Only TWO left at this price!

It’s been something of a week… but first, this week’s comic strips from Matthew McAndrews:
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #360 – Birth Control – June 11th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #361 – Story by: Tim, Age 12 – June 14th, 2007

There was a lot going on this week… and a lot of nothing, too. The biggest thing for me was that work moved me from the 11th floor, to the 13th. Yes, our building has a thirteenth floor, and I now work on that floor. We’ll see what that’s like. But on the upside I like the number thirteen, and it means I get an express elevator (the second bank of elevators is for floors 13-21 in our building). So that’s good. And unlike the 11th floor there is a ‘mini-kitchen’ with coffee and the like. That may help. We’ll see.

Ack! The desks are too low… my knees almost bang the bottom of them in unpleasent ways if I use my egonomic foot rest. And they are OLD. Pre-ergonomic era. About the only ergonomic thing about them is that they have rounded edges on the side you have to deal with. I sure hope they can fix this or they are going to be getting OSHA complaints from me really, really fast. I -know- they measured my old desk’s height before moving me. I am very, very surprised they didn’t fix this before putting me in the cube. Oh, well.

Not a lot to report on the MMO front. Other than I uninstalled Dungeon Runners and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes from my main gaming box. I’m not going back to either of those anytime soon.

On the computer front I had a little bit of a annoyance. The PCI-Express 16 slot in my gaming box stopped working. Coincidentally right after I installed Tuesday’s Microsoft updates. Poof. Reboot the computer after the update and the system no longer is recognizing anything that is plugged into the PCI-E slot. And the sound card (on a PCI slot 2 slots away) is starting to make wierd sounds and squwaks and things. I am suspecting that the motherboard’s PCI bridge is dying…. or something in the update F’ed with the BIOS.

I already tried a new video card… no different. But the onboard Nvidia 6150 chipset (It’s an nForce 410/430 MCP board) works just fine. I tried updating the ESAD from the BIOS, tried updating the nForce 410/430 drivers. About the only thing I have yet to try is reflashing the BIOS. I may do that this weekend. We’ll see. Naturally the computer is almost freshly out of warenty with Gateway. Go figure. And the only 410/430 MCP boards I see at frys and the like are mATX ones… If it is the PCI bridge… a motherboard replacement is going to be the only fix.

Meanwhile, I watch (listen?) as the sound degrades, and make sure there is nothing critical on the system that isn’t backed up to other media.

As to my plans for the weekend: Well, it -was- going to be a role-play pen&paper gaming weekend. But 2 members of the group are moving, and I have a Further Confusion meeting for the first half of the day. So that game got called off. Next one I will be off on my honeymoon during… so next game for me is in a month.

But, it is DOUBLE XP WEEKEND on the City of Heroes and Villains MMO, so I have lots I can do. Maybe I will get Purple Moose up to 30 (He just turned 26 last night). Or maybe I will just flounder around not doing a whole hell of a lot. I don’t know.

Read Soon I Will Be Invincible: A Novel by Austin Grossman. It’s a book set in a ‘super hero’ or ‘comic book’ universe. One of the main characters is the mastervillain Doctor Impossible. And the other is the hero Fatale, a female cyborg. I greatly enjoyed the book.

What I DO know is that it is ONE week to Vacation, and TWO short weeks until I get MARRIED! Wooooooot!

I love you, Mhari_Lindhaven!

(off to work I go)

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