer when it just becomes ready again) and the new achievement point addition rings too much like things that have been in WoW from the beginning enough to bug me. This should be EQ2 and NOT be trying to emulate WoW no matter how many more subscribers WoW has over EQ2.

WoW – Speaking of WoW, I got on Sunday and had a good time, and got on a little Wed and teamed up with a guildie. My priest is 14 now. I’m enjoying him. I’ve feeling comfortable in the world and not real worried if I really link up much with folks. I feel like I am contributing by sending the resources I gather to others in the guild and them sending things back to me, even if it’s only the copper C.O.D. I am charging them for the resources. 😉 I’ll stick with things through the end of the year… and likely into the first quarter of 2007 to look at Burning Crusade that’s coming Jan 16th.

SecondLife – Nothing to report. I morn the passing of Platform 11. It was a good place. I don’t know the details of it’s passing, but I can understand that keeping a place open is tough. Likely financial and personal. Thanks Jasmine Mousehold for the fun! In other notes Club Chaotic got their island… but last I was able to be there they are NOT getting a very big turn out… I hope the traffic increases. I’m not sure I like some of the changes they have made in the way dancers are compensated for hanging out there (it’s now paid in 30 min sets, rather than 5 min ones, and there has to be non-dancers in the area for it to qualify… or at least other people nearby), but I can understand how such changes had to be done so that the payouts are not abused and bleed the owners dry. I can’t have my dancer on and there much, as I am not highly active there right now… I’m still in a wall-sitting stage of my presence on the system. I’d spend more time there, but…. there are other, more interesting things to do.

City of Heroes/Villains – Ah, I am enjoying this. We got Broulin up to 40 on Tuesday. And Wednesday we had a pleasant ‘Knight and his Angels’ session out in the city. I believe the whole team may have leveled during the night. Tonight it will be more villains… but my mind isn’t in it at the moment. Maybe I’m distracted by the new content over in EQ2. We’ll see. After all, Broulin will likely consider what patron to take, tonight. And as Commander Kitty I have the usual EB things I need to face as a part of my on-going patron missions. And level 42 to court! We’ll see. First I need to get to work and then get done with the day.

Speaking of work, I better get this to a flash drive and get out of here. No time to upload it. I’ll do that from work. Thanks for reading!

Tales from an Incomplete Mind

Wow.. this week went by rather fast! So here’s this week’s strips from Matthew McAndrews:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 298 – B E – November 6th, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 299 – It’s a Classic – November 9th, 2006

And onward!

Health and Well-being:
Not bad, really. There’s been some minor bumps along the way, this week, but I’m making it through. I feel mostly good, I’m getting almost the proper amount of sleep… mostly. And Mhari seems to be doing okay. My health care benefits are changing at work, but other than costing a little bit more in the co-pays (50% more on the dr visit co-pays and up to 3-4 times as much in co-pays for the prescriptions) its still rockin’ coverage. Just a little disheartening to see this start going up when the job market is starting to heat up. I can foresee when that’s all going to have to start going down again to keep employees from hoping to a better ship.

Fanzines and Websites:
I’m putting this right after H&W because it’s part of my mental well-being. I’ve officially hung up the hat and put the zines into hibernation like I said I would. Tax-wise Fauxpaw Publications will cease as a business at the end of Dec 31st, 2006. And I don’t plan to officially start up the new business until at least 2008. So 2007 will lay fallow and all that. And the fauxpaw.com domain will slip away from me at the end of 2007.

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems will continue to be hosted at Fauxpaw.com until I have it’s new home ready. Then it will move, no later than the end of 2007. It might get it’s own domain. We’ll see. But right now it’s scheduled to live on the new one I am starting up of my own. I will announce that sometime officially in 2007.

I also have a possible other historical site or three that will live in my new websites. We’ll see what happens with those, if they happen at all.

I am also considering building a webzine with a ‘physical edition’ as part of the new domain/website. We’ll see if I do that. I know I want to explore more, and maybe get my bother involved in some manner doing flash or something for it. I don’t know. I don’t have the art skills myself, but I would sure love to do a modern style site and all that.

