My mind is going, Dave. I can feel it…

Okay… I’m groom-brained. So I am writing this now rather than waiting for tomorrow morning when I will have even less braincells.

So here are this week’s Modem Problems comics by Matthew McAndrews:
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #364 – Stick it to ’em – June 25th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #364 – Stick it to ’em – June 25th, 2007

Okay… so tomorrow is the day. By this time tomorrow I will be a married man and traveling to the bright lights and neon where I will be honeymooning with my darling Mhari_Lindhaven.

*blink* *blink*
*deer caught in headlights*

Um… ah… what was I typing. Oh, yeah, it’s my weekly blog posting.. um… MMO’s… yeah… that’s what I talk about next.

Um… EQOA: Nope… didn’t do any of it. Also considering cancelling the account. About 99% sure we will do so in September when Mhari’s subscription runs out next. It’s become something we do because we almost always do it.

Eve Online: Yup. Did some. Will be leaving Phae learing Mimintar Industrial V while I am gone. Good way to spend the time. Then I can do the remaining 3-4 days of Industry V when I get back. And Mining Barges I.

Second Life: Did more of this than I have done in a while. Faded Lotus is back. And Starlia likes the place so much she is going to work there. As a maid, of all things.

City of Heroes/Villains: Did a fair chunk of this. Purple Moose is Level 30. Don’t remember if Knight of Power got to 31 or not. I don’t think so. Was going to rework the Primal Darkness base, but we are about 400K Prestige short of being able to upgrade lots… so I don’t have the room to do the remodel… so it will wait another month or two.

Issue 10 has just gone to Open Beta on the Training Room server. I haven’t done much there, but it means Axe to Grind will be active again.

TV: Um… what’s that? Oh, that’s what I watch the news on and movies. Haven’t done much of either.

In general I have been groom-brained most of this week. We went up on Monday and got the wedding license taken care of. I bought clothes, got a haircut (Hair #3,445,009,345 to be exact) and generally have been ENJOYING vacation. Once the wedding is done (took me four tries to spell it this time), beyond the shock I think I am going to enjoy vacation even more. And I am looking forward to the shows we will see and just being with my new wife.

*blink* *blink*
*looking at those words and sort of sitting here not typing anything for close to three minutes*

Yeah, it’s hit me. I’m told it will hit me more.

When I am done writing this it is time to pack and then pack the car and get everything ready. When ALL of that is done, then I can MMO some more… before it’s time to go meet Whyaylooh at the airport. He’s my best man….

Off I go… next time I post will be on the other side of this experience. I will try to remember to include links to some pictures.

There can be only ONE!

Oh, my… time is moving! Here’s the comics from Matthew McAndrews for the week just passed:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #362 – Another Fan Complaint – June 18th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #363 – Pity The Punished – June 21st, 2007

It’s only a week to go! Soon I will be a married man… wheeeeeeeeee! Also, when the work day is done, today, I will be on VACATION!

So… let’s see. We did a little EQOA on Monday. Thursday’s was canceled because Whyaylooh had to stay late at work. At this point 3 of the four of us will be leaving this game when Mhari’s subscription is up in September. She was on the annual subscription plan, which used to cost under a hundred dollars. Now it is close to $150 for the same time. So it’s no longer worth it. Why and I have been on the Station Access plan, paying what is now around $30 a month to have access to ALL the SOE hosted games. But we are only playing EQOA any more. Sooooo… if we don’t return to EQ2 by September, FLUSH!

Eve Online had a content update on Tuesday. They released Revelations II, which is part 2 of 3 of their second content expansion. They made some nice little graphic tweaks, and a few game system ones. We went out last night and had fun with 3 cruisers and a destroyer (myself) on some L2 missions. Still not a stellar (no pun intended) game, but *shrug* I play it because Ayukawataur, Ryokokitty and Whyaylooh play it.

As I mentioned in a previous LJ, my Second Life time as seen a drastic cut back. But I was still on there some this past week. Mostly to chat with my friend Pat, and check out some cute avatars some people have released. It may not be a place I have as much interest in any more… but hey… it’s free.

We had double xp weekend this last weekend, and had a lot of fun. Purple Moose made it to 38, Flying Fox to 18, Stand In to 40, and Knight of Power to 32. Not bad. And those were just MY characters. Mhari’s Black Maria is 40 (started out at 36, I believe, at the beginning of the weekend, and hit a couple of days ago), and Whyaylooh’s Broulin is 48. I know others I play with got some levels in there as well. Generally there was a lot of fun to be had. The servers were loaded and they announced Issue 10: Invasion, while they were at it. (The Training Room, which is their outside testing server, is now holding the external closed beta. I am looking forward to the opening of that to the rest of us players and then the launch.) Sounds like it is going to have some serious amounts of Cooperative PvE play between the heroes and villain side of the game. I’m looking forward to it. So long as they don’t make the Hero/Villain crossover stuff MANDATORY to be able to complete missions (Like they did with the Valentine’s Day event content), then I’m going to be loving it. (Mostly wouldn’t like it because we do NOT have our heroes and villains on the same server, so it makes it hard to do the required mix.)

