“Aw, what the hell. Guys like me shouldn’t dream anyway.”

First off, Mhari’s HOME! After 13 days in the hospital, she’s home and mostly well. There will be more things coming in her future. For more, see below.

And yes, the subject line is a quote, another in my sneaky way to get people to post in my comments. Who said it? Where? and When? It’s a quote from a movie again. What I am looking for at minimum is Who said it in the movie, Where, as in What’s the name of the movie, and When was the movie released. Extra credit for the name of the actor, where in the movie it was said, and other little details about the ‘when’ in the film.

And here are Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems for the week:
Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #406 – The Ninja Follies – Part 5 – November 19th, 2007

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #407 – Happy Thanksgiving – November 22nd, 2007

The Events of the week
Anyone that read my last public journal entry from last friday knows that I had to take Mhari in to the hospital two weeks ago tomorrow. It’s been a trying two weeks. Diverticulitis is not fun. And it hit Mhari by total surprise. The first week was the discovery, the investigation and the treatment. This week was the ‘make or break’ cat scan on Tuesday morning. This scan was supposed to result in either her discharge from the hospital, or having to go into surgery.

The scan happened on schedule Tuesday morning… then there was a whole lot of nothing. No word from the surgeon, no word from the primary care doctor… nothing. Other than her no longer having to have the heart monitor on, and no longer being on IV nutiriants. She was on soft solid and it really felt like a ‘any moment now’ thing. Except we got NO WORD that day and she was still in the hospital the next day.

This continued into the late afternoon with both Mhari and I doing worst-case imaginings and things. Not knowing was driving our blood pressure up with the stress of lack of knowledge. But finally word came. And the started the ball rolling until it slammed into a new wall. The blood cultures from the abcess they drained in the first week were revealed to have a ‘resistant’ strain of bactieria, and the antibiotics she was on were not available in an oral form! So… as this would be requiring a home care nursing situation, and it was too close to the Thanksgiving Holiday… well, she’d be in the Hospital for another 2 days.

But Mhari took it in stride. NOW she Knew what was going on and was given a why. So on Thursday I took in a little flat pannel TV and hooked it into the portable DvD player I had brought her, and we watched The Runaway Bride, the 2006 Doctor Who Christmas Special and the companion episode of Dr. Who Confidential that covered the charity special that happened the night before the Christmas Special aired. It was a great three hours. Oh, and I had stopped Wed at the bookstore and got her more books to read.

Also on Thursday Mhari had a PICC line put in, which was part of what would be needed for her to keep getting the IV-only antibiotics for it’s full course.

And today, she came home. My love is back! It’s feels so good. There are going to be more visits to doctors and things, and an eventual ‘elective’ procedure to repair things inside her. But she’s not stuck in the hospital now. I missed her SOOOO much even though I visited her in the hospital every day. Usually twice a day.

Eve Online: I sort of played a lot of this in the last week. Mining is something I can sort of do when I don’t have braincells to rub together because I am worried for my wife. I’ve gotten along quite well with all 3 characters… and I’m nearly reading to consoladate account #2 to account #1 and live with just account #1 and #3. *chuckle* And this is still a game that I’m not that interested in. But it fills a nitch.

City of Heroes/Villains: Played a lot of this, too. Though not as much as you would think. Did the regular thing on Monday, and sort of the regular thing on Wednesday… but other than that I sort of marked time. I am really looking forward to the NCSoft CoH/V Meet and Greet on the 30th!.

Time for the answer to the quote from last week…

Quote: "Everything made sense… until Box."
Who: Logan
Where: Logan’s Run
When: 1976!

Thank you for reading, and thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts for Mhari. They were quite welcome, and always are.

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