Just a short one

I’ve worked from home, today, so I got up and went ‘straight to work’ so didn’t have time to write this before heading in.

Anyways, here’s the Modem Problems strips from Matthew McAndrews for this week:
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #336 – Treasure – March 19th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #337 – Epilog – March 22nd, 2007

And onward:

I really don’t have a lot to say. Lets see if the length of this agrees with that.

The week’s MMO playing was all like the past few weeks: EQOA, EQ2, Second Life and City of Heroes/Villains with no WoW or Vanguard or any other MMO. I have just lost interest in WoW again, and Vanguard just isn’t good enough or unique enough to hold my interest.

I -am- hearing some cool things about Lord of the Rings Online. We’ll see what happens. And I got sent an invite to return to Auto Assault and see how it’s changed. But I don’t expect to even visit it. I’m just not interested in spending my time there.

Oh, I DID check out one other. It’s an ADULT MMO social space called RedLight Center. Do a search for it, you’ll find it. It’s got a fraction of the appeal of Second Life, and it’s whole purpose is selling you on going to live sex chats and movies and photosets online, and as an adult chat line with avatars and the like. Second Life does THAT part 10 times better (if with more bugs) plus has all the non-adult content one might want. In general the Free part of RedLight Center is going to appeal to people that just want to ‘get off’ on cybersex, but they aren’t going to stick around long. And you have to pay $20 month to ‘get naked’ and play in the real adult areas.

Again: Not worth it. But it does show that the adult industry is starting to take notice of the apeal that a 3D online world may have to folks.

But for me, I will delete it from my hard drive and not bother with it.

Over in the rest of the world, I think after 18 months in my current job, I am settling into it. We’ll see if it lasts. Sure pays nice.

As those of you that have been reading my journal know, Mhari and I will be getting married this year. Well, we’ve chosen our ‘undisclosed location’ to honeymoon at, and we have settled on a date in the final week of June. There will not be any formal gathering until we get back from the honeymoon. Friends and family that feel they just must come watch us get married should contact us privately by email… they know our email addresses. The venue where we will be getting hitched has very limited space. And it will be a very informal affair. We want a quiet and relaxing experience. 😉

I’m starting to get nervious! I almost can’t wait! And the venue is one that supports that ‘can’t wait’ sort of thing. So we might jump the gun if the anticipation gets too much. *grin*

I have been approved for my vacation time, and all Mhari and I need to do now is decide on the rings.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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