Haven’t watched this week’s Heroes yet. Maybe tonight before Villain Time. Don’t know. Didn’t do much watching of TV at all this week. Mhari’s watching ER repeats trying to get caught up as they appear in syndication. Same with Desperate Housewives. Neither show heavily appeals to me when I have things I could be doing on a MMO or reading or the like.

This week has all been taken up with reading Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling. (The link is to smstirling.com which tells about all his works. Scroll down for Dies the Fire.) It is about what happens in Oregon (mostly) when something happens in the world when all the technology suddenly ceases to work, including gunpowder! It’s a different sort of post-apocalypse story. This book is part one of a trilogy following Mike Havel, Juniper Mackenzie and the Larsson family. It follows things from about 60 minutes before the ‘Change’ and on into the next year. I have not finished it yet, but I have liked it enough to buy the second book The Protector’s War. Here’s the blurb from the back cover of Dies The Fire:

Michael Havel was flying over Idaho en route to the holiday home of his passengers when the plane’s engines inexplicably died, forcing a less than perfect landing in the wilderness. And as Michael leads his charges to safety, he begins to realize that the engine failure was not an isolated incident….

Juniper Mackenzie was singing and playing guitar in a pub when her small Oregon town was thrust into darkness. Cars refused to start. Phones were silent. And when an airliner crashed, no sirens sounded and no fire trucks arrived. Now, taking refuge in her family’s cabin with her daughter and a growing circle of friends, Juniper is determined to create a farming community to benefit the survivors of this crisis….

But even as people band together to help one another, others are building armies for conquest…

My recommendation is to check it out! I have been very happy with S.M. Stirling’s work so far. I’m not a fan of his Altered History books (Like the Peshawar Lancer books), but so far everything else I’ve read of his has been good.

Yup, that part of my weekly drivel…

EQOA – Just yesterday we resumed playing as Whyaylooh is now back online from his new home in Portland. We went out into the Snowblind Plains AGAIN and took on the Mammoths. By my figuring we will be graduating from doing this with completion of level 47. But without The Luck running, and with setting ourselves at 50 percent mastery… it’s going to be a while. Though progress wasn’t bad last night.

EQ2 – Also with Whyaylooh’s move comes the return of more normal structure to the EQ2 nights. I did quite a bit with Filthi this week, following up my achievement of getting a horse with first getting to level 43 (Thanks folks) on Monday by our group adventuring in Everfrost and just rolling over the mobs in the initial area in rapid succession for 2 hours. I followed that up with a 2 hour harvesting run Wed night before CoH time, in the Enchanted Lands in which I harvested over 300 T-Roots along with almost as many other resources in a small area. This allowed me, Thursday, to put on 3 levels of Tailor to Filthi and upgraded some of her equipment with work of my own devising.

WoW – Sunday Blackcypress and I were finally able to cross paths. I have started a Human Priest named Jethric on Execelius (or however it is spelled) and got him up to level 9 or something like that, in a very few hours. Blackcypress got me some bags, which so early in ‘life’ makes things go MUCH faster for a newbie, as it means fewer trips in to sell stuff. And therefore the XP rolls out faster and the money rolls in well. I decided to make him a Skinner and a Herbalist. That way he can collect things for the guild, which is called Cannon Fodder. Fitting name for a guild on a PvP server. I sort of look forward to getting the character up in level quickly and getting to team with the other members of the guild in either instances or PvP action against the rotten Horde.

Second Life – For yet another week I barely did anything here other than sit on the wall at Chaos Theory Gaming and slurp down some Linden in exchange for driving their dwell numbers.

City of Heroes/Villains – This is where my Real MMO action truely is. Mhari’s gone and gotten Pink Squirrel to level 41… Commander Kitty is behind her and trying to get there as fast as she can. Last friday was a good outing. And Tuesday we did Villains rather than Heroes, and we had Commander Kitty, Pink Squirrel, Broulin, Demon Voltage (Eric P) and FullDark along. Malta is as much of a pain for villains as they are for heroes. And they really are NASTY when you have a large party. So is Longbow, as at level 40 they start having Nutralizers that do an area-effect DEF dropper and Spec-Ops that have AoE END Drain Grenades! It just might be that taking on these foes is better done in Duos or Solo than in large groups! At least at level 40-42.

