No time for quotes

No quote this week. Work is just too busy. I needed sleep. I’m feeling stupid. Pick one. It’s the reason for no quote. But mainly work is too busy, I don’t have the spare clock cycles to put into research for a quote.

This past week was really rather a good one. Mostly it was the three-day weekend that was good. Mhari and I were both feeling better than we have in weeks. I bought a ‘fiberbed’ to put on my bed to turn my medium-firm mattress into a SOFT one. Easier and less expensive than a new softer bed. But it is a major contributor to my sleeping better. And Mhari is feeling a lot better now. Dr James was able to do some non-impact work on her back that fit within her current restrictions, that plus the ongoing swift recovery from her surgery is doing wonders for her.

Saturday we went to the movies on a whim, and decided to see Prince Caspian (I feel like I mispelt that, but don’t have time for corrections) and loved it!! Big time. We are both Narnia fans (of the books) and these two movies so far have covered the basis for us in what would work well from the books onto the big screen. I am really glad we picked that over Indy. We haven’t seen Indy 4 yet. We plan to. But we are in no rush.

After the movie we went out to a good restaurant and had a good meal. All in all Saturday was a really good day. And that feeling carried over into Sunday, and right through to the end of Monday. It felt good NOT going to an event or convention or anything like that to make us feel rushed or obligated. Dr James saw us early on Sunday, and that worked good too. Neither of us missed BayCon or felt like we should have been there or anything. What we did with our weekend was the RIGHT thing. We will see if we can get some of that to carry over to THIS weekend.

On the MMO front I have decided to axe my Eve Online account, but haven’t ‘gotten around to it’ yet. On City of Heroes/Villains, we did the usual things. The only thing of note there is that since Issue 12 went live there is a LOT more instability in the game. Mhari is having issues with her level 50 hero having her sessions get out of sync between client and server and thus lots of things aren’t working right. But for the most part it is ONLY happening for that character, which is strange.

Answer’s to last week’s quote:
Quote: You know the saying, "Human see, human do."
Said by: Julius, played by Buck Kartalian
In the movie Planet of the Apes
Releases in 1968.

Trivia: Something interesting I found out in researching this quote, Planet of the Apes was originally rated ‘M’ for mature, which was later changed to ‘PG’ to avoid confusion with an ‘X’-rating. It was only following it’s theatrical and drive-in re-releases that it got adjusted to a ‘G’-rating. It appears that in the original script all of the female native humans were all bare breasted. But Fox quashed this plan because of their wanting to avoid a ‘R’ or worse rating. They also had no female gorillas or orang-utans in the film.

Also, I had thought of using the more classic quote of ‘Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape’, but thought that one would just be TOO obvious as it is on of the top 100 movie quotes according to the American Film Institute.

The above section I pre-wrote last week for use this week, so comes as would normally appear as if I had the time to write it. Thank you all for reading this rushed entry! See folks next week. We’ll see if I have time for a quote then.