It’s August ALREADY?!!

This week, and really the last two weeks, but especially this week, have been filled mostly with the normal things… but with lots of stumbling having to do with one thing. My mother-in-law has been in the hospital and was doing REALLY poorly. So Tuesday they made a hard choice and operated. I won’t giive the details, but it was a 5 hour proceedure (expected only 2 hours). But she came through okay. She did well enough to go to ICU and finally, yesterday, to a ‘normal’ hospital bed.

One of the complications is that due to other health issues (as well as being elderly (88)), drugs to control the pain following the procedure causes her to stop breathing. So someone has to be at her bedside 24/7 to nudge her and remind her to breath. So a family member (Mhari’s sisters and brothers because they live nearby) has been with her at her bedside 24/7. We keep asking them if they need us up there (it’s about 12-15 hours away by car)… and they keep saying ‘No, we have it’.

From this past weekend to current Mhari and I are all ready to go. I am packed with a week of clothes etc. We’re still worried, but she is doing a lot better. Everything right now has to do with seeing how recovery goes.

So… around all that we have been trying to have normal lives. Mhari’s Katiri hit level 50 in City of Heroes. At the same time Zefel’s Snowslide also hit 50. So for the Knight and the Angels group, only Kattriana has not hit 50. Oh, and our Guest Stars, Episilon Shield and Avenging Flame (level 35 and 41 respectivly) continuely advance as they adventure beside us. ES leveled once during the night. We’re going through the Praetorians storyarc and need to rescue Statesman next, I believe.

I’m still playing Pokemon: Explorers of Darkness – 25 hours in. This is being played in some of the time on my commute where I was reading. I’m still reading my books and things, but just not as many of my personal clockcycles.

Thanks for reading.