Another week, another entry…

Yes, it’s that time again kids! It’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems time! (Applause goes here)

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #334 – Bored – March 12th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #335 – Cuteness Jiu Jitsu – March 15th, 2007

This week has been another quick one. Thankfully without the painful back. On health issues I am suffering from swollen ankles if I sit too long, so I have adjusted my computer chair at home, and have contacted my doctor about renewing my lasix perscription. When it gets hard to walk due to water retention in my feet, I start to worry. Could be a early sign of a number of things, or mearly the side effect of one of my other medications (as it IS listed in the possible side-effects for one of them). Better to be safe than sorry.

My workplace has opened up the stairwells, so we can use them. That means I am taking the stairs more often than the elevators. It feels really good so long as my feet are not bothering me. Healthy for me, too!

In other news, we’re (Mhari and I) making progress on our wedding plans. For those that have not heard by other means, this is the early notice that we are presently targeting late June. We will likely do a small civil thing for the legal wedding, though that is not yet engraved in stone. Then following the ‘small civil thing’ we will have some sort of gathering/reception/less-legal ceromony for family and friends. Then we are going to sneak off on honeymoon to a ‘undisclosed location’. I will report more as we work on formallizing our plans. I have filed for and gotten my vacation approvals for the timeframe, so that’s part of what is getting the ball rolling. That and the ‘undisclosed location’ arrangements.

Over in MMO land… EQOA continues. We all got to level 49 this week. Yay! And The Luck quest is back as usual for this time of year, so we have kicked in our The Luck’s from last year and are earning double experience once more. And we are on 100% XP, so we are trying to charge swiftly for level 50 if we can.

In EQ2 things are slow. Why and I are slowly proding my character up in level. We did quests, mostly, on Monday, and last night it was some XP grinding. But I ‘pooped out’ early.

Second Life I did some minor dabbling in last weekend. Nothing much really.

Nothing going on with me in WoW or Vanguard. Just not interested in either of them right now. Though if Eric Z calls and wants to do WoW this coming Sunday, I will do it.

In City of Heroes/Villians, Commander Kitty made level 46… And I believe Pink Squirrel may have hit 47. I am not sure, I don’t remember clearly if Mhari said she made it or not. But she is really charging along. Of course it helps that Eric P. brought on Demon Voltage (level 49 brute) and helpped us trouce through some of our missions that otherwise were too rough for us. And we helpped Fulldark take care of one that was keeping him down.

Over on the Hero side, Wed Knight of Power got level 30, Avenging Flame got 28, and I think other fun was had by all.

City of… continues to be the game of choice, drawing more attention and more time from me and friends than any other two MMOs I play put together.

I’m rather looking forward to this weekend. I don’t have any out-of-house obligations other than my appointment with Dr. J on Sunday Night (for which my back will be very happy). So I get to sleep in and relax… maybe relaxingly do my taxes (they don’t stress me out… much, like for some people). And maybe, just maybe, Mhari and I will go look at rings or something. I don’t know. 😉

Thanks for reading… and BlackCypress… tell your dad to read his email…

Off to work I go…