Then Tuesday we got the crew same crew as last week, minus Whyaylooh’s Avenging Flame (he was still unpacking, so begged out). Kight of Power and his ‘Angels’ went out putting the beatdown on the villains and did rather well. We only got overwelmed a little and had one set of Full Party Death when we had to go up against the combined forces of The Bannished Panteon and the Circle of Thorns. But eventually tactics and determination took them down and got us all out of debt.

Tonight it will be Villains again. We’ll see who we get. If we have more than 4, I am going to consider breaking us down into 2 teams to make it a little easier to survive. Though with a third mastermind and both Demon Voltage (to draw the aggro) and FullDark (for that wonderful area effect healing, the AoE slow, and the Stealth effects, as well as his Scourge attack on weakened foes), the larger group may work. Just is going to require some more focus on tactics.

My suspicion is that PS and CK should team up for Team One. And Broulin, Demon Voltage and FullDark(Lackeyed to Broulin) go to Team Two. If Trackless Shade or any of the others show, we can add them to Team One. Three Masterminds with one under 40 and the other 40+ makes for too many mobs and foes that outswarm us. Or have too many Area Effect debuffs. One Mastermind plus FullDark makes for a DEVASTATING force below 40. So that’s most likely the best formula to get Broulin pushed up to 40 faster. And it benefits FullDark as well. It seems he levels every session with us. Of course, that means he’s outgrowing his contacts FAST, but I think the trade off is worth it. And he’s worth his weight in gold paired with a mastermind.

Well, that’s enough. I gotta get out the door. I’ll pop this onto the FLASH drive and it will get uploaded later… thanks for reading!

It’s Howdy Doody Time!

And with that ‘subject by free association’, here’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems for this past week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 296 – Happy Halloween 2006 – October 31st, 2006

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 297 – Recap – November 2nd, 2006

And on with the journal entry.

Health and wellbeing:
Well, I’m here at another Friday. I am alive, I don’t feel too bad, and I am still employed, Mhari is still okay, and Whyaylooh might be in Portland, or at least Oregon by tonight. So all is well with the world. Nothing has really changed in what’s going on with my physical and mental health. SO there’s really nothing to say here about it.

Fanzine Things:
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my Fauxpaw Publications stuff of late. I haven’t put together any new issues of Fur Visions or Fur Plus since the Fur Plus I released at Further Confusion 2006 back in January. And to be really honest with those of you reading and myself, I haven’t missed it too much. I’ve missed the feeling of putting things together, but not enough to face the disappointment of lackluster sales and my desire to put my efforts else where.

For a while there I toyed with putting together a Star Trek special salute issue of Fur Visions and/or Fur Plus, as I know for many of us older furry fans, Star Trek was one of the things that got us going. Not as furries, but just as being interested in things other than the mundane. And the feline in the animated show turned some of us on back when our hormones first got going.

It’s been nearly a year. I think I am going to go ahead and let sleeping dogs lie. All my Fauxpaw Publications are going into hibernation. This happened once before to Furversion Fanzine, and I resumed to create Fur Visions and Fur Plus, as well as Fauxpaw Publications Presents.

Sometime before the end of the year I am going to update the Fauxpaw Publications websites at http://www.fauxpaw.com to reflect this change. I will put links there to the websites for those that want to follow the Forest Tales by Goldfur. Though I am sure most of you reading here can already find it at www.chakatsden.com. And I have a website sent to me by Matthew McCullar where you will find more about FORNAX.

If you are reading this and you were a contributor to one of the Fauxpaw Publications, and you have a website for your work, and want it listed on the website for the now-in-hibernation fanzines, just leave a comment here to this entry, or write to fauxpawpub AT fauxpaw DOT com and I will add it when I update the site.

