Other than experiencing the sarrow of seeing my Aunt D so ill in the hospital last weekend, then her passing on ‘home’ on Sunday (and me hearing of it on Monday), this week was ‘just a week’. Here’s Matt’s Modem Problems Web Comics for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #346 – That’s My Plan – April 23rd, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #347 – You MONSTER! – April 26th, 2007

Well, I finished my 14-day Trial of Eve Online. And now W, N & K are all playing it. (Names turned to initials because I am not doing my best typing this morning.) So likely I will be activating the full game sometime in the next two weeks. Maybe as soon as Monday. It’s worth doing if you have friends to play it with, otherwise it’s more of an uberscreen-saver of the interactive sort. Unless you get truely deeply involved in it.

Played some EQOA and last night Mhari got her warrior to level 50. The rest of the team will likely get theirs on Monday. She’d been out fighting light blues while waiting for us to sign in each session. So she got a little ahead of us.

Didn’t play any EQ2 and didn’t miss it, really. Sorry friends.

Played LOTS of City of Heroes on the Training Room (Test) server. Issue 9 is NICE. My character, Axe to Grind, a Stone/Axe tanker, is level 15 now. And has over 10 million influance from selling her salvage on the auction house. And it wasn’t a matter of me putting things up for high prices and them getting bought. I was putting common salvage up for 1000 Inf, Uncommon for 2000, and Rare for 10000. And buying the ones I needed for recipies I got as drops for 10,000 to 100,000 Inf, depending on rarity. What got me the Inf so fast was that people were putting up 500,000 to 1 Million Inf as the prices they were willing to pay for the same things.

The way the Auctions work on CoH is that all bids are Blind. You get to see how MANY of an item is up for sale, and what the last 5 prices were that the item last sold for. If you are buying a specific item, you bid the amount you are willing to pay for it. If there is someone selling that item for that price or less, you get it. If no one is selling that item right now, your Inf is put on account for the moment that someone puts it up for sale that would qualify (your bid or less). (This is called a Buy Order.)

If you are selling, you get the same info, and you put the item up for sale and give it a price. If someone out there with a Buy Order for that item, that is bidding the price you are after or higher, it sells and you get the INF. If not, the item stays on account until you take it out, or someone DOES offer the amount you are looking for.

Since there are level 50’s with millions of Inf out there (transfered from the live servers) that want to buy the salvage they need (as getting the lower level salvage might be a little annoying (extemplar down to a low level and grind through mobs), they pay good amounts for things. Then those of us that have benefited from that can afford to pay higher for things because now WE have the Inf.

What I did was that I am using the barest drop in the bucket of my earnings to buy the best enhancements I can for every slot in my character. Of course, I am also stockpiling as best I can the items I will need to build the things I want to have for my powers… once I can get the recipies.

One of the things that is keeping the market moving (when it isn’t down due to server bugs or overload) is that no one person can hold more than a certain amount of Invention Salvage at a time based on level. At level 14 it caps out at 30 items of Invention salvage and 10 recipies. At level 50 (without any of the accolades or badges that change it), it’s 50 and 20 (or was it 30). And you have a personal vault that can hold the same amount in addition to what you can carry personally. So while you can do SOME hoarding, there is usually going to be at least ONE piece of salvage you are going to need for the non-common recipies.

Oh, and yes, there IS a Base item that lets you store Invention Salvage. But as far as I know it is ONLY an alternate way to access your personal vault. NOT a shared resource for your supergroup. But I can’t confirm that without asking on the forums, and I haven’t done that yet. I’m not a part of a supergroup on the test server.

All in all I think Issue 9 is going to breath some extra life into City of Heroes and Villians that was starting to fade a little. And it’s sure bringing a LOT of new options to how you ‘build’ your character over time. The new stuff will not be NEEDED to ‘complete’ the game (get your characters to Level 50). But it will make the experience different if you choose to go that way.

Lastly, the invention system is bringing in new costume pieces. The recipies for these are ‘uncommon’ drops. Right now it only appears to be varient wings. But as the ONLY way to get these is to either build them yourselves with a dropped recipie you get off defeated foes or by buying the recipie from the market, which isn’t going to be cheap… it means that when you see someone with them, it means they were either very lucky or put a LOT of work of SOME sort to get them. You can’t build new characters fresh with the new pieces. As ONLY the character that builds it from the recipie gets access to the costume part. I like that. It gives the players another ‘bragging right’.

Enough about CoH… I also got on Second Life a little. Luskwood has come out with a new edition of their skunk avatars. And they are EXCELLENT and more than worth them. And existing customers that bought the earlier version get the upgrade free. (And likely already have, as I sure did!). I plan to go back and get a couple more varients of them when I have the L$ again. My shape shifter has under L$500 right now.

Well, that’s all for now…gotta get to work.

In Memorium:Dorthy Virginia Coker – 1918 – 2007

On April 22, 2007, 10:08PM Dorothy Virginia Coker passed away after a sudden illness. She was born September 23 1918 in Bluefield, West Virginia to George Harvey Roy Thompson and Mary Viola Turner. She was a long time resident of Pioneer California and made many friends here.

She is preceded in death by her son, Charles Gordon MacDonald and sisters; Charlotte Hazel Dickson and Gertrude Helen Maurer.

She will be missed by her sisters; Ruby Mae Williams of Louisiana, Nancy Fern Conner of Texas and Georgia Lee Currier of California and her brother, Paul Amos Thompson of Nebraska. She leaves behind grandchildren, great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Dorothy sang on the radio station KRKG with Leonard Franklin Slye who became Roy Rodgers. At the time he was with a group called the International Cowboys. The group later became the Sons of the Pioneers.

She helped her mother who took in laundry for the Krispy Kreme employees in Southern California.

During WWII, Dorothy worked at the Alameda Navel Air Station as a machinist. After the war She stayed on working in the PX for over twenty years.

A Picture of Aunt Dorothy from before I was born.