Opps… day late

Forgot to write and post this yesterday… So here’s Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems strips for the week gone by:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #370 – PDA – July 16th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #371 – Bonzia! – July 19th, 2007

Okay, so what happened this week…

Well, the largest item of import was getting a little minor surgery. I had my quarterly foot doctor appointment Wednesday during my weekly work-from-home day, and the doc took one look at the second toe on my left foot and said… "I think we better take care of this. What does your schedule look like for the rest of the week?". You see over the past 8 months the nail on that toe has been trying to ingrow. He’s trimmed it back each time, but it still insisted on ingrowing. Last time he had said that if it didn’t improve, or got worse between that visit and the next, that he would want to do the minor procedure that would ‘fix’ it and make it not do that any more.

Well, here it was, and it was worse. It was minorly infected and that sort of thing. So he scheduled me to come back in the afternoon and he would take care of it all. Seeing as I am a diabetic (type 2), infections in the foot are something that have to be dealt with early an quickly, as diabetics don’t heal as well as other people do in the feet, and there can be nasty complications if something isn’t done promptly because of that.

So, I went home and contacted work and got permission to take at least Thursday as another work-from-home day. I am SO glad that work allows telecommuting. Otherwise it would have meant taking sick time and not getting any work done.

In any case, that afternoon the procedure was completed. There was barely any pain, other than the minor poking from the needle to put the toe to sleep for the procedure. I didn’t watch, I read my current book (Touch the Dark by Karen Chance) and it was over and done with. I was sent home with a big bandage around that toe, and a little foam slipper to wear over the foot since I would not be able to wear ‘closed toe’ shoes for the next week.

I didn’t own any shoes that weren’t closed toe… so this was going to present a problem, and resulted in me taking Friday as one more work-from-home day. I kept the foot elevated as instructed. Thursday morning I removed the dressing as directed. Wow! My doc is GOOD. I’ve had ingrown toenails before, and procedures for ‘fixing’ them before. Never before has the ‘surgery wound’ looked as… um… neat and orderly as this one. Likely that skill of my foot doctor’s, and getting it taken care of before it could be more than a minor infection, has resulted in this not being as painful as feared. And recovery is going well.

Friday I risked closed toe shoes long enough to go out and buy some burkenstock sandles. So now I can go out and about and not miss any more days of going into the office. And sandles are real comfortable for this time of year in any case. 🙂

I bought Mhari a pair of the sandles, too, as she needed some more shoes that she will actually wear other than her ratty old pair of sneakers she’s had ‘forever’.

So, other things in life… my little depression is slowly slipping away. I bought Cirque du sol tickets for Mhari and I to see Kooza in Feb 2008. So that’s something ‘out in the distance’ to look forward to. Also spending some time laid up, even for something as minor as repair of an toe, adjusted my outlook a little about things. So in that area I am better again.

On the MMO front, we gotten one session of EQOA this week. And I think we will be finally starting the long level 47 side quest next time we get together. We are slowly counting the time down to September when we will cancel our EQOA accounts unless something major changes to convince us to do otherwise. It’s just not worth the cost of the game to grind, grind, grind. Back when it was one of the least expensive MMOs out there, it was different. Now it costs more in line with all the other MMOs, and it’s just not worth that much money.

Over in Eve Online we sort of had one session of it on Thursday night. We didn’t do anything, really. But we did get back together on ventrillo and chat. So we will see how things resume next week.

City of Heroes/Villains: We got some of our standard gaming done. And Mhari had me help her get the Test Server access working on her machine. So both of us are playing a lot on the ‘Training Room’ server. We apologize to our regular Friday crew for not getting on the live servers or even ventrillo that night. We were on the test server. Time slipped by us and we didn’t move over.

I do have to say… Issue 10: Invasion, is going to be fun. It’s all content this time. No new subsystems to the game. (Unless you count the ‘merrit system in the Rikti War Zone.) Lots of Rikti to fight. And that’s not even counting going into the actual level 35-53 area of the Rikti War Zone. I’m really looking forward to that. The ‘Knight and the Angels’ team on Guardian are nearly level 35. And when they all are, they can go take those new missions on!

Well… that’s the week in review. I am sure I’ve forgotten something… like I didn’t go into the new Pen & Paper Champions game I am playing with my regular game group. Professor Charles T. Rictor and his alter ego, Doc Justice! — Well… I don’t have a real good grip on the character yet. So I will go into more detail about him another time.

Thanks for reading…. hope I didn’t gross you out or bore you.