All the back issues will remain in print-on-demand supply. You can ask Ed Zolna at www.second-ed-mailorder.com if he has them, and he will contact me if he needs more printed. Or, if he says he doesn’t have them and doesn’t expect to get more at this time, contact me directly and I’ll print one up and charge cover price plus postage.

Convention Things:
Further Confusion 2007 – If you are interest in a Furry Market Place space head over to www.furtherconfusion.org and go to the dealers page. The form is available there. 10 spaces went on sale first-come, first-served, starting November 1st. I will be going to the PO Box to pick up the first purchases from the mail tomorrow. If it is anything like the first 10 spaces back in August, they will all be sold by the 14th.

This coming Wednesday, after I hit the PO Box again for any last Waiting List Forms, I will be doing the Random Drawing from the Waiting list to fill our last 12 half-table spaces in the main dealers room. Once these are gone, it will take someone already in the room cancelling before we will be able to offer more spaces to the waiting list. Historicly, however, there is almost always at least one cancellation between November 1st and December 31st. So if you don’t already have a waiting list form mailed in and want a chance in the random drawings for space when it becomes available, get over to www.furtherconfusion.org and grab the form there and mail it in.

As always, for information about the Dealers Room and the Furry Market Place at Further Confusion, look to http://www.furtherconfusion.org FIRST and trust what it says THERE. And you can always email dealers AT furtherconfusion DOT org for more information.

BC07/WC07 – No change. No News.

DDC07 – No changes. I still plan to go. I still plan to be working at the Anime Room if they need the help.

TV things:
Watched this week’s Heroes last night. Not quite as compelling as last week’s episode. I still love ‘Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.’ as a tag line. Fact is, I want a button of that. Or a T-Shirt…

Mhari’s and my suspicions were right. The girl with the scientist IS in the employ of the Cheerleader’s father. But I was a little disappointed that they didn’t pick up with the Telepath policeman. Last episode he was overwealmed by the thoughts of everyone in the convience store. They didn’t even ‘visit’ his storyline this episode. But I really liked how they weaved in the father of the genius boy. His mother’s Bad side was really getting dangerous. But I really like how the focus of that sub-plot has switched to the father.

We are both looking forward to next week’s episode, that’s for sure. But again, this week’s episode didn’t have the heavy impact the prior two did.

MMO things:
EQOA – Didn’t do any of this, this week. With Whyaylooh on the road for his move, it’s on hold. We’ll return to it once he’s settled into his new place and has a net connection up and running.

EQ2 – Again, with Whyaylooh on the move, this sort of fell appart, Guess K and N are not that interested in playing without him. I got on in any case, and put Filthi’s nose to the grindstone on doing Lavastorm writs. I’m only doing the Lavaworm and Sootfoot Gatherer ones, but they are getting me well moved along towards the goal of 80K status so I can buy a horse. I also hit the 4 plat mark of saved funds. I have been playing the auction market and have found some lucrative resources I can harvest then sell for enough to make it worth my time. I played Monday, some of Wednesday evening and some more last night there. I’ve got Filthi about 2/3rds through level 42 solo’ing these writs. It’s only been minorly annoying when there are others out there overfarming the mobs I need. Likely they need them, too. Though it’s most frustrating when I see folks in the high 40’s farming it, just casually defeating the foes that take me WORK to beat. K and N were on last night, but their ventrillo server never came online for me to connect to. Of course, I stopped trying around 9:30. It’s not like it was a Monday when I was scheduled to share the adventures. Maybe they are tired of me. Could be. I know I would be. But, you know what? I don’t mind. I am having more fun with this than WoW at present. Even solo.

WoW – Got on Sunday and got 2.5 levels for my warrior nightelf. Blackcypress and I were not able to meet up. I play too early in the day and can’t play late on Sundays, it seems. Didn’t bother me. From the sound of it my niece was having fun doing other stuff. I’ll keep playing on Sundays from 2pm to around 5:30pm. And I just might explore playing a defensive priest some, and take her up on her attempt to recruit me into PvPland. But right now, my schedule for this is small. Sorry about that. Oh, and I have given up on EZ, RB, RP and the others I was getting on to share WoW time with. That’s just NOT going to happen.

