My mind is going, Dave. I can feel it…

Okay… I’m groom-brained. So I am writing this now rather than waiting for tomorrow morning when I will have even less braincells.

So here are this week’s Modem Problems comics by Matthew McAndrews:
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #364 – Stick it to ’em – June 25th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #364 – Stick it to ’em – June 25th, 2007

Okay… so tomorrow is the day. By this time tomorrow I will be a married man and traveling to the bright lights and neon where I will be honeymooning with my darling Mhari_Lindhaven.

*blink* *blink*
*deer caught in headlights*

Um… ah… what was I typing. Oh, yeah, it’s my weekly blog posting.. um… MMO’s… yeah… that’s what I talk about next.

Um… EQOA: Nope… didn’t do any of it. Also considering cancelling the account. About 99% sure we will do so in September when Mhari’s subscription runs out next. It’s become something we do because we almost always do it.

Eve Online: Yup. Did some. Will be leaving Phae learing Mimintar Industrial V while I am gone. Good way to spend the time. Then I can do the remaining 3-4 days of Industry V when I get back. And Mining Barges I.

Second Life: Did more of this than I have done in a while. Faded Lotus is back. And Starlia likes the place so much she is going to work there. As a maid, of all things.

City of Heroes/Villains: Did a fair chunk of this. Purple Moose is Level 30. Don’t remember if Knight of Power got to 31 or not. I don’t think so. Was going to rework the Primal Darkness base, but we are about 400K Prestige short of being able to upgrade lots… so I don’t have the room to do the remodel… so it will wait another month or two.

Issue 10 has just gone to Open Beta on the Training Room server. I haven’t done much there, but it means Axe to Grind will be active again.

TV: Um… what’s that? Oh, that’s what I watch the news on and movies. Haven’t done much of either.

In general I have been groom-brained most of this week. We went up on Monday and got the wedding license taken care of. I bought clothes, got a haircut (Hair #3,445,009,345 to be exact) and generally have been ENJOYING vacation. Once the wedding is done (took me four tries to spell it this time), beyond the shock I think I am going to enjoy vacation even more. And I am looking forward to the shows we will see and just being with my new wife.

*blink* *blink*
*looking at those words and sort of sitting here not typing anything for close to three minutes*

Yeah, it’s hit me. I’m told it will hit me more.

When I am done writing this it is time to pack and then pack the car and get everything ready. When ALL of that is done, then I can MMO some more… before it’s time to go meet Whyaylooh at the airport. He’s my best man….

Off I go… next time I post will be on the other side of this experience. I will try to remember to include links to some pictures.

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