“I have your car towed all the way to your house and all you’ve got for me is *lite* beer?”

It’s a quote from a movie. Who said it? In What movie? When was the movie released? For bonus points tell me who played the person that said it, and where/when in the movie it was being said.

Here are the comic strips from Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems for the week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #418 – Happy New Year – January 1st, 2008

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #419 – Windows – January 3rd, 2008

Edit: Adding this after getting to work. It is really, really, really windy here. Driving rain, winds that can push you along the street. Umbrellas are near useless. I am glad I didn’t bring mine. It wouldn’t have changed how wet I was by the time I got from my car to the BART station, or how wet I got going from the station to my building for work. And with the way things are I am wishing I had stayed at home and tried to work from remote, rather than in the office. Though I am betting the power will go out in both places sometime today… We’ll see. If power goes out for any length of time here at work they will send us home. It’s happened before… though for less weather-related reasons. Anyways, back to my normally scheduled posting.

After I wrote last week’s entry, I realized that I had left some things out of it. Most importantly how Mhari and I spent our Christmas holiday. On Christmas Eve we went out driving, looking at the lights people placed on their homes, and had dinner at Red Lobster. It was the same place I had taken her to one year ago on the same day. Originally on that trip I was going to propose to her. But it didn’t seem the right time. So it was 2 days later, at the public library that I did that. So the dinner on Christmas Eve was sort of special to us. And it appears that having proposed to her on the day I did, in the way I did, has had a very significant impact on what Christmas means for us. In the past, for me, the holiday had lost it’s appeal as anything other than an excuse to get paid for a holiday. Now it is something special all over again.

Other than that, we didn’t do a lot different from any other day that I have off from work. And the same was true for this past week as well. The New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were relaxing days. For me. Mhari did a LOT of work over the weekend. She handles preregistration for Further Confusion. She receives the secure transactions from the online registration forms and processes them each by hand, using a process that keeps really good records and totally protects people’s personal private information. And then sends people back emails letting them know that the transaction was processed and that they are now a member (or that it was denied, if the Credit Card doesn’t go through). December 30th is always the longest day for her, as everyone tries to register before the online registration closes at 11:59pm Pacific Time. This year was no different. My dear love was up and at her computer all day, staring at the screen, typing in the registration information into the database and working the credit card machine. Her back was sore, and she was very tired. I made her take a break for dinner and fed her fish at Red Lobster. But other than that and breakfast and the few breaks for mother nature and the like, she was glued to that desk working.

So that’s how we spent our holidays. And thanks, Bro, and D, for stopping by Wednesday evening. The visit was greatly welcome!

Health and Well-being:

Eve Online: Why am I still playing this game? This has been asked of me. And I thought about it some. It’s not like I really play it as anything but a solo game. Hell, I would likely enjoy it as much, maybe a little more, if it was a ‘stand alone’ rather than a ‘MMO’. I mean, right now the only ‘multi-player’ aspect of the game that I make use of is a little bit of chat with Whyaylooh on the rare times we are both on, and the economics of the game, which I benefit from each time I sell something at the starbase. For 95% of the time the person that I sell to is another player, even though the game handles all the ‘matching’ of sellers and buyers in a way that is totally transparent other than a name on a log that I can look at. I can talk/chat with Whyaylooh by picking up the phone or chatting in City of Heroes when he’s on there. I don’t need Eve to keep in touch with him. So why am I still playing this game.

My brother, Brainbelly, spoke to it this week… he observed that I appeared to be playing it as a distraction. And he touches right on the nitch that this is fitting in for me. It’s a time filler for those times when I don’t feel like doing something else. It feels more entertaining to me than the majority of the things on TV. It’s more entertaining than the pointless browsing of the internet for neat new images to look at. But my time WOULD be better spent doing something like reading… but that would ‘use up’ the books I have and ‘depend on’ for my unconnected entertainment on BART.

I think all of that is true. But really the reason I play it has more to do with the fact that I spent money on it up front, so I am going to get my ‘money’s worth’ out of it. We’ll see if I stick with it much longer though. Usually this sort of introspection about a game is a prelude to me setting it aside and doing something else with my time. We’ll see. I’ve wasted enough space in my journal on it.

City of Heroes/Villains: What can I say? I actually didn’t do a lot of playing in the city this week. I spent more time on Eve Online, or working on Further Confusion Dealer Room things, or vegging out in bed or watching TV than playing in the City. But I did manage to get logged into all but a few of my characters and play a mission as them. All to make sure that they have this year’s winter event badge, and just to sort of… do something. I’ll be very glad when the Winter Event is over and things can get back to ‘normal’. What ever that is. But then I am looking forward to them starting to hype Issue 12, whatever it’s going to contain. They will need to start dropping hints on that soon. Also, what will the 45 month veteran reward badge be? And will there be anything cool with it. What’s coming to the City this year? Whatever it is, I will be there for it.

Here are the answers to last week’s Movie Quote:

Quote: "Is there anything you can do, DOCTOR, I mean, seeing as how you’ve lost over 200 million patients?"
Who Said it?: The name of the character is ‘Lisa’, and she was played by Rosalind Cash.
Where (In What movie?): The Omega Man from Warner Bros Pictures.
When: The movie was released in 1971.
For the few that didn’t know, this is the movie that I am Legend is a remake of.

Well, that’s all from me for this week. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are all having a good start to your new year. Happy New Year!

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