You know… I am almost trembling in anticipation of the things to come after this day is over. And in a week from now I hope to be writing this just before heading off to actually get married. Am I nervous. Yes.

Oooo, I’m running late. I’ll upload this once I get to work. I so want to make it through this day and get out the other side into VACATION!

Only TWO left at this price!

It’s been something of a week… but first, this week’s comic strips from Matthew McAndrews:
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #360 – Birth Control – June 11th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #361 – Story by: Tim, Age 12 – June 14th, 2007

There was a lot going on this week… and a lot of nothing, too. The biggest thing for me was that work moved me from the 11th floor, to the 13th. Yes, our building has a thirteenth floor, and I now work on that floor. We’ll see what that’s like. But on the upside I like the number thirteen, and it means I get an express elevator (the second bank of elevators is for floors 13-21 in our building). So that’s good. And unlike the 11th floor there is a ‘mini-kitchen’ with coffee and the like. That may help. We’ll see.

Ack! The desks are too low… my knees almost bang the bottom of them in unpleasent ways if I use my egonomic foot rest. And they are OLD. Pre-ergonomic era. About the only ergonomic thing about them is that they have rounded edges on the side you have to deal with. I sure hope they can fix this or they are going to be getting OSHA complaints from me really, really fast. I -know- they measured my old desk’s height before moving me. I am very, very surprised they didn’t fix this before putting me in the cube. Oh, well.

Not a lot to report on the MMO front. Other than I uninstalled Dungeon Runners and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes from my main gaming box. I’m not going back to either of those anytime soon.

On the computer front I had a little bit of a annoyance. The PCI-Express 16 slot in my gaming box stopped working. Coincidentally right after I installed Tuesday’s Microsoft updates. Poof. Reboot the computer after the update and the system no longer is recognizing anything that is plugged into the PCI-E slot. And the sound card (on a PCI slot 2 slots away) is starting to make wierd sounds and squwaks and things. I am suspecting that the motherboard’s PCI bridge is dying…. or something in the update F’ed with the BIOS.

I already tried a new video card… no different. But the onboard Nvidia 6150 chipset (It’s an nForce 410/430 MCP board) works just fine. I tried updating the ESAD from the BIOS, tried updating the nForce 410/430 drivers. About the only thing I have yet to try is reflashing the BIOS. I may do that this weekend. We’ll see. Naturally the computer is almost freshly out of warenty with Gateway. Go figure. And the only 410/430 MCP boards I see at frys and the like are mATX ones… If it is the PCI bridge… a motherboard replacement is going to be the only fix.

Meanwhile, I watch (listen?) as the sound degrades, and make sure there is nothing critical on the system that isn’t backed up to other media.

As to my plans for the weekend: Well, it -was- going to be a role-play pen&paper gaming weekend. But 2 members of the group are moving, and I have a Further Confusion meeting for the first half of the day. So that game got called off. Next one I will be off on my honeymoon during… so next game for me is in a month.

But, it is DOUBLE XP WEEKEND on the City of Heroes and Villains MMO, so I have lots I can do. Maybe I will get Purple Moose up to 30 (He just turned 26 last night). Or maybe I will just flounder around not doing a whole hell of a lot. I don’t know.

Read Soon I Will Be Invincible: A Novel by Austin Grossman. It’s a book set in a ‘super hero’ or ‘comic book’ universe. One of the main characters is the mastervillain Doctor Impossible. And the other is the hero Fatale, a female cyborg. I greatly enjoyed the book.

What I DO know is that it is ONE week to Vacation, and TWO short weeks until I get MARRIED! Wooooooot!

I love you, Mhari_Lindhaven!

(off to work I go)


That’s right, just 21 short days until I will have the wonderful pleasure of getting married…

Here are Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems comic strips for this week… and don’t forget to vote on the Fat/Ugly subject to Matt would love to hear from folks that are reading his strips.

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 358 – Vote Now! – June 4th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 359 – My Space – June 7th, 2007

Just three weeks and I will be a married man!! I bought the rings this past weekend and so all that part of things is all done. Now it’s all about waiting for the day to get here! And I am getting more and more nervious. Worried that something will get in the way somewhere. *whimper*

The other dates between now and then that are important are the 13th (when I move from the 11th floor to the 13th floor at work) and the 22nd (which is my final day of work before the vacation I am taking for the wedding and honeymoon)….

Lets see… we finally returned to EQOA properly this week. Not for a lot of time as Arpiean has been ill and Whyaylooh has transportation issues that are out of his control. But we DID play. Not doing anything special. Just collecting more XP from the Ice Giants in Giant Valley. Repetitive and grinding, but we are pushing towards the next level. And slowly it feels like there are fewer and fewer people in the world on our server. I wonder how much longer Sony’s going to keep this going. Is SOE working on a ‘next generation’ of it at all, to run only on the PS3 to try and get it some more people? What is going on… what might be heard this August at the EQ FanFaire? Oh, well… I don’t really care. If Mhari remembers about her annual membership this year, maybe we will quit in September, as the price has gone up by $50 for the next year.

On Eve Online the mining and the slow purchase of higher skill levels is creeping onward. I toyed around with moving tradegoods last night… I suppose I could start making money that way rather than mining. But I am not sure it’s worth it. Mining is something I can leave happening on the system with only minor monitoring to change targetting for the mining lasers and for going back in to base to unload and sell. I’m trying to learn the level 5 skill I need to unlock the use of bigger, better mining ships… but to get that skill level is going to take 24+ days of REAL TIME to train, during which time my alternate character can’t train any skills either. Bleah. A whole month away… at least I can have the character training while I am away on honeymoon. 😉

I am back to only being a wall sitter on Second Life again. There’s a ‘new’ policy on Second Life called Keeping Second Life Safe, Together where they appear to be lashing out at some of the adult fantasy elements that have been finding a home there. And while I agree that the items they are speaking of are wrong when actually carried out in Real Life are WRONG… I find myself concerned that they are inviting griefers to go about becoming morality police and reporting every tom, richard and harry that they don’t like that they see doing something even remotely adult. And that the efforts they are going through is just another step to making their world bland and non-expressive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT in support of any of the things they mention in that blog. Some of those things turn my stomach. But Second Life already requires that EVERYONE on Second Life be AT LEAST 18 years of age. And they are making steps to introduce real Age Verification methods within the technical ability that such can be done (Which is another can of worms, believe me). And they have ways where people can mark their areas as PG or Mature. And further give people ways to control access to their land in all sorts of ways so that people that don’t want to see certain sorts of material really have to make an effort to find the objectional things. They can’t just stumble upon it. (At least, they can only stumble upon the stuff that is put out there by the clueless, the activististic, the people that get off on flaunting the rules, and the griefers that want to make the place less desirable for the rest of us.)

Linden Labs keeps saying how their view of Second Life is as the next big revolution of the internet, where one day all websites will have a ‘Second Life’ style representation in the virtual 3D world. Well… if that’s what going to happen, then there is going to be exactly as much of the Adult Material there as there is in the 2D internet of today. LOTS. Weither anyone likes it or not, the genie is out of the bottle and adult material will always be able to be found by anyone that wants to find it and many, many, many of those that never openly desired to find it.

Of course, my other take on this is that perhaps Linden Labs is being smart… after all, they’ve made the Client program for Second Life into Open Source. And I seem to remember word that they have, or soon will, release an Open Source version of the Server side software… something that will make it possible for anyone with the resources to do so able to host their own Servers… without Linden Labs being involved, other than possibly at the level that ICAN is for the main Internet. If this is the case, then the Adult Industry will get into hosting SL-Style servers all over the place. Likely hosted in countries that don’t have the same Indecency laws as some of the places that Linden Labs is having breath down their throats… so maybe this is a very calculated stance Linden Labs is taking. One that will quietly create a market for their products and services from other companies that are already well-versed (and flanked with lawyers) in combating those that want to stamp out anyone that can even remotely consider what might be under a person’s clothes. But maybe I am just reading too much into things….

So… for now, I am backing off from Second Life. Until they make it a lot more clear just what they meant by this statement they made on May 31st… after all, maybe, like LJ, they got ‘taken in’ by some ‘Soldiers of impeccability’.

And my joy of City of Heroes continues. I’m starting to find the characters I am interested in, now that I have gotten to 50 with my Mastermind, Commander Kitty. It would appear that Purple Moose, my now-level 23 Fire/Fire Brute is my prefered character. I’m enjoying burning everything about in the game and getting lots of invention salvage drops and all that. Over on the hero side I realized that my long-neglicted character of Flying Fox could actually go add the wings he should have had as a part of his costume. Wings he should have had from day one, 2 years ago. And wings I could have added to his costume MONTHS ago when they added Veteran Rewards! Silly me… well, he looks ‘right’ now. And that gave me new interest in playing him. It’s quite pleasent, actually. I only wish they had a way where I could speed things up a little for him without loosing the play balance. He’s a Defender with heavy focus on his Secondary Set and only two powers in his Empathy primary set. It makes him quite capable. Just it can take a WHILE to get through a mission. Not as long as it takes a Controller on solo. But still longer than it would take a Blaster, Scrapper or Tank. And not as long as a Defender with more healing focus than offensive focus. FF has the Boxing Pool, from which he took Kick and has Tough. It can make a real difference having that extra defenses. And he has the Flight Pool, of course… it would be silly not to with wings and the word ‘Flying’ in his name. He works fairly good.

