“My God, man. Drilling holes in his head isn’t the answer.”

Yes, it’s another quote. Who said it? Where? and in what year? I will post the answers next week at the end of my posting. Please, try not to do a websearch for the answer. But if you have to, be honest about having done so. *grin*

So, here are Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems comic strips for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #402 – The Ninja Follies – Part 1 – November 5th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #403 – The Ninja Follies – Part 2 – November 8th, 2007

It was a week.

Health: I’m fine. Mhari’s fine. We’re all fine here… how are you?

Eve Online: Okay, so I have characters. And they are still learning skills. One of said characters is getting REAL close to my goal for her in the way of skills. Once she is there I will have to actually PLAY the character for a while to earn the ISK to be able to purchase the ship(s) and weapons to support my new skills. I did do one mission as her, and it was so easy with her improved skills that increase her damage and her resistance to damage. All it did was take time. There’s only so fast a single projectile weapon can take down big repair stations and point defense batteries. And scavenging things from the wrecks also takes time. So, maybe I will take a break here and there from CoH/V to do a few missions in Eve. Oh, and the upcoming Eve Trinity expansion looks SWEET. I wonder when it will be released.

Lord of the Rings Online: Nothing to report here…. move along.

City of Heroes/Villains: Things are back to normal now that the Halloween event is over. We did missions on Monday, fighting Kurse as an ArchVillain (since we had a large team) twice. It was pleasent. And Professor Thrill only tasted floor once.

On Tuesday it was Villians night. We worked on getting FullDark some more XP, doing various missions… which also, in my Commander Kitty’s case, works on getting her INFamay, which she will need when she starts working on her Field Crafter Accolade.

Wednesday also most didn’t happen. But Knight and the Angels got in a couple of missions and it felt rather good, even though we were missing Storm Warning/Miss Farad.

Last night I blew off the game and did other things. Don’t know what went on online. Tonight will be Villains again. Plan is to get FullDark more XP and Commander Kitty more INF. 🙂

The other big news in this game this week was the purchase by NCSoft of the entierty of the City of Heroes/Villains intellectual property and development/support crew. NCSoft is creating a Northern California office in Silicon Valley and calling it NCSoft NorCal, and all the team from Cryptic that was still working on the City franchise moved with the IP to the new company. It’s exciting because it means more money will be pumped into the City franchise and more manpower along with it. It’s a GOOD THING(tm) for the game!

In other things, I have a number of programs I have wanted to watch with Mhari on my computers, but setting up things for us to watch it on one of our computers is usually problematic and saved for when we go on vacation and watch things on my laptop while we are away. So, I have been hankering to set up a seperate computer or net appliance to watch these from. The solutions I thought up included buying a low end computer and all that. But what I figured out was a way to do it without spending a dime. I merely dug up an S-Video cable I have, a old 20-gig drive of Mhari’s and an external usb 2.0 drive enclosure that I had laying around. Then it was just a matter of hooking one of my computers that is in the living room in any case, to the TV, and figuring out all the settings I need to do to make the rather dumb Nvidia FX 5200 video card talk with the TV properly. I had all the software, all the cables, all the goods, it was just a matter of educating myself on how to make it work. And it does! Wheeeee! Now I can do things like watch Netflix’d streaming movies on our TV, or from other sources… all without buying a single additional thing…. yet. I will need to get a longer video cable for the non-TV monitor… OR a longer S-Video cable. And it would be nice to get a cable to go from the sound card output to the A/V Receiver I have and pump the sound through the good sound system. But all that is more logistics. And some of those cables I might have. And some may cost under $10 to get. The moral is to never forget that if you are a packrat geek-nerd, you likely have all you need already for those personal projects… without a trip to Frys.

The plan for this weekend is simple. I have a Further Confusion staff meeting on Saturday, and a visit to Dr. James on Sunday evening. My weekend is set.

Answer to last week’s quote:

Quote: Let’s see what happens when we take away the puppy.

Who said it?: Egon (Harlod Ramis)

Where?: In the movie Ghostbusters II

When?: 1989.