“You want to talk to God? Let’s go see him together, I’ve got nothing better to do.”

Another movie quote… who said it? In what movie? And what year did that movie come out?

Here are Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems comics for this week:

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #444 – Study Date – March 31st, 2008

Matthew McAndrews’ Modem Problems #445 – Library Day – April 3rd, 2008

Health and Well-Being: This week has been another stressful week. Not as bad as last week, though. Life isn’t throwing me that many additional curves at the moment. Mhari continues her process and sequence of appointments that will lead to her surgery in a few weeks. The stress from that is a little less than it was, but is still there and will be there until all that is in the past and she is in recovery.

Mabinogi: I got very, very frustrated with this game this past week. First due to the ‘feature’ in getting into dungeons. You drop an item on the altar and that spawns the instanced dungeon. The nasty frustrating part is that if someone else, even not a part of your party, drops the ‘same’ item on the altar… they are allowed into the instance you spawned. I had that happen to me and I had worked hard solo’ing the dungeon and working to get to the boss monster when a party appeared in my dungeon, killed the remaining mobs, the boss, and stole the credit for the kill and the treasure!!!! ARGH! I worked hard on that!

I -had- been warned by the game about the possibility, so other than being very upset at the people that did it, I shoved that frustration into a box and moved on. Then in a later trip through the dungeon again (after spawning it with a rarer item) I got disconnected during the run and the game again and again wouldn’t let me back into the game and I lost THAT progress.

Those two things, added to my other dislikes with the game’s targeting system and movement system, the way other players are treating me in game (as in a small number of people are Kill stealing and otherwise griefing – I changed ‘channels’, which is what they call shards or servers, and that took care of them, leaving them behind), and the fact that all the best story and features are paid-members-only… the chance of me further playing this game is further decreasing every time I play it any.

Tabula Rasa: I beta tested this and wasn’t impressed. But amazon had a great deal on the Collector’s Edition ($20 before shipping)… so I bought a copy. I have applied my ‘pre-order’ code I got in a gift bag that I got at the CoH fan gathering back in early December 2007. I also installed the game on my good machine. So at some point I will activate the game and have 30 days of ‘free’ play…

City of Heroes/City of Villains: More gaming goodness. The usual stuff with the usual folks. The Thrilling Adventures team is doing the Citadel Taskforce… we didn’t finish it Monday, so we will be gathering tonight again to finish it off. It caps at level 30, so we are all likely going to be ready to train up to level 31 when we get out of it.

Last night I got on the game and felt a little like playing something different. I looked at my characters on Guardian and noticed I didn’t have a Blaster to play… so I created Moon Lynx. She’s a 8′ tall Amazon of a woman in the sort of Wonder Woman mold, as in she is from a highly advanced tribe of warrior women that live apart from the rest of the world. She’s been observing ‘Man’s World’ and Paragon City in particular for a while now and defied her mother by leaving the tribe and going to Man’s World. As she has watched them so much on the Telescreen, she has chosen to disguise herself as one of the most common female hero types… the cat girl. So she has a mask with large wildcat ears, and whiskers. Her weapon of choice is her Mongolian style bow, and an array of high-tech devices from her tribe. Mostly web grenades and caltrops so far. The only thing she didn’t properly take into account was the fact that cat girls are not typically buff 8′ tall amazons… especially ones that take ‘Lynx’ as a part of their name… oh, well. She’s committed to it now. 😉

So, I get her to Atlas Park straight out of Outbreak and after talking to Ms Liberty (She seems so much shorter in person… hmmmm), and her first contact, she heads off to her first mission. But along the way a team of people asked her for some help in the sewers. She consented to this (what else are wearing thigh-high boots for) and headed off with them at Security Level 2. Two hours later she and the team crawled out in King’s Row, 6 levels of experience behind her! Now she is level eight, and a part of Dark-Star and is permitted to use some more of her archery skills. It was the first time I had real fun with a Pick Up Group. 🙂

Other things: Last weekend was interesting. It started with an email from Mhari… her database machine was giving even more indications of giving up the ghost. It’s a Windows 98 machine she uses because it can allow her to still run her old DOS-based database she likes. This weekend was my first since the problems started that we would have time for things. So Saturday we went to Frys, picked up a UPS (for my machines), some canned air and Dark Chocolate (I like buying some now and then for my love).

Once home we took both the database Win98 box and her WinXP email box outside and opened them up and got all the accumulated dust and cobwebs out of them. That done we reseated the cards and memory and put them back together, sans unnecessary modem cards and the sound card the Win98 machine had in it that wasn’t being used at all. Then lugged them back upstairs.

So, hooked up the Win98 machine and hit the power… hard drives spun up, but no video… no beeps… no boot… It wasn’t worth it for a old machine like this to seriously debug the problem… so we disconnected it and set it aside. Then hooked back up the Email machine… that one booted up fine (though the next night it hung during a combined anti-virus update and email download and scragged the anti-spam program on it.. that caused other cascade effects… leading us to wonder if we really should have touched it… though it had been the one with the cobwebs inside).

I scavenged the memory, the network card, the CD Burner and the Hard Drive from the dead Win98 box and popped the HD into an external enclosure. The drive accessed fine and Mhari started backing it up and I figured out how to get her obsolete db to work in a dos-box on WinXP in short order. That took care of the ‘need’ to build another Win98 box or Dos System. Yay!

I moved one of my ‘summer use’ Game machines that runs WinXP and it became a replacement DB machine for Mhari… and gave me an ‘excuse’ to get a new ‘summer use’ game machine… AMD Phenom Tri-Core system with 3GB of ram, 320 GB hard drive and our very first Windows Vista box in the house. It’s a SP1 box, so it worked fine with limited ‘are you sure’ messages to run things. City of Heroes Good vs Evil edition installed, updated and ran without issue. It’s not a bad box and I’ll get to experiment with Vista now…

Answers to last week’s quote:
Quote: "I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason."
Who said it: Klaatu, played by Michael Rennie
In the movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Released in: 1951

When I selected this movie to choose a quote from, I knew that I wouldn’t escape the ‘fate’ that seems to have befallen most of those whose words I have selected in these blogs. Yes, Mr. Rennie, who played Klaatu so long ago left this mortal coil back in 1971. The Day the Earth Stood Still is Mr Rennie’s best known performance. He was a common face to be seen for many years in one television production after another. His final appearance was in 1975 in little known BBC tv series by the name of Churchill’s People… 4 years after his death, likely in the form of archive footage, though I can’t find any more info on this appearance.

Well, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading.