Something quick

Blargh. It’s been a week. Dr James dealt with the majority of my back pain on Sunday. But it’s taken most of a week for it to really calm down. I’m not gobbling down a lot of OTC Pain Meds any more. I still need to take some, but things are getting better. I am presently suspecting that a couple of back stretches I did when my back was hurting following a very serious jostling I got while riding BART is the cause of my issues. Dr James took care of the spine and rib alignment, but the muscles and ligaments needed to recover from the strain that I caused myself with those stretches I did in an effort to ease other pain. In otherwords… I hurt myself trying to deal with getting hurt. If that makes sense.

In any case, things are getting better. I am recovering.

So, with that going on I don’t have a lot else to report on for the week, as I didn’t really do a whole heck of a lot to report on. Work has taken up most of my braincells during the week. I’ve been working on reports that take a lot of clock-cycles to compile.

Mhari seems to be doing okay. I’m afraid I haven’t been very conscious of things with her a lot due to my back pain. She’s going through a lot of mental anguish over her mother’s health, which is not… um.. not good at all. So Mhari is ‘hiding’ a lot. ‘Hiding’ inside City of Heroes, playing Katiri, who hit 49 last night while I was laying down heading to sleep. (Pizza we had for dinner hit me hard in the blood sugar, so I went to bed ‘early’.)

My weekend plans are to take it easy, play City of Heroes, and also go to a table-top rolegaming (That’s the new word I’ve seen getting used for role-play gaming: rolegaming) session tomorrow night. I suspect my participation in those games is further decreasing, but I don’t know what will come first… my leaving the games or the games falling apart. We are already down to only the one session monthly… or every 4 weeks or whatever it is. I will admit my heart isn’t really in it right now.

Hmmm… that bares some further thought. But I won’t do it here right now. I need to get back to work. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I sure plan to. (As well as looking forward to whatever announcements will come out of this weekend’s ComiCon International.)

Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

Watch this! Watch it NOW. It will be gone after Midnight on July 20th, 2008. It’s fantastic. It’s from the maker of Buffy and Firefly. It will be back, for a price, later. But for now, it is free. And I would have went through full commercial interruptions to watch this. And I -will- buy it on DvD once it exists there. So don’t wait any longer, click on that banner above and watch it already!

If you are reading this after Midnight July 20th, 2008… well, guess you will have to search for it and wait to find another way to see it. It’s worth it


The week went by. Thanks to having to having to stand for most of my BART ride home last night, where I got jostled and jolted around quite badly due to overcrowding (though NOWHERE near as bad as it is in Japan, so I am not complaining TOO much), my back hurts quite a great deal. Luckily I have a visit with Dr James this coming Sunday that will help, I hope.

Mhari is also having back issues, but they are sort of part of what she’s been going through for a while. Dr James will help her, too.

We saw Hellboy II over the weekend. Very much enjoyed it. Ron Pearlman is always good. And the director, whose name I can never spell right, pulled another fine job. We also watched Hellboy: Iron and Blood (or is it Blood and Iron?) through our Roku Netflix player. Also very good. Though the biggest comment Mhari had and I also observed is that in the Animated films Hellboy’s legs and feet just are so small and frail looking that it almost had us laughing and missing some of the lines.

Our other thing of note is that THIS weekend it is Double XP Weekend in City of Heroes! So we are planning, with the exception of our time spent at this weekend’s Further Confusion staff meeting Saturday and our time at Dr James’ on Sunday… we are pushing for level 50 on some of our characters. I believe Mhari will be pushing both Momcat and Katiri towards 50, and I will be pushing Knight of Power. I’m hoping Dr. Arcain and others from our super team can join us as they, too, don’t have that far to go, having characters in the 47-49 range. It would be great to get a bunch of us to level 50 this weekend.

Other items of note is both Mhari and I have Nintendo DS Lites now. Hooked on Brain Age (me on #1, Mhari on #2). I’m also playing some Pokemon: Dungeons of Darkness and Elite Beat Agents. Funny, I bought the machine to play Guitar Hero: On Tour on… but I am not playing that much. The special attachment for the buttons slips out of the place it plugs into a lot… AND I am having too much fun with Brain Age. I just would never have thought I would enjoy a Pokemon game as much as I am P:DoD. But I am.

Mhari and I bought some used games at Gamestop Wednesday. That’s where I got Elite Beat Agents. She got a Crossword collection, the Luxor Collection, and a version of Bubble Bobble.

Well, that’s all I am going to write for this week. Take care all, and thanks for reading.

Well… it’s Friday.

Yup, that time of the week again, when I bore you with whatever has been going on.

As you know, last week I marched in the Piedmont 4th of July Parade. Most of the aches and pains from doing that have passed, as have most of the symptoms of the cold I had 2 weeks ago. All I have left is an occasional cough. Not sure if the back pain I am having is due to the parade, the coughing, or something else all together. At times it’s enough to really bother me.

Mhari is doing well. I bought us each Nintendo DS Lite’s and we are both playing the Brain Age games. I am mostly playing the sudoko puzzles on there, and doing the brain training daily. Not sure which of the games we got with her’s that Mhari is doing. It’s something I have been wanting to get for a while, but didn’t feel there was a game that appealed enough to me. Then out comes Guitar Hero: On Tour. So I got it, and Brain Age. Funny. I am not playing GH:OT all that much. Enjoying the Sudoko games too much. *chuckle*

Over on the MMO front, not a lot to report. Mhari is chugging away, working on her scrapper, Katiri, and got her to level 43 last night. Her blaster, Momcat, is level 48. Most of the Knight and the Angels team is 46 now. The Thrilling Adventures folks are 37, I believe. At least my character on that team is. We’re still having a fine time in the game.

Over on Second Life I’m have a good time hanging out and generally using it as a place to be when I don’t want to worry about levels or want to do something creative online.

Yesterday I took a look at the new google thing they have in beta. It’s called Lively. And it’s chatrooms with 3d graphics and avatars and animations. It’s in it’s early days with few choices of what to look like. It plays in your Firefox or IE browser window. It works. if you want to look at it. It’s free.

Nothing else to report that I haven’t already posted about elsewhere. So have a great weekend, folks. And thanks for reading.