Tired… still so tired!

Here it is, Further Confusion has been over for 4 days… and I am STILL tired and worn…

But here’s the past two weeks of Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems strip…
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #318 – Read – January 15th, 2007"

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #319 – Ah, Home – January 18th, 2007"

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #320 – Not Good! – January 22nd, 2007"

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #321 – That’s the Plan – January 25th, 2007"

And with that out of the way, here’s what my week has been like:

Tired and sore.

Whyaylooh spent a extra day after the con with Mhari and I, and I had arranged for an extra day off from work so that I would have some time to recover from things. It was pleasent and we got in about an hour or so of City of Villains together on Tuesday. And on Monday after we got home and settled in and dinner and things, we watched the new episode of Heroes, only an hour after it aired. Good episode, and it did a good job of getting one back into the story.

After seeing Why off to his flight (I dropped him off at the airport the perscribed 2 hours before his flight, and they let him fly up one flight early!), I stopped at Frys, grabbed a X-Fi card for my main game machine and crept home through rush hour traffic. Once home, I didn’t have the energy for City of, so we skipped it, planning to play on Wed.

I returned to work Wed, but I was so sore. My feet and hands ached the most, and my sinuses still had not recovered from the dry, dry air of the hotel. So that night I was too tired for anything like City of… so we blew it off again. Instead we had Pizza and went home and watched 2005’s Dr Who Christmas Invasion, the first full Dr who with David Tennet. We just might learn to like him. I bought Season 2 at the con, and we will slowly watch it over the next few weeks.

Thursday morning rolled around and when I got up I was so very light headed and felt real, real strange. So I wrote in to work, and took a Work from Home day. Did all my work that day from home. Got in a little BC:WoW time during lunch and after work. But the main thing was a call from Why at about the time I would have been on BART in a place where I would not have received his call. He had been in a car accident. His car was totalled. He was okay with just a bruise. But he was fairly shaken up and needed to talk it out. I was able to be there for him. I would not have been able to had I went to work that day. Makes you wonder how connected people who care about each other are. (He’s doing fine. His car is toast. It gave it’s life to save his. I’ve noticed he has given the full details in his own LiveJournal. Kacey and Noriko spent the day with him.) Only after that call did I realize why I had to stay home that day.

Today’s starting out okay. I feel well enough to go to work, though my head is still a little messed up, sinus headaches that come and go, and my thighs and hips and back are sore. Feet seem to be recovering. Arms are better, too.

This weekend is going to be a return to normal patterns, though City of… is running a Double XP Weekend from 9am today to 9pm on Sunday night (maybe a little longer, I hope). So I am going to be playing City of… more than anything else. Except for Saturday, where I will be out playing Fantasy Hero over Dr. Arcain’s house. It’s my hope Mhari will use the time to get Pink Squirrel caught up to Commander Kitty and that Broulin will catch up, too. Demon Voltage is ahead of us all at level 44. It’s might hope to get Commander Kitty to level 45 this weekend. She’s 43.3 right now. I sure hope I am feeling up to it. These sorts of weekends don’t happen often. I remember Thrillseeker getting almost 2 levels in his 40’s during the last one.

So I won’t be playing WoW this Sunday. And last night we blew off both EQOA and EQ2 since Whyaylooh wasn’t going to be up to it. But we’ll get back to things on Monday, I suspect.

I also put Jethric Mousehold back up on the wall at Chaos Theory Gaming in Second Life, so that part of things is back to normal, too.

My next convention is DunDraCon, around Presidents Day. I will be staying at the convention hotel this time, as I got my reservations in monthes ago. I will also be working the anime room. I confirmed this with Mr. Miles at FC, and he says he will work out a schedule with me that works with whatever games I need to attend with Dr. Arcain’s crew. I’m looking forward to it. Despite working, it will be a relaxacon for me compared to FC, that’s for sure. I’m just a flunky… not a chief at that. Yay!

And then it will be Consonance time in March… really easy going for me, that one. My job will be to be Mhari’s gopher. And generally I will be sitting there at reg and playing on my laptop or reading.

Well, time to get to work. I hope my back calms down. If not, I’ll take meds at work… I have meetings in the morning and lots to do all day babysitting a mainframe while it runs my jobs. 😉

BART here I come…

Sick Week

Just because I am ill, didn’t mean that the comic didn’t get updated. So here are Matthew McAndrews’ comics for this week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 316 – T 1.0 – January 8th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 317 – Need To Know – January 11th, 2007

Well, as mentioned above and in the subject line, I’m sick this week. It’s worse than a cold usually is for me, but not as bad as a flu, so I don’t know what the hell it is. It’s just bad and no fun. I’ve been working from home since Wednesday. Hopefully it will turn a corner soon. If it’s like other things I have experienced, I will exit it with a nasty cough and a raspy throat, but other than that I will be fine. Whatever it is, it’s got about a 24-48 hour incubation time, as I -think- I caught it from Mhari who got it from the Further Confusion meeting. Her immune system isn’t its best, and I am in close exposure to her so can pick things up from her that I wouldn’t catch otherwise. But I seem to be about 24 hours behind her, as she, too, is ill this week.

Being ill has put a crimp in our style. But we still got some MMO’ing in. After all, it doesn’t that that much to sit with a PS/2 controller in your hands. Though our computer-based MMOing was less.

In EQOA we found a new hunting spot in this little valley to the south and a touch west of where we were hunting the mammoths. This area, when not over-hunted and over-campped by level 60’s that just want to pound on light blues and blues all day (as that’s what they would be to them, as to us they range up into the hard-to-kill red). It’s a good area and we are progressing through level 48.

In EQ2 there was a BIG event on Monday as K and I hit level 70! It was cool to watch. At the same time Filthi got to level 47. Thursday I was feeling too crappy to do much of anything on EQ2. But I distract myself from how miserable I felt by doing harvesting of presents in the winter event area and finally got enough stuff of the right sort to make eggnog, a dress, a fireplace and a snowwoman for my home.

Over in WoW things are all getting into place for next week’s release of Burning Crusade. Sunday I did my usual time in the game. Mostly playing my Nightelf Hunter as I didn’t see Eric Z get on as Mellwind at all. I did a bit more plaing on WoW here and there while I have been sick. It’s another thing that works well to distract one from how bad you are feeling.

As to Second Life… what’s that? I was barely there. I’ve only had my fox on-line sitting on the wall in Chaos Theory Gaming and absorbing L$. It’s not much, but it is an income in game.

As usual, City of Heroes has been where the real action is. Commander Kitty made it to level 43! Tuesday night there was Broulin, Commander Kitty, Mistress Mist (or is it Myst), FallingDark (I think I MUST be spelling that name wrong… it doesn’t look right. My my illness-fogged brain can’t unscramble it), Demon Voltage and Mechanation gathered to further the ways of villainy. At one point we went again a boss that was a Arch Villian!!!! It was awesome. Amoung other things, all four of the masterminds present were Mercenary Masterminds. So there were web grenades, grenades, tear gas and the like. And Demon Voltage just tearing into the foe. It was glorious, truely glorious. On Wed our Hero gathering was a little abriviated, Both because I had started to feel ill earlier that day, and also because it was my birthday and Mhari and I had gone out with our friend Arpiean (from EQOA) to Claim Jumper…. I had to take half my meal home in a doggie bag, but it was a good lunch for the next day.

All in all, despite being ill, it hasn’t been that bad of a week. I’ve been REALLY busy with work. Thank heavens they have and allow one to work from home. All that I do other than some of the face-to-face meetings is completely doable from home. And it’s been a BUSY one. Natually, I can’t go into any detail as I don’t really believe in talking much about my work in my journals. But we’re doing a major internal development deployment of one of the main project I am working on. And I am one of the important cogs in the process. I have been able to do all that I need to do and not contaminate my workplace with whatever bug I’ve got.

And tomorrow will be the FINAL Further Confusion 2007 staff meeting before the actual convention. I sure hope I am done being contagious. It is a meeting that is manditory. Maybe Mhari and I will attend for the smallest part we can get away with. I also have my bi-weekly role-playing session tomorrow. I will likely be skipping that. I still have a LOT to do before the con and being ill hasn’t helpped that. But I have gotten a LOT done while working from home and ill.

Here’s my current checklist:
Complete Furry Market Place Vendor and Vendor Assistant Tag masters
Printout Dealer Agent Tags
Printout Vendor and Vendor Assistant Tags
Laminate DATs, VTs and VATs
Finish writing Dealer and Vendor Information sheets for Packets
Finish writing up info on FC2008 Dealers Table sales for packets
Finish dealers room and FMP map flyer for membership packets
Print master of above out
Have 2500 copies of the above made
Finalize contents of dealers/vendors packets
Print masters and go make enough copies for all the dealers and vendors
Make labels for dealer/vendor packets
Assemble dealer/vendor packets
And anything else I’ve forgotten to list

All in all, as far as being ready for the convention goes, I am in way better shape than last year. Every year I get a little better at it. I’ve got a little less to do at this point in the game than I have before. All-in-all, not bad.

Thanks for reading, I’m going to go focus on getting well, now.

A New Year

Well, due to one thing or another I didn’t get to making an entry last week. So here are FOUR of Matthew McAndrew’s fine comics, the first two the last of those for 2006, and the other two the first two of 2007:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 312 – Merry Christmas 2006 – December 25th, 2006
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 313 – ’08 – December 28th, 2006
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 314 – Happy New Years 2007 – January 1st, 2007
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 315 – Fan Complaint – January 4th, 2007

So, this one is to cover two weeks, not one…. okay.

Well, Christmas was good. I took Mhari out to a semi-fancy dinner on Christmas Eve, bought her flowers on Christmas, and proposed to her on the 26th. She said "Yes". (This was mentioned in a post on LiveJournal dedicated to it on the day it happened.) It was a blast. I’m very happy I managed to pop the question at last, and even happier that she said yes to it.

The rest of the week was pleasent relaxation and just generally enjoying myself and my vacation. There was much MMO playing, and the like. On Saturday I went to my usual bi-weekly role-playing game session and had a fun time playing a pair of Fantasy Hero games. The Sci-Fi game that Ray P. had been running has been put on long-term hold as Ray just feels he doesn’t have it in him right now. He lost his father a couple of weeks before Christmas, so he’s still recovering from that and finding his place in life again. I know how he feels. I went through that years back, and I’m still not fully over it.

This week has been good, too. The New Year rang in a little quieter than I used to ring it in. The only celebration I did of it was to call Whyaylooh shortly after midnight and wish him a happy new year.

The rest of the week has been getting back into the work grind. And ramping up for Further Confusion 2007, which is coming in two weeks. I will likely be laminating the Dealer Assistant and Vendor Tags this weekend, so as to have that chore out of the way other than the changes that happen between now and the con.

I’m still playing EQOA on Mon and Thursday evenings. We skipped it for the final week of 2006 (didn’t want to play on Christmas and one of our players forgot on the 28th). This week we have resumed. Found a new hunting spot for our level 48’s last night. We will likely return there. We lost Arp once when we were jumped by a Ice Giant Renagade, but we got him back and out of debt again.

EQ2 is still happening on Mon and Thur nights. Filthi is level 48 and I have started a Fae Wizard by the name of Boke, to play with the folks when they switch to them. The big news on E2 is that I. and K. are both level 69! So they are pushing for 70. We are hoping they will hit 70 during our session this coming Monday. Then all we need is Whyaylooh to get EoF and we can all play Fae for a while or something.

City of Heroes is our prime game still. Mhari and I are playing it a lot. Schduled times are Tue and Fri nights for Villains, and Wed nights for Heroes. Commander Kitty is nearly 43, but I think Eric P’s Demon Voltage is going to beat her to it. Mhari’s Pink Squirrel isn’t far behind. But with his schedule and being ill over the holidays, Whyaylooh’s Broulin is at the tail of the pack for the Primal Darkness villain high-levels. I think he may be 1 level behind or just barely into 42.

WoW: Well, Mhari installed the trial version over New Years weekend. She’s not impressed at this point. And I was a little bored going through the lowbie stuff yet again. I might buy her the full game and time cards after the new expansion comes out, but we really don’t think we will add it to our games. I still plan to play it on Sundays on the server my neice is on.

Second Life: What with all the issues they are having with growing pains (they hit 20,000 cocurrent connected users reciently) this has gotten less of a place to be. I still keep Jethric Mousehold connected and wallsitting at Chaos Theory Gaming for some free L$ on one of my extra machines. It doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t cost anything other than the electricity to run that machine. And it’s one of my lower power boxes. Just not that interested in hanging out in SL right now. *shrug* But I will keep going back there to explore from time to time. It’s Free!

The big changes to come with the change of the year was something I worked on the whole last week of 2006. I changed the software behind the Modem Problems website. It now uses something called JAlbum 6.5 and uses a ‘skin’ called ‘BluPlusPlus’. I had to make a slew of little tweaks to the skin to make it work for the Comic Strip. But I think it looks a lot nicer now. This also takes it away from the Collage content management software that I have been using for it for all it’s existance. That software was getting dated, and didn’t work with the latest Java versions, and was painfully slow under IE 7 which I use on the machine I like to edit my websites on. I will continue to tweak and modify the skin to improve the site. It’s some very Photo Album oriented in design, but it only takes some tweaks to use it for a Comic Strip instead. It’s takes about the same amount of work as the old way did, a little more time to upload the site to the server, but it’s all worth it to make it look better. I hope folks like it.

Well, that’s it for me this time. Time for me to get to work. Thanks for reading!