So, all in all, the week was fine, I am doing okay. Mhari’s… well, she’s had some rough days this week. Her back is bothering her again and it’s going to be a trial for her making it to Sunday and our appointment with Dr. James. I worry a lot about her when she’s suffering in one of these cycles like this. I sure wish I had a magic wand I could wave and make it all better. I’m doing what I can for her. But my right shoulder is out again, limiting what I can really do. At least I am walking straight again. (Slammed my left foot into some furnature on the sunday before Memorial Day that left a big bruise. It’s all healed now and the swelling is almost all gone, thank the powers that be. It was slightly dislocated, but Dr. James corrected that on the same night.)

So… that’s my world for the week ending June 8th, 2007… I better get to work now.

Here it is…

I had mentioned earlier today that I was going to post something here, tonight. Well, here it is.

This past Memorial Day Mhari and I went shopping at the mall, to look for the wedding rings. In the process we went to Langstrom’s and she saw this ring that appealed a lot to her and made an off hand comment that while it wouldn’t be right for a wedding ring, it would be nice as an engagement ring or the like.

I promptly turned around to the salesman and said, "We’ll take this one." And turned to Mhari and went, "Well, now I have finally gotten the ring I should have gotten you back when I proposed." or something to that effect. And smiled as I watched her face light up.

Today we picked up the ring after having had it resized to her needs. AND I bought the wedding bands we will be using at the end of the month. It feels sooo right!

Here’s what the Engagement Ring looks like:

28 days and counting…


Wow! It’s June! I can take my countdown from weeks to days. Only 28 days to go!

Here is Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems comics for this past week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 356 – Gotcha! – May 28th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems # 357 – Booster – May 31st, 2007

Gah, June! Where’d THAT come from so fast?!!

EQOA: Nope – didn’t do any. Though we almost did on Thursday, but train schedules got in the way.

Eve Online: Played around with it. It’s still interactive wallpaper mostly. But we ‘Gang of Four’ are playing it right now, so I’m playing it, sort of. Sure wish I could earn money in RL as fast as I can in Eve!

City of Heroes/Villians: Doing a lot of this still. We’re playing it nearly every night right now. Though our main drive is mostly to get invention salvage and the like on the Heroes side, and get Broulin and FullDark up in level on the Villian side. I’m still trying to figure out who I want to focus on most next. Running Fox on Virtue got to start the Faultline missions last night and took a ‘scanner mission’ that had a door asigned to it that was outside the defined boundries of the zone… It was in a ‘Arachnos Dig Site’ that I didn’t even know was there! It’s a underground place that roams about underground on the far side of the warwall a lot! It just might be one of the most dangerous area for a level 20 to be in the whole zone without being over beyond the damn. If Running Fox didn’t have invisibility, she would have had to fight lots and lots of yellow and orange achranos mobs just to get to the door to her mission. Yikes. And it took me an HOUR to FIND the door in the first place as I had no clue how to get to it. At least no clue other than Zafel mentioning to me about when she got one, and how it turned out to be gotten to through a ‘crevice’ in the ground near the NE (or was it NW) corner of the zone. Also, soloing a Mental Illusions/Empathy controller takes work. Lots of it. Again, without the invisibility it would have been nearly impossible.

I am really not sure where I am going with my MMO playing. Likely I am going to be drifting a LOT with it right now. I don’t have any direct goals like I had before. When I had level 50 to shoot for, it made things different. Now, other than the Faultline missions and all the task forces (heroes) and strike forces (villians), theres not that much content I haven’t seen.

I really do want to try out those TF/SFs… but many of them take more characters (5 or more) than we can typically field at a single time, and especially in the amounts of time ‘locked into’ the TF/SF storyarcs. It’s more of something that is going to require PUG (Pick Up Group) Play. And that is not something I have done a lot with. I’m going to have to think about it, and I am a little worried about Mhari feeling left out when I go off and do things like that.

Anyways, that’s enough rambling on that subject.

I should have something else to post about tonight after work. But I want to save it until then.

21 days to vacation. 28 days to wedding!!!

Off to work…