Keeping it short

I’m doing a work from home, today, so I am going to keep this short. Here’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems strips for this week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 332 – I Just Can’t Do It – March 5th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 333 – H.R.E. Crusader – March 8th, 2007

This week was… this week. It started with Consonance 2007 and has ended with me at home, today, taking Ibprofen for my residual back pain. The two are NOT connected. It just has worked out that way. And my back pain was a LOT more yesterday until Dr. James was able to work on it for me by special appointment. I am mostly home today to make sure I don’t agravate it.

Other than last night, and last Friday, I did most of the usual things. During Consonance I even got on City of Heroes from the hotel. The convention was very nice with wonderful people during the whole of it. I’m only into Filk Music as a listener, not really a fan or a performer or anything, and mostly I was there in support of Mhari, who was doing their Registration for the final time. She’s retired from doing registration for them now. Someone(s) else will be doing it next year.

I will still be doing their website, but I have rewritten their webpages to be easier for them to maintain in case I am not available for whatever reason. And the site is going to stop living off my personal webspaces sometime in the not too distant future. I started doing their site back when I was working for Merant (now a part of Serena) and thus it was all maintained in a Collage 4.0 environment. I have now written it into a manner that no longer uses the special function calls of the collaboration and content control software, which means it can be edited in notepad once more.

On the MMO front, I played City of…, EQOA, and a small amount of EQ2 this past week. And spent some time on Second Life that was pleasing. But Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (VSH) and World of Warcraft were left neglected and I didn’t miss them. This usually means that I will, in a month or so, if this continues, suspend my WoW account again. I would suspend my VSH account, too… but as it is a ‘Station Access’ game like EQOA and EQ2, there’s no need for me to do so. I’ll likely just uninstall it at some point. And maybe revisit it down the road.

EQOA is upping their cost. It doesn’t effect me, because I use Station Access at $24.99 a month already. But it does effect Mhari. She has been doing the yearly fee thing. EQOA was very reasonable at $89.99 a year, but it’s going up to $143.99 a year… This brings it in line with the new $14.99 a month cost. (It started at $9.95 a month, and went up to $12.99 without upping the yearly fee a while back.) The big jump will mean that Mhari will be seriously rethinking what EQOA means to her, when the account comes up for renewal in September.

Way I hear it online is that Planetside (another Station Access MMO, though more of a FPSMMO than a MMORPG) is the other of Sony’s games that saw the same jump in fees. I have not heard of any increases in the Station Access price or for any of the other Sony titles. Of course, these price jumps bring EQOA and Planetside up to the same cost that all the other titles in the family of titles had already. So now they will all be the same. And it makes Station Access all the more tasty, really.

I still suspect that EQOA and Planetside might not be around for that much longer. But considering that Everquest (the original, not the newer ones) is STILL going…who knows. (And other, lesser games, like The Matrix Online, are still going….)

Wait, this was supposed to be short.

I’m still MMOing. I am mostly healthy with occasional hicups in the form of back issues and whatnot. And I will be getting married sometime this year. So all is good. (BTW, that event is looking more and more like it will be in late June. Maybe early July. But most likely late June.)

Be well, all!

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