“Did you wanna borrow my pajamas?”

Yes, of course it’s a quote from a movie. Who said it in the movie? What movie is it from? And in what year was that movie released in the uSA? The answer will appear in next week’s post.

Health and Well-Being: Well, both Mhari and I have done ‘nominal’ this week. Tired some days, icky others, and just fine most of the time. No major happenings. My work continues to be stressful and I doubt that will change. Mhari’s surgery is slowly looming closer and she’s going through the various slew of doctor appointments that lead up to it. That leads to stress for her. But there have also been a number of tests and things that have come back as ‘normal’ which have helped settle her mind. She’s like me, I don’t like going to the doctor and having extensive tests because I am always afraid they will find something serious that will further complicate my life. So in general I prefer not to go to the doctor so I won’t have any of those tests done.

Mabinogi: I didn’t get to really do much with this, this week. I signed on Sunday and my character turned 13 years old, meaning that it is my 3rd week in the game. I went out and killed foxes for a while, trained up a skill, and then logged out as I had other things to do. I want to spend some time in the game using passes to play some of the dungeons so that I can try to get a better feel than the game has given me so far. After all, it IS free to play. And it’s different. But this is going to sit by the wayside, for the most part, I suspect. I have a lot of other things to do.

Eve Online: Well, the time is approaching.. sometime late next week I will be transferring the character from my #2 account back to my #1 account and shutting the #2 account down. #3 account still has until May before the Power of Two runs out and I transfer that character back to the #1 account. But other than logging in to change the skills I am training, I haven’t really been playing this game this week. It’s like with Mabinogi, I just have other things to do with my time right now. I still plan to try to get some dual box time with at least the two remaining accounts soon. But it’s looking more and more like I should just cancel it all and save the money.

City of Heroes/Villains: Other than the usual Monday and Wednesday hero teams, I’m not really spending a lot of time here right now. Yeah, I have been playing my new blaster, Moon Lynx some. And Mhari and I are planning to start a Husband and Wife team on one of the other servers, likely Virtue, to play when we don’t feel like playing any of our other characters. The big news this last week was that Zefel’s Full Dark over on Protector (villain side) hit level 50!!! Way to go Zefel! Now she will be ready for playing the new Villain archtype when it comes out with Issue 12.

Last week’s Quote Answers:
Quote: "You want to talk to God? Let’s go see him together, I’ve got nothing better to do."
Said by: Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford
In the movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Released in the year: 1981

Naturally, I am pulling a quote from this film because of the coming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that is coming out late next month.

My favorite quote from the trailer: "You’re a Teacher?!" "Part Time."

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading…