It was a week.

Here are Matthew McAndrews’ comics for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’s Modem Problems #390 – Drivers Ed – September 24th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’s Modem Problems #391 – History – September 27th, 2007

Like the title says… it was a week. Nothing special, really.

My Health: My back is better. Mhari is better. It’s cooling off so we are sleeping a little better.

Eve Online: One of my characters completed one of her level V skills, and went and bought another skill for 3.6M ISK. Next is learning Electronics to V so I can learn Cloaking. Another week or so of training. Other than the little bit of time on line to change skills, I just haven’t been up to being in game on this one. On Monday and Thursday when I would normally play around 9pm, I just look at the computer and decide I would rather get sleep… and climb into bed, instead. The time slot is what is keeping me from playing more than anything else. Well, that and just not really caring about the game, really.

Lord of the Rings Online: Didn’t do a lot here, either. It’s strange. I thought my account should have run out of it’s free 30 days by now. No word from anyone on winning any thing. And I haven’t seen any charges on the credit card I used for authorizing access. I can live with out without this game. It’s wonderful to play as a change of pace. And it’s a fantasticly well designed game. All the best from all the other MMOs out there… and the LOTR license. *shrug*

Second Life: Popped in as a couple of my characters for a few minutes each. Nothing new to report. Even my favorite designers haven’t really released anything new. Faded Lotus group ‘blew up’ again. Likely for good this time. At least as any form of location other than a little store. And they are going to cease production on some of their wares that catered to some of the fringe groups. *shrug* I will miss some of the good people. A couple of them are still there and I chatted with one of them a little.

City of Heroes/Villains: Not even a lot to report here. The final day of the encore Invasions was on this past weekend (or was it Monday?). And things are getting back to normal. They are starting to do some of the warm up Hype for Issue 11 and the speculation on it is running wild. It looks like it’s going to involve at least one timeline alteration… Makes me wonder if they are going to actually allow that to affect the actual game world. It would require the villain side tutorial to change, a lot of changes in the Rogue Isles, and lesser changes, so far, on the Hero side of things. We’ll have to see. I don’t expect any of the changes to hit until November or later…

So… that’s it. See? It was just a week.