Weak week…

Here are Matt’s comics for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #388 – R.O.T.C. – September 17th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #389 – Science Lab – September 20th, 2007

My Health
Well, Mhari and I have our own new pains and issues. Nothing too serious. But not something for public consumption. Otherwise we’re doing rather well. She had her birthday on Tuesday, and we had a nice dinner at Claim Jumpers. Other than for our aches and pains, we are doing quite good.

Eve Online: Nothing much to report here. I didn’t touch it much. Just enough to check on skills and make sure I am training them.

Lord of the Rings Online: I played a little of this. I have my Guardian up to level 15 and I tried out a Champion a little. It appears that the Champion is one of the most played characters in the game. Something about it being able to handle damage well and dish it out, too. The two-weapon style of fighting is kinda nice. They seem to have a lot of skills that are affected by defeating enemies and also that do area-effect damage. Might be interesting, but I don’t know. Not sure how much I will explore it. I’m more interested in seeing where I can take my Guardian than re-playing through with a different character. Almost done with my free month… I think it is up any day now. Not sure.

City of Heroes/Villains: Mhari got her second Mastermind to level 50 during the invasions on Monday. So now she’s working on her third one. On Wednesday I got Knight of Power to level 35. I think only one more of Knight’s angels needs to get to 35 before we go to the Rikti War Zone. Once that happens I plan to take the whole team there and do those missions as a team. At least once. Other than that, it’s continue with Purple Moose, who is trying to get to 35. And maybe work a little on Glacial Leopard. Over with the Low Level folks on Mon/Thur, we are all at level 14 now, of the ‘original 3’.

Don’t really feel like talking about anything else. I have ‘BuddyCon’ to go to this weekend. It’s a pen & paper role-playing ‘convention’ that I and my RPG buddies do up each year. It’s not a ‘real’ convention, but rather a ‘one weekend a year’ where the greater gathering of people who have gamed together over the years come together for games the whole weekend. The only other time of the year some of us see each other is at DunDraCon in February. So it’s a ‘big thing’ for us. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends. They are all good people. And almost all of them are MMO players, too.

So… off I go, to get through the work day part of Friday so I can go ‘hang out with the guys’ tomorrow. Thanks for reading.