No time for quotes

No quote this week. Work is just too busy. I needed sleep. I’m feeling stupid. Pick one. It’s the reason for no quote. But mainly work is too busy, I don’t have the spare clock cycles to put into research for a quote.

This past week was really rather a good one. Mostly it was the three-day weekend that was good. Mhari and I were both feeling better than we have in weeks. I bought a ‘fiberbed’ to put on my bed to turn my medium-firm mattress into a SOFT one. Easier and less expensive than a new softer bed. But it is a major contributor to my sleeping better. And Mhari is feeling a lot better now. Dr James was able to do some non-impact work on her back that fit within her current restrictions, that plus the ongoing swift recovery from her surgery is doing wonders for her.

Saturday we went to the movies on a whim, and decided to see Prince Caspian (I feel like I mispelt that, but don’t have time for corrections) and loved it!! Big time. We are both Narnia fans (of the books) and these two movies so far have covered the basis for us in what would work well from the books onto the big screen. I am really glad we picked that over Indy. We haven’t seen Indy 4 yet. We plan to. But we are in no rush.

After the movie we went out to a good restaurant and had a good meal. All in all Saturday was a really good day. And that feeling carried over into Sunday, and right through to the end of Monday. It felt good NOT going to an event or convention or anything like that to make us feel rushed or obligated. Dr James saw us early on Sunday, and that worked good too. Neither of us missed BayCon or felt like we should have been there or anything. What we did with our weekend was the RIGHT thing. We will see if we can get some of that to carry over to THIS weekend.

On the MMO front I have decided to axe my Eve Online account, but haven’t ‘gotten around to it’ yet. On City of Heroes/Villains, we did the usual things. The only thing of note there is that since Issue 12 went live there is a LOT more instability in the game. Mhari is having issues with her level 50 hero having her sessions get out of sync between client and server and thus lots of things aren’t working right. But for the most part it is ONLY happening for that character, which is strange.

Answer’s to last week’s quote:
Quote: You know the saying, "Human see, human do."
Said by: Julius, played by Buck Kartalian
In the movie Planet of the Apes
Releases in 1968.

Trivia: Something interesting I found out in researching this quote, Planet of the Apes was originally rated ‘M’ for mature, which was later changed to ‘PG’ to avoid confusion with an ‘X’-rating. It was only following it’s theatrical and drive-in re-releases that it got adjusted to a ‘G’-rating. It appears that in the original script all of the female native humans were all bare breasted. But Fox quashed this plan because of their wanting to avoid a ‘R’ or worse rating. They also had no female gorillas or orang-utans in the film.

Also, I had thought of using the more classic quote of ‘Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape’, but thought that one would just be TOO obvious as it is on of the top 100 movie quotes according to the American Film Institute.

The above section I pre-wrote last week for use this week, so comes as would normally appear as if I had the time to write it. Thank you all for reading this rushed entry! See folks next week. We’ll see if I have time for a quote then.

You know the saying, “Human see, human do.”

Health and Well-Being: Well, I’ve done fairly well this week with only work-stress really weighing on me. I took Tuesday off from work to see Mhari to her surgery follow-up appointment and the doctor took out all the staples. She’s going to have some scaring, especially where the new incision over-lapped scare from another operation she had to remove her appendix long, long ago. But it looks like it’s healing. But the poor dear is just suffering SO much… not from her tummy, but from her back. And she can’t have anything that will strain her tummy in the least, so no drop-table work with a chiropractor. So, while her tummy is doing okay (though ITCHING), her back isn’t.

In any case, she is amazing to me. She’s only 15 days after surgery and she’s doing great other than her back issues. Wow.

City of Heroes/City of Villains: The regular sessions we good this week. Especially the Wednesday one where we (the Knights and the Angels team) went out and did the Lost and Found story arc, which is the big story arc that gives people access to the Midnighter’s Club and Crimoria. So all of that team now has access to that zone. I am sure the Thrilling Adventures crew will want to do it soon, too, but they wouldn’t be able to access Crimoria until level 35, so might as well wait until then.

I really can’t wait until one or both teams can try taking on the ITF, which is what they are calling the big task force in Crimoria. What I need to find out is if this Task Force properly scales for the level of those that take the mission. Or would it be suicide for level 44’s (the Knight and the Angels crew), let alone level 35’s (which the Thrilling Adventures crew will soon be)? Does the ITF only operate at the level cap for the Task Force like all the other Task Forces have been doing for the last 2-3 issues? Or will it work properly and scale. I’m going to be asking around before I have either team try to take it on.

Age of Conan: No, I don’t have it. Yet. But I am interested in trying it. I hear it launched this week, but I haven’t heard anything else because I have been just too darned busy with work and Mhari’s health to try out a new MMO. Anyone have thoughts on this new MMO? Tried it? What do you think of it? Should I bother?

Eve Online: I am giving myself to the end of the year. If I haven’t gotten back into this game more than just to sign on to change what my primary character is training… it’s going to get the boot. I want to like this game now. I really do. But I don’t really play it. I never did really play it for real after those that introduced me to it left the game. I only went to it originally out of curiosity and the fact that it was where two friends moved to after they left EQ2…. hmmm. Interesting. Not a new thought, really an old one. But really I kept with EQ2 originally because these 2 friends and one other were playing there. Then they maxed out their characters and got bored with the game (though other things were also involved). Then one of them moved to EO and brought the other with her. Then another friend and I, realizing that alone we weren’t having fun with EQ2, left there as well and moved to EO. We tried to play together, but I wasn’t really clicking with EO well. And by the time I got the hang of it, a big argument had happened and it cost the loss of a level of trust between three of us four. Said 2 friends lost the credit card that they paid for the game with and decided that the loss of the card and the loss of the friendship level was enough to sour the game for them. So they didn’t renew. By that time I had bought into the game to the level of having three paid accounts. I couldn’t just give it up… but I am back to one account now. The only real reason I ever went to that game was the friends I liked playing with were there. And I was too stubborn to let it go…

Silly dumb reason to keep a game… maybe I won’t let it ride to the end of the year. Maybe I will end it sooner. We’ll see. I will let myself decide this weekend.

Answer’s to last week’s quote:
Quote: "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit."
Said by: The Shadow, played by Alec Baldwin
In the movie: The Shadow
Released in 1994.

The line "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit" is taken directly from the conclusion of episodes of the radio show. At the end of every episode, after the announcer has given the credits, The Shadow would say "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay! The Shadow knows," and then laughs.

Also of note was that back in the day, it was rumored that the Shadow’s girlfriend, Margot Lane, was the sister of Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane. This assertion appears in books by Philip José Farmer called Tarzan Alive and Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life.

Also of note is that there is a project called ‘The Shadow’ listed at IMDB with a year of 2010, but without going to their ‘pro’ service it won’t give me any more info. Could it be another remake coming our way? It HAS been 14 years since the last one… and you know Hollywood, they love repeating things.

That’s all from me for the week. Have a great three-day weekend, those of you that get one this time around!

“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.”

The subject of this message is the usual movie quote. Can you tell me in what MOVIE it is said? And by what character? Who played that character in the movie, and what year was the MOVIE released. I will post the answers in next week’s blog, as usual. The answers to last week’s is at the end of this entry.

Health and Well-Being: Well, Mhari is home now. And she comments in her livejournal blog (user – Mhari_Lindhaven) about her experiences. For me this has been a stressful week. I’m not used to being a caregiver, and a caregiver has to sort of detach themselves from their emotional attachment to the patient they are caring for, so that they can provide care without being emotional impacted too much, and to always provide a positive or neutral ‘face’ to the patient. When the patient is someone you deeply love, it’s hard not to just want to wave a magic wand, or be gentler than the task at hand required because of any pain you may cause them. A caregiver is aware that some of what they are going to do, to provide proper care, will cause the patient pain.

Well, this generated stress for me, though as the days are going by I am learning to be both caregiver and husband both at the same time. Without conflict between the two roles.

Add to that the fact that my work really, really needs me to be ACTIVE on the projects assigned to me. Not taking days off work to care for my wife, not be distracted by my home life, and be focused on work during work hours. Luckily, my work has the concept of Family Sick Leave, and I have an understanding direct boss. And his boss is also understanding. But the projects do NOT go by my time schedule. They go by the schedule that work needs them to go by. And we have things that are VERY important that need my attention and focus NOW. So that has also created stress, even without figuring in the needs of my wife.

