Tired… still so tired!

Here it is, Further Confusion has been over for 4 days… and I am STILL tired and worn…

But here’s the past two weeks of Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems strip…
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And with that out of the way, here’s what my week has been like:

Tired and sore.

Whyaylooh spent a extra day after the con with Mhari and I, and I had arranged for an extra day off from work so that I would have some time to recover from things. It was pleasent and we got in about an hour or so of City of Villains together on Tuesday. And on Monday after we got home and settled in and dinner and things, we watched the new episode of Heroes, only an hour after it aired. Good episode, and it did a good job of getting one back into the story.

After seeing Why off to his flight (I dropped him off at the airport the perscribed 2 hours before his flight, and they let him fly up one flight early!), I stopped at Frys, grabbed a X-Fi card for my main game machine and crept home through rush hour traffic. Once home, I didn’t have the energy for City of, so we skipped it, planning to play on Wed.

I returned to work Wed, but I was so sore. My feet and hands ached the most, and my sinuses still had not recovered from the dry, dry air of the hotel. So that night I was too tired for anything like City of… so we blew it off again. Instead we had Pizza and went home and watched 2005’s Dr Who Christmas Invasion, the first full Dr who with David Tennet. We just might learn to like him. I bought Season 2 at the con, and we will slowly watch it over the next few weeks.

Thursday morning rolled around and when I got up I was so very light headed and felt real, real strange. So I wrote in to work, and took a Work from Home day. Did all my work that day from home. Got in a little BC:WoW time during lunch and after work. But the main thing was a call from Why at about the time I would have been on BART in a place where I would not have received his call. He had been in a car accident. His car was totalled. He was okay with just a bruise. But he was fairly shaken up and needed to talk it out. I was able to be there for him. I would not have been able to had I went to work that day. Makes you wonder how connected people who care about each other are. (He’s doing fine. His car is toast. It gave it’s life to save his. I’ve noticed he has given the full details in his own LiveJournal. Kacey and Noriko spent the day with him.) Only after that call did I realize why I had to stay home that day.

Today’s starting out okay. I feel well enough to go to work, though my head is still a little messed up, sinus headaches that come and go, and my thighs and hips and back are sore. Feet seem to be recovering. Arms are better, too.

This weekend is going to be a return to normal patterns, though City of… is running a Double XP Weekend from 9am today to 9pm on Sunday night (maybe a little longer, I hope). So I am going to be playing City of… more than anything else. Except for Saturday, where I will be out playing Fantasy Hero over Dr. Arcain’s house. It’s my hope Mhari will use the time to get Pink Squirrel caught up to Commander Kitty and that Broulin will catch up, too. Demon Voltage is ahead of us all at level 44. It’s might hope to get Commander Kitty to level 45 this weekend. She’s 43.3 right now. I sure hope I am feeling up to it. These sorts of weekends don’t happen often. I remember Thrillseeker getting almost 2 levels in his 40’s during the last one.

So I won’t be playing WoW this Sunday. And last night we blew off both EQOA and EQ2 since Whyaylooh wasn’t going to be up to it. But we’ll get back to things on Monday, I suspect.

I also put Jethric Mousehold back up on the wall at Chaos Theory Gaming in Second Life, so that part of things is back to normal, too.

My next convention is DunDraCon, around Presidents Day. I will be staying at the convention hotel this time, as I got my reservations in monthes ago. I will also be working the anime room. I confirmed this with Mr. Miles at FC, and he says he will work out a schedule with me that works with whatever games I need to attend with Dr. Arcain’s crew. I’m looking forward to it. Despite working, it will be a relaxacon for me compared to FC, that’s for sure. I’m just a flunky… not a chief at that. Yay!

And then it will be Consonance time in March… really easy going for me, that one. My job will be to be Mhari’s gopher. And generally I will be sitting there at reg and playing on my laptop or reading.

Well, time to get to work. I hope my back calms down. If not, I’ll take meds at work… I have meetings in the morning and lots to do all day babysitting a mainframe while it runs my jobs. 😉

BART here I come…