SecondLife – Didn’t do more than wallsit, really. I’m watching the blog, and the whole broohaha over the new Island Sim pricing is… well, disturbing. Oh, not the fact of the price going up. But more the way that some of the secondlife citizens are reacting to it. In my opinion LL knows what they are doing. They have a supply and demand issue. My guess is that the price hikes are really meant to slow the demand for the islands. If it doesn’t, then they have even more of a gravy train on their hands. Mainland prices are remaining stable. This is going to cause more mainland sales. And more of the mainland is going to get marked as inaccessable to ‘free’ accounts. It’s that simple. Is this going to ‘improve’ Second Life? How the hell do I know? If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  But I -do- expect we will be seeing some other metaversal worlds appearing soon from someone else. We’ll see. I’m keeping my accounts, and my presence on Second Life. It’s a good place to hang out, much as FurryMuck and Tapestries have been for years and years.

City of Heroes/Villains – Here’s where I have been spending a LOT of my time. Mhari got Pink Squirrel to 40, so both Commander Kitty and the Squirrel have been doing their missions for their patrons. Commander Kitty chose Siracco (sp?). Pink Squirrel took Ghost Widdow. We need gather Whyaylooh’s Broulin up and drag him up to 40 kicking and screaming.

Oh, and there was the Halloween stuff. Various groupings of various characters hung out together over the last week to collect pieces by trick-or-treating. It’s all over now. My personal fun was starting up a new Commander Kitty on one of the other servers (Infinity?) and taking her fresh out of the Zig and to trick or treating. Got the pieces in under an hour, then swam to the ferry, swam from one ferry to the other in Cap, then swam to the island in Nerva to turn in the pieces. It can be done without being KO’d! 🙂

During our regular Tuesday night, since it was also Halloween in the real world, we didn’t do that much other than Trick or Treat in the game world. But Wednesday the group gathered. We had my Knight of Power, Mhari’s Katiri, Nightwind’s Katrriana(sp?), Reba’s Snowslide, Eric P’s KoD, and from his hotel room in Bismark North Dakota, Whyaylooh’s Avenging Flame. And we were all on my ventrillo server. We took on Family for a number of missions, then Freakshow and Tsoo. It started with Knight of Power and the three women, Katiri, Katriana, and Snowslide. That’s a defender, 2 scrappers and a tank. Made us all think of Charlie’s Angels. Then Eric brought on KoD, another scrapper. And that made it four women. Must have been one of those Special Charlie’s Angels episodes with the guest angel. And finally Why’s Avenging Flame, another tank joined. Mhari spoke up at one point saying, "2 guys, 4 women. Still good odds." It drew chuckles across the board. Another comment about it was how of all the female toons, Katiri was the least busty. You know superwomen, they mostly got those over developed chest muscles, right? 😉

All in all, CoH/V continues to prove to be the most fun for us. And getting a good portion of the team onto ventrillo has made it extra fun. Moving/adding Wednesday as a ‘official’ game night seems to have helpped a lot too. But then we can always be assured to have at least four of us on, two couples in myself and Mhari, and Reba and Nightwind. So things are shaping up well.

Tonight… it’s villian time! In Commander Kitty’s missions for her patron, she seems to always be going up against an elite boss. And now she has to ‘rescue’ Wretch to get on Ghost Widdow’s good side for her patron. And another story arc is going to pit us against Countess Crey (another EB). And we think Pink Squirrel’s next mission from Ghost Widdow is going to have one, too. We’ll see.

Variable Star by Robert A. Heinlein and Spider Robinson – WOW! Spider Robinson writes this FINE book based on the DETAILED outline by RAH from 1955. It really reads like the stories from Heinlein from that era, with a modern flavor and style. Spider does a really, really good job of it, and it was just a JOY to read. I highly recommend it to anyone that’s either a Heinlein fan or a Robinson one. Here’s a link to Amazon.com for the book.

That’s all for now. I need to write this to the flash drive and quietly slip out. Mhari’s still sleeping, and she needs her rest. And I need to get to work. I’m the United Way rep for my floor at work, and today’s our seasonal orientation meeting for it.