But, all told, I’m weathering it okay. Work is what provides the medical coverage such that we can afford what Mhari went through these past 2 weeks and will be going through during her recovery. I gotta focus on it and give it the time it warrants so that I keep getting the coverage. More stress. But again, I’ll make it through.

Lastly, it is HOT here. I’m not enjoying it. Though I do seem to have been able to mitigate the effects with a pair or swamp coolers upstairs, and a big fan downstairs blowing the air from the air conditioning down there, which normally doesn’t reach upstairs properly, upstairs more. The combination seems to help a LOT. But it was 106F here yesterday at 3pm, and at noon today is 93 and rising.

City of Heroes/Villains: The usual things. But a lot of my time on CoX has been on the test server, except when I am playing in the regular sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mhari returned in our Wed session this week. And that was fun.

In other things I saw Iron Man on Saturday. What can I say? It rocked! It was very, very true to the character. Yes, Jim Rhodes SHOULD be a HELICOPTER pilot, not a fighter pilot, but such is life. There were other inconsistencies, like with Obadia Stane, but I can live with them. They do not break the core story. And we must always remember that Marvel’s movies should be more compared to the ‘Ultimate’ versions of the characters than the ones in the main comics. And in that line this did very well. It also accomplished something I was not expecting it to do… I want to see the new Incredible Hulk movie coming out. If it ties in with the Iron Man movie in the way I am thinking it will… well, okay, I am going to have a much much greater appreciation of what Marvel Entertainment is doing. And I will forgive the Marvel Comics Group some of their lame actions over the last couple of years – especially the current ‘Secret Invasion’ plot.

The answers to last week’s quote:
Quote: "The pit is completely enclosed. And it’s full of leathery objects, like eggs or something."
Was said by Kane, played by John Hurt
In the movie Alien
Released in 1979.

Trivia on John Hurt – Mr. Hurt will be seen in a whole SLEW of movies this year and next. Including the new Indiana Jones movie, Hellboy II and Outlander to just name a few.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend folks!

“The pit is completely enclosed. And it’s full of leathery objects, like eggs or something.”

The subject is a movie quote. Can you guess who said it? What Movie it is from? And what year that it was released in?

Health and Well-Being: Well, this was the big week. Mhari went in for her surgery, which, while it went a little long, she came through just fine. She is currently in recovery in the hospital, and is expected to remain there for as much as two weeks. She’s in pain, but doing well. She’s still in the early days of the recovery, so they are keeping careful watch over her. Prayers and happy thoughts are always welcome. If you want to send cards and don’t know my mailing address and want it, contact me via email.

As for myself, I am doing okay. Not great, as it is always difficult to watch one’s mate go through something like this. But once she got out of surgery and I was able to talk to her when she got moved into her hospital room, I felt better. And after work yesterday, when I visited her, she was off all the monitoring equipment and had walked once to the door of her room and back… albeit with lots of assistance. Still, that’s lots of progress as this was abdominal surgery.

City of Heroes/Villains: Well, Monday’s session was fun, though it was Mhari’s final one before her surgery. But we did well, our little group, and we brought up a new character for one of the players, as a defender, so his character can fiil the ‘healer’ role while Mhari’s offline.

The other happening this week is that the Issue 12: The Midnight Hour beta went open on Tuesday as scheduled. Now I can freely admit that I was in the closed beta and I can talk about all the things in there. It rocks! I am presently playing a few level 50 VEATs through some level bumps that happened during the closed beta. I have made one Widow that went the Fortunata route, another that went Night Widow, and a third that went NEITHER route, choosing NOT to pick a new path at level 24. All are interesting. All will help me distract myself from the fact Mhari is in the hospital, some.

I would talk more about the Issue 12 stuff… but simply put, my mind isn’t in it enough to do so, today. Maybe in another post some time.

Age of Conan: I was going to try to get into the beta. I went through the motions and started to do it. Then, even before I got to the point of finding out that they were out of beta codes, I decided that I would not bother. I am going to be interested enough to try out the game once it is released, or at some point in the first 6 months of release… but, in general, I don’t have the time or interest for now.

Last week’s quote answers
Quote: "Mmmmm… an interesting reaction! But what does it mean?"
Said by: Jack Skellington, voiced by Chris Sarandon
In the movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
And it was released in 1993.

Thanks for reading!