Now what?

Another week in the life. Short form of this week’s report: All is back to ‘normal’.

Here are Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems strips for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #372 – Fish & Chips – July 23rd, 2007
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #373 – It’s All In How You Say It – July 26th, 2007

Okay… so, long version:

EQOA – We actually played both sessions this week. Monday we went out and got our level 47 side quests then went down to Gentar’s Mines. Then Thursday we did the next part, in the Minotaur Caves. Next week it will be time for Cazac Thule (or however it is spelt). To deal with Tunnelers and Excavators. But our continued feeling on this game is that it has nothing to make us want to keep it past September. We keep Looking for something in it to do so. But it is boring, out-of-date, and City of Heroes invasions are SO much more fun.

Eve Online – We sort of had two sessions this week. Monday’s was with the other 3 in the team going off and doing missions and me only half-heartedly doing mining things. Then Thursday night K & N had received their Harry Potter… so they would not be playing. Whyaylooh went off and did missions solo and I started another new character, an Amarr, who I plan to make into a ‘support’ character. My problem with the way I did my other character was that I focused so much on Industrial and Mining that I neglected my combat skills and I really don’t feel like spending her skill points and training time on catching up on that.

So, instead, I stopped the other character’s training (since only 1 of your 3 characters on an account can be training at any given time) and started the new characters… I built her with the starting skills to give me a little of a leg up in the areas I want to go. She’s going to focus on combat support roles and ‘healing’ functions. And my ‘goal’ is to get to the covert action ships and cloaking skills. That way maybe I can be of some value to the team. At present I feel like there is ‘no place’ for me in the team. No place for me to ‘shine’ and feel like I am truly contributing. Someone else in the team always seems to be filling all the niches I attempt to fill. This is leading to frustration as I just do NOT have the time to focus on this game even to the level of constantly making sure that I am training something useful all the time. And I don’t have the ISK to buy the skills and equipment to support all that without taking the time to play in-game mining and/or doing NPC combat missions. So I feel like I have been ‘left behind’ and not of use. So when I go out grouping with the rest, their ships and weapons slaughter the opponents that my weapons don’t seem to scratch or I can’t get close enough to hit, as the others are standing off at a distance and polishing them off before I get to them with my little puny ship. Hence my try at a support role. I won’t be trying to be the one killing the opponents. I will be, instead, healing them, deflecting enemy missiles and otherwise providing cover support and covert operations. Then maybe I can get interested in things enough to keep playing and paying for the game.

City of Heroes/Villains – Wheeeeeeeeee! I love Issue 10. Lots of new content. I am getting to play my level 50’s again without feeling either like everything is a pushover or that I am underpowered. So Thrillseeker is fighting the Rikti, and others are getting out there and fighting the invaders in the streets. It’s nice to have a breath of fresh air. And unlike the Invention System it isn’t playing the markets. Having the new combat content really compliments the Invention System well as now you have a good reason to go out there and hit things rather than the mindlessness of scanner or newspaper missions. We’ll have to see how I feel about it when the Invasion settles down and I complete all the story arcs with more than one of my characters.

And no, I have NOT read the new Harry Potter book. That’s another thing I am way behind the curve on. I have only read the FIRST book of the series and didn’t really get into it. Now everyone I know has read or is reading it… it will be a LONG time before I get to it.

I’m done. Heading to work…