“Everything made sense… until Box.”

Yes, it’s another movie quote. The questions are: Who said it? Where? When? And don’t forget to let me know if you had to resort to using a websearch to figure it out. And there are bonus points for detail. Remember, this is mostly for fun, there are no real prizes and the scores don’t mean that much. 🙂

Here are Matt McAndrews’ Modem Problems comic strips for the week:

Matthew McAndrew’s Modem Problems #404 – The Ninja Follies – Part 3 – November 12th, 2007

Matthew McAndrew’s Modem Problems #405 – The Ninja Follies – Part 4 – November 15th, 2007

So first, the serious news: Mhari went into the hospital on Saturday with diverticulitis. It’s an icky painful thing with the bowels. She’s had a number of catscans, and is on a full course of antibiotics and is responding well. I’m visiting her 1-2 times daily and have worked from home the majority of the week though I will be going into the office today. She’s going to be in there until at least Monday. And there will be some surgery of some sort in her future. That’s all the very cut and dry unemotional version of what went on. I’ve been posting near daily updates in friends only posts, as they contain detail only of interest to our close friends and family. No need for the whole world to see them.

I, myself, am doing okay, with mixed levels of emotional angst and instability. But I am weathering it well, for the most part. This is so much better than the last time I took her to emergency in 2006, even though it has already resulted in a longer stay in the hospital.

Eve Online: Don’t know if I mentioned this last week or not. But I am up to 3 accounts. About to pair back to 2 again. But there was a thing called ‘power of 2’ that gave a great cut-cost deal on a second account for 6 months, and I took advantage of it and moved my miner character to it so she can learn more. Been playing the game a little more as a means to get away online someplace where I am not expected to do anything in particular and yet still be on line someplace, if that makes any sense.

Lord of the Rings Online: What’s that?

City of Heroes/Villains: With Mhari out of commission this week, things have been a little slower. The Monday crew got together though without our healer (Mhari’s Jandre) we spent a bit more time tasting ground than usual. Late in the night I swapped Professor Thrill out for Strange Forces, a Gravity/Kinetics Controller of mine, and things went a little better. But I’m not used to having her in a group, so it took a little to get up to speed. She’s not a full healer, really, but did okay.

Tuesday the villains got together and I enjoyed playing Commander Kitty and ordering her soldiers to shoot everything in sight and then some. Unfortunately this got FullDark and Broulin into a bit of debt. Sorry guys.

Wednesday, Knight and the Angels got together, but we missed Katiri (Mhari’s character on the team) and her Teleport Foe. Pulling via Lightning Bolt works, but it’s a little more difficult. We spent most of the night in the Rikti War Zone street hunting, then went and did a door mission which worked out all right. I conk’d out early after that as I tire swiftly currently.

Thursday I blew off the night. I went to Hooters for dinner and realized the nice bodies on almost-display didn’t really do anything for me. But the food was good. And the people friendly. Gah! That place has more flat pannel TV’s than I have CoH characters! Yikes!

Tonight is supposed to be a villains night. Don’t know if I will play or not. Tomorrow is a Role-Playing day Saturday. Don’t know what I will be doing Sunday. Likely will do the Work From Home thing all the working days of next week.

Okay, for the most part I am done. The other things I did this week was visit OpenWorld on Tuesday afternoon and got blissfully lost in the masses of humanity being assimilated by the grand Oracle. I entered a number of contests, won a spot in a Wii contest (in other words, I ‘won’ a chance in a raffle where the prize is a Wii, awarded randomly to one of those that ‘won’ an entry into the contest), and brought home 2 plush animals (an Owl and a lion), 2 stress relief hand-squeeze-things, 5 t-shirts, 1 coffee mug and 2 fabric carryalls/bags… and sore feet from walking all over Moscone South and West.

I better finish this up… so here’s the answer to last week’s quote…

Quote: "My God, man. Drilling holes in his head isn’t the answer."

Who: Dr McCoy

Where: In the movie

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

in 1986.

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