“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.”

The subject of this message is the usual movie quote. Can you tell me in what MOVIE it is said? And by what character? Who played that character in the movie, and what year was the MOVIE released. I will post the answers in next week’s blog, as usual. The answers to last week’s is at the end of this entry.

Health and Well-Being: Well, Mhari is home now. And she comments in her livejournal blog (user – Mhari_Lindhaven) about her experiences. For me this has been a stressful week. I’m not used to being a caregiver, and a caregiver has to sort of detach themselves from their emotional attachment to the patient they are caring for, so that they can provide care without being emotional impacted too much, and to always provide a positive or neutral ‘face’ to the patient. When the patient is someone you deeply love, it’s hard not to just want to wave a magic wand, or be gentler than the task at hand required because of any pain you may cause them. A caregiver is aware that some of what they are going to do, to provide proper care, will cause the patient pain.

Well, this generated stress for me, though as the days are going by I am learning to be both caregiver and husband both at the same time. Without conflict between the two roles.

Add to that the fact that my work really, really needs me to be ACTIVE on the projects assigned to me. Not taking days off work to care for my wife, not be distracted by my home life, and be focused on work during work hours. Luckily, my work has the concept of Family Sick Leave, and I have an understanding direct boss. And his boss is also understanding. But the projects do NOT go by my time schedule. They go by the schedule that work needs them to go by. And we have things that are VERY important that need my attention and focus NOW. So that has also created stress, even without figuring in the needs of my wife.

But, all told, I’m weathering it okay. Work is what provides the medical coverage such that we can afford what Mhari went through these past 2 weeks and will be going through during her recovery. I gotta focus on it and give it the time it warrants so that I keep getting the coverage. More stress. But again, I’ll make it through.

Lastly, it is HOT here. I’m not enjoying it. Though I do seem to have been able to mitigate the effects with a pair or swamp coolers upstairs, and a big fan downstairs blowing the air from the air conditioning down there, which normally doesn’t reach upstairs properly, upstairs more. The combination seems to help a LOT. But it was 106F here yesterday at 3pm, and at noon today is 93 and rising.

City of Heroes/Villains: The usual things. But a lot of my time on CoX has been on the test server, except when I am playing in the regular sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mhari returned in our Wed session this week. And that was fun.

In other things I saw Iron Man on Saturday. What can I say? It rocked! It was very, very true to the character. Yes, Jim Rhodes SHOULD be a HELICOPTER pilot, not a fighter pilot, but such is life. There were other inconsistencies, like with Obadia Stane, but I can live with them. They do not break the core story. And we must always remember that Marvel’s movies should be more compared to the ‘Ultimate’ versions of the characters than the ones in the main comics. And in that line this did very well. It also accomplished something I was not expecting it to do… I want to see the new Incredible Hulk movie coming out. If it ties in with the Iron Man movie in the way I am thinking it will… well, okay, I am going to have a much much greater appreciation of what Marvel Entertainment is doing. And I will forgive the Marvel Comics Group some of their lame actions over the last couple of years – especially the current ‘Secret Invasion’ plot.

The answers to last week’s quote:
Quote: "The pit is completely enclosed. And it’s full of leathery objects, like eggs or something."
Was said by Kane, played by John Hurt
In the movie Alien
Released in 1979.

Trivia on John Hurt – Mr. Hurt will be seen in a whole SLEW of movies this year and next. Including the new Indiana Jones movie, Hellboy II and Outlander to just name a few.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend folks!

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