“The pit is completely enclosed. And it’s full of leathery objects, like eggs or something.”

The subject is a movie quote. Can you guess who said it? What Movie it is from? And what year that it was released in?

Health and Well-Being: Well, this was the big week. Mhari went in for her surgery, which, while it went a little long, she came through just fine. She is currently in recovery in the hospital, and is expected to remain there for as much as two weeks. She’s in pain, but doing well. She’s still in the early days of the recovery, so they are keeping careful watch over her. Prayers and happy thoughts are always welcome. If you want to send cards and don’t know my mailing address and want it, contact me via email.

As for myself, I am doing okay. Not great, as it is always difficult to watch one’s mate go through something like this. But once she got out of surgery and I was able to talk to her when she got moved into her hospital room, I felt better. And after work yesterday, when I visited her, she was off all the monitoring equipment and had walked once to the door of her room and back… albeit with lots of assistance. Still, that’s lots of progress as this was abdominal surgery.

City of Heroes/Villains: Well, Monday’s session was fun, though it was Mhari’s final one before her surgery. But we did well, our little group, and we brought up a new character for one of the players, as a defender, so his character can fiil the ‘healer’ role while Mhari’s offline.

The other happening this week is that the Issue 12: The Midnight Hour beta went open on Tuesday as scheduled. Now I can freely admit that I was in the closed beta and I can talk about all the things in there. It rocks! I am presently playing a few level 50 VEATs through some level bumps that happened during the closed beta. I have made one Widow that went the Fortunata route, another that went Night Widow, and a third that went NEITHER route, choosing NOT to pick a new path at level 24. All are interesting. All will help me distract myself from the fact Mhari is in the hospital, some.

I would talk more about the Issue 12 stuff… but simply put, my mind isn’t in it enough to do so, today. Maybe in another post some time.

Age of Conan: I was going to try to get into the beta. I went through the motions and started to do it. Then, even before I got to the point of finding out that they were out of beta codes, I decided that I would not bother. I am going to be interested enough to try out the game once it is released, or at some point in the first 6 months of release… but, in general, I don’t have the time or interest for now.

Last week’s quote answers
Quote: "Mmmmm… an interesting reaction! But what does it mean?"
Said by: Jack Skellington, voiced by Chris Sarandon
In the movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
And it was released in 1993.

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