Yikes – What day of the month on what day of the week?!

I almost forgot it was time to do a blog entry. So this might be short.

Here are Matt’s comic strips for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #368 – GPS – July 9th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #369 – Pounce Attack – July 12th, 2007

Okay now… let’s see….

EQOA has been a bust both times we tried to play it this week. First because of buses being late on Whyaylooh’s part on Monday, then due to me being late yesterday. But Arpiean now has City of Heroes, so we just moved over there. No loss. 😉

All I did with Eve Online this week was let my character work on Industry V. She’ll be done with that tonight somewhere around midnight. Then Finally she can train in Mining Barges and buy one of those and do even more mining. Wish I could say that I am enthused with the game. I’m still not. But I will stick with it for a while. Especially since I can let the character train the tough things while I am not playing.

All the real action has been in City of Heroes. They are ramping things up, preparing us all for Issue 10: Invasion. I’ve played a little of the new issue on test, but I am saving playing the actual level 35-50 new content for when it goes live. But I have been involved with a little of the fighting off of invasions of the regualar zones. Just not a lot. I just can’t dedicate huge chunks of time to it (the game as a whole) as I used to.

On the non-MMO front of my personal life, marrige seems to agree with me. I fought off the cold I caught at the end of the honeymoon in near record time. Not that it is totally gone. It’s still got me feeling tired a lot. But I feel better now.

One of the final things Mhari and I did with our honeymoon was to get new cellphones. We cancelled her old cellphone number with it’s increasing costs (to maintain the analog functionality) and converted my accont into a ‘Family Plan’ and added a second line to it for Mhari. It will end up making the ‘2’ numbers cost about $15 less a month. And we both have spiffy new phones. She got a Samsung Sync (in red, of course) and I got a grey MotoRazr V3xx. Then I bought a 2GB MicroSD memory card and a Stereo Bluetooth headset to go with it. Now I am listening to my MP3’s from my phone and carrying one less device around with me. With the option of getting a Bluetooth transmitter for my iPod Nano if I want to go back to it. But so far the phone is doing fine with being my DAP as well as my phone. Battery life for both the headset and the phone seems to handle it fine. And the sound quality is excellent. Much better than I expected, really.

Getting the new phone filled my need for ‘new gadgets’, too… so that’s out of my system for a while. I hope.

Yikes… I better get to work! Friday the 13th… on the 13th floor!! Wheeeee!

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