“Sloppy with your drink?… Get this boy a bib!”

As always, it’s a quote from a movie. Who said it? In what movie? And what year was the movie released in the USA? I will post the answers at the end of my blog next week.

This week’s Modem Problems comics from Matthew McAndrews:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #436 – Stella’s Lab – Part 6 – March 3rd, 2008

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #437 – Stella’s Lab – Part 7 – March 6th, 2008

Health and Well-Being: The big news here has to do with Clerical Errors. I was the victim of one. I got caught in a Catch-22 when I followed my doctor’s orders and waited for my prescriptions to run out before calling him for refills. His office insisted that I have my pharmacy contact his office first by FAX. But since my prescriptions have expired, I can’t use my on-line pharmacy’s functions to do that for me because I no longer have access to a expired prescription. So I called my pharmacy and they told me that my Doctor’s office would have to FAX in things to them and because of the expired nature of the prescription and HPPIA regulations could not FAX my prescriptions to my doctor for review. So I called my doctors and they refused to FAX anything to my pharmacy without my pharmacy FAXing them first. GRRRRR. I was fed up. Disgusted and annoyed, I let it go over a weekend. The following week I called my Doctor’s and finally got them to TALK TO MY DOCTOR and get my prescriptions from him. After a number of calls back and forth across a few days, I got fed up again and told them SEND THEM TO ME, make them out for on-line fulfillment. It took them a couple of days to do this, then a couple of days through the mail. Another week had passed. I filled out the mail in paperwork and sent them in… another few days lost.

By this time my meds we almost gone. It takes 5-14 days for what were now NEW prescriptions to get processed, once the on-line pharmacy gets them in the mail. An extra couple of days were taken while the on-line pharmacy tried to contact me to find out which blood meter I use so they could send me the proper test strips… they were contacting me by HOME phone… during the day… while I was at work, and wouldn’t let my wife handle this… again, due to HPPIA rules. FINALLY, I happen to be working from home and they call again. That’s straightened out… and I am now out of meds.

Another weekend passes, and I get a recorded message on my HOME phone telling me that my prescription shipped… This was last week… Monday as we get home from dinner (we left around 5:30 or so, got home at 7) and there was a UPS slip on our door… they had tried to deliver while we were out… and the meds arrived through them at last on Tuesday noon time… it took EIGHT DAYS to get to me! I had been off my meds for 11 days… and I was a mess.

Well, I am back to being properly medicated again. Now I am dealing with the issues that always happen with these medications when you start taking them from them no longer being in your system. It’s almost as bad as not being on them. But slowly getting better…

Lesson learned: DON’T LET THE PRESCRIPTIONS EXPIRE before kicking in the processes… And I won’t when next this sort of thing happens. And when I visit my doctor next, he is going to HEAR my opinion of his office crew that didn’t listen, and didn’t help much at all. Had they just explained things, and listened to me when I said that I was ‘out’ of my meds, we might have gotten the mail order way of doing it done at least a week faster, and I would have only been off my meds for a couple of days, at most.

Anyways, Mhari is doing mostly okay. She had some issues with one of her shoulders, but I apparently I got it with a little adjustment I was able to do.

City of Heroes/Villains: It was some good sessions this week. Due to my late hours and my messed up health condition, I only did the two regularly scheduled hero sessions. None of my ‘optional’ one.

Starting today, and for a week, and during some other weeks through the rest of the year, the Rikiti Invasions return! That’s going to be FUN! I look forward to it.

Champions Online: Not a lot to report. But they did show some stuff on Stronghold. Looks cool.

Answers to last week’s quote
Quote: "You want foot in face?"
It was said by: The Master, played by Angelo Rossitto
In the movie: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Which was released in the USA in: 1985.

Angelo Rossitto was one of Hollywood’s busiest ‘small’ actors. He stood only 2’11" and appeared in over 70 feature films between 1927 and 1987. His best remembered role on television was ass ‘Little Moe’ in Baretta in the 70’s. When he appeared in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome he was 77 years old and nearly blind. His final appearance in theaters was as ‘Tinker’ in From a Whisper to a Scream in 1987, which also had Vincent Price in it. He passed away in 1991 due to complications during surgery.

As a final note on MMBT, the Wilhelm Scream is used three times in the film, according to IMDB.

That’s it for me this week. Thanks for reading…

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