There can be only ONE!

Oh, my… time is moving! Here’s the comics from Matthew McAndrews for the week just passed:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #362 – Another Fan Complaint – June 18th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #363 – Pity The Punished – June 21st, 2007

It’s only a week to go! Soon I will be a married man… wheeeeeeeeee! Also, when the work day is done, today, I will be on VACATION!

So… let’s see. We did a little EQOA on Monday. Thursday’s was canceled because Whyaylooh had to stay late at work. At this point 3 of the four of us will be leaving this game when Mhari’s subscription is up in September. She was on the annual subscription plan, which used to cost under a hundred dollars. Now it is close to $150 for the same time. So it’s no longer worth it. Why and I have been on the Station Access plan, paying what is now around $30 a month to have access to ALL the SOE hosted games. But we are only playing EQOA any more. Sooooo… if we don’t return to EQ2 by September, FLUSH!

Eve Online had a content update on Tuesday. They released Revelations II, which is part 2 of 3 of their second content expansion. They made some nice little graphic tweaks, and a few game system ones. We went out last night and had fun with 3 cruisers and a destroyer (myself) on some L2 missions. Still not a stellar (no pun intended) game, but *shrug* I play it because Ayukawataur, Ryokokitty and Whyaylooh play it.

As I mentioned in a previous LJ, my Second Life time as seen a drastic cut back. But I was still on there some this past week. Mostly to chat with my friend Pat, and check out some cute avatars some people have released. It may not be a place I have as much interest in any more… but hey… it’s free.

We had double xp weekend this last weekend, and had a lot of fun. Purple Moose made it to 38, Flying Fox to 18, Stand In to 40, and Knight of Power to 32. Not bad. And those were just MY characters. Mhari’s Black Maria is 40 (started out at 36, I believe, at the beginning of the weekend, and hit a couple of days ago), and Whyaylooh’s Broulin is 48. I know others I play with got some levels in there as well. Generally there was a lot of fun to be had. The servers were loaded and they announced Issue 10: Invasion, while they were at it. (The Training Room, which is their outside testing server, is now holding the external closed beta. I am looking forward to the opening of that to the rest of us players and then the launch.) Sounds like it is going to have some serious amounts of Cooperative PvE play between the heroes and villain side of the game. I’m looking forward to it. So long as they don’t make the Hero/Villain crossover stuff MANDATORY to be able to complete missions (Like they did with the Valentine’s Day event content), then I’m going to be loving it. (Mostly wouldn’t like it because we do NOT have our heroes and villains on the same server, so it makes it hard to do the required mix.)

You know… I am almost trembling in anticipation of the things to come after this day is over. And in a week from now I hope to be writing this just before heading off to actually get married. Am I nervous. Yes.

Oooo, I’m running late. I’ll upload this once I get to work. I so want to make it through this day and get out the other side into VACATION!