You know the saying, “Human see, human do.”

Health and Well-Being: Well, I’ve done fairly well this week with only work-stress really weighing on me. I took Tuesday off from work to see Mhari to her surgery follow-up appointment and the doctor took out all the staples. She’s going to have some scaring, especially where the new incision over-lapped scare from another operation she had to remove her appendix long, long ago. But it looks like it’s healing. But the poor dear is just suffering SO much… not from her tummy, but from her back. And she can’t have anything that will strain her tummy in the least, so no drop-table work with a chiropractor. So, while her tummy is doing okay (though ITCHING), her back isn’t.

In any case, she is amazing to me. She’s only 15 days after surgery and she’s doing great other than her back issues. Wow.

City of Heroes/City of Villains: The regular sessions we good this week. Especially the Wednesday one where we (the Knights and the Angels team) went out and did the Lost and Found story arc, which is the big story arc that gives people access to the Midnighter’s Club and Crimoria. So all of that team now has access to that zone. I am sure the Thrilling Adventures crew will want to do it soon, too, but they wouldn’t be able to access Crimoria until level 35, so might as well wait until then.

I really can’t wait until one or both teams can try taking on the ITF, which is what they are calling the big task force in Crimoria. What I need to find out is if this Task Force properly scales for the level of those that take the mission. Or would it be suicide for level 44’s (the Knight and the Angels crew), let alone level 35’s (which the Thrilling Adventures crew will soon be)? Does the ITF only operate at the level cap for the Task Force like all the other Task Forces have been doing for the last 2-3 issues? Or will it work properly and scale. I’m going to be asking around before I have either team try to take it on.

Age of Conan: No, I don’t have it. Yet. But I am interested in trying it. I hear it launched this week, but I haven’t heard anything else because I have been just too darned busy with work and Mhari’s health to try out a new MMO. Anyone have thoughts on this new MMO? Tried it? What do you think of it? Should I bother?

Eve Online: I am giving myself to the end of the year. If I haven’t gotten back into this game more than just to sign on to change what my primary character is training… it’s going to get the boot. I want to like this game now. I really do. But I don’t really play it. I never did really play it for real after those that introduced me to it left the game. I only went to it originally out of curiosity and the fact that it was where two friends moved to after they left EQ2…. hmmm. Interesting. Not a new thought, really an old one. But really I kept with EQ2 originally because these 2 friends and one other were playing there. Then they maxed out their characters and got bored with the game (though other things were also involved). Then one of them moved to EO and brought the other with her. Then another friend and I, realizing that alone we weren’t having fun with EQ2, left there as well and moved to EO. We tried to play together, but I wasn’t really clicking with EO well. And by the time I got the hang of it, a big argument had happened and it cost the loss of a level of trust between three of us four. Said 2 friends lost the credit card that they paid for the game with and decided that the loss of the card and the loss of the friendship level was enough to sour the game for them. So they didn’t renew. By that time I had bought into the game to the level of having three paid accounts. I couldn’t just give it up… but I am back to one account now. The only real reason I ever went to that game was the friends I liked playing with were there. And I was too stubborn to let it go…

Silly dumb reason to keep a game… maybe I won’t let it ride to the end of the year. Maybe I will end it sooner. We’ll see. I will let myself decide this weekend.

Answer’s to last week’s quote:
Quote: "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit."
Said by: The Shadow, played by Alec Baldwin
In the movie: The Shadow
Released in 1994.

The line "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit" is taken directly from the conclusion of episodes of the radio show. At the end of every episode, after the announcer has given the credits, The Shadow would say "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay! The Shadow knows," and then laughs.

Also of note was that back in the day, it was rumored that the Shadow’s girlfriend, Margot Lane, was the sister of Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane. This assertion appears in books by Philip José Farmer called Tarzan Alive and Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life.

Also of note is that there is a project called ‘The Shadow’ listed at IMDB with a year of 2010, but without going to their ‘pro’ service it won’t give me any more info. Could it be another remake coming our way? It HAS been 14 years since the last one… and you know Hollywood, they love repeating things.

That’s all from me for the week. Have a great three-day weekend, those of you that get one this time around!