“Remember, behavior determines existence… Stick with us, learn to serve the Order, and you’ll achieve a decent life-grid. “

It’s a quote from a movie. Who said it? In what movie? And in what year was that movie released. I will warn you, if you are able to answer this one without using the internet to look it up, I am going to be very surprised. -I- sure wouldn’t be able to figure it out. I’ll tell you why when I give you the answers.

And here are Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems comics for this week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #421 – CA-Ching – January 14th, 2008

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #422 – The Commish – January 17th, 2008

I am going to keep this short. Too much to do. Didn’t get a lot of sleep. Further Confusion 2008 next week.

Health and Well-Being: We’ve been okay. Worried about Mhari’s mom who was in the hospital. Said mom is getting to go home today, I believe, so she’s doing better. But Mhari can’t travel far right now, so we can’t go up to visit her… please join us in sending good thoughts her way. Prayers are welcome, too.

Not going to do my usual ‘per MMO’ thing here. Suffice it to say I played both City of Heroes/Villains and Eve Online this week. We did the usual things in mostly the usual way.

Work: I don’t usually put in a work section in my blog. I generally don’t believe in blogging about one’s work except in most general terms. And in those general terms, with me taking a week off from work next week to help put on Further Confusion 2008, this week has been BUSY. We are in the middle of a development cycle that is going to stay on ‘HIGH’ right through the next couple of years. And my ‘vacation’ is not in lines with the needs of the company. Neither of us planned it this way. It was ‘going’ to be a ‘calm’ time between releases by the schedule that was in place when my vacation was asked for and approved months ago. So I have been working madly to get everything in place so that I am not leaving anything hanging and am providing all that my boss and coworkers need to fill in for me while I am ‘away’.

The stress of things, combined with the stresses in preparing for the convention have me in something of a slight mental and physical mess. It’s all going to ‘calm’ as soon as today is done at work though, as at that point I will ONLY have the stresses of the con to worry about. I almost can’t wait! This con is going to ROCK!

And now… the answers to last week’s quote:

Quote: "Now Benson, I’m going to have to turn you into a dog for a while."
Who said it?: Evil (played by David Warner)
In what Movie?: Time Bandits
Released in: 1981

Extra Credit – Who Played Benson: Jerold Wells who is better known by some for his work on the Benny Hill show. Jerold Wells passed away in July of 1999.

More extra credit – A pair of David Warner’s 2006 more recent roles were for Sir John Fielding in a UK TV edition of Sweeney Todd, and as Lord Downey in the TV Movie of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather. (Aired in November 2007 here in the US someplace.)

Thanks for reading… I don’t expect to be making a ‘regular’ posting next Friday as I will be attending (and helping put on) Further Confusion 2008. I will be back with the answer to this week’s quote questions in two weeks.