Just another lovely Friday…

Ah! Friday, sweet Friday! It is always such a joy to reach this point in the week after a long week of work. And it HAS been a long week at work. Not that it contained any extra days like it used to back in ‘the day’ when, if you look at my OLD blogs, I had a LONG stint of working on the weekends as well as the workdays. Of course, that long stint is why I refuse to do that any more. That long stint cost me more brain cells and damaged my mental and physical health so much.

This week has just been long because there’s been a lot to do at work. Lots of the sort of work that, while it does make me feel like I accomplished things, still leaves me drained. It involves almost as much report writing as some of my school days did so long ago.

As you can tell, there’s not a whole lot for me to report on. Nightypanther’s Kattrianna hit level 50 on Wednesday’s Knight and the Angels session on City of Heroes. That’s the last of the original 5 members of Knight and the Angels that needed to do so. It’s still the plan to keep going on Wednesday’s with that crew. After all, Whyaylooh’s Avenging Flame and RP’s Epislon Shield still have a ways to go. AF hit level 42 on Wednesday, I believe, and ES hit level 38. If we keep tugging them with us on level 50 missions and taking on AVs (It was Shadowhunter and Dominatrix of the Praetorans this week), it won’t take them long.

Incomplete List of City of Heroes/City of Villains characters I have

  • Commander Kitty – Level 50 Mastermind – Robots/Force Field – Villain – Protector – Primal Darkness
  • Knight of Power – Level 50 Defender – Empathy/Electrical Blast – Hero – Guardian – Dark-Star
  • Thrillseeker – Level 50 Tanker – Invulnerability/Super Strength – Hero – Guardian – Dark-Star
  • Stand In – Level 43 Defender – Empathy/Dark Blast – Hero – Guardian – Dark-Star
  • Professor Thrill – Level 39 Warshade – Umbral Blast/Umbral Aura – Hero -Guardian – Dark-Star
  • Purple Moose – Level 37 Brute – Fiery Melee/Firey Aura – Villain – Protector – Primal Darkness
  • Lost Thrill – Level 25 Scrapper – Martial Arts/Regeneration – Hero – Guardian – Dark-Star
  • Moon Lynx – Level 23 Blaster – Archery/Devices – Hero – Guardian – Dark-Star
  • Corruption Boi – Level 17 Corrupter – Fire Blast/Thermal Radiation – Villain – Protector – Primal Darkness
  • Two-Ton Tom – Level 16 Tanker – Willpower/Stone Melee – Hero – Virtue
  • Glacial Leopard – Level 14 Dominator – Gravity Control/Icy Assault – Villain – Protector – Primal Darkness *
  • Madrock Cat – Level 14 Brute – Stone Melee/Stone Armor – Villain – Protector – Primal Darkness
  • PsiHare – Level 10 Blaster – Psychic Blast/Mental Manipulation – Hero – Triumph
  • Dr Panacea – Level 8 Corrupter – Radiation Blast/Radiation Emission – Villain – Protector – Primal Darkness
  • Paragon Zombie – Level 8 Mastermind – Necromancy/Dark Miasma – Villain – Virtue
  • Sister Kitty – Level 8 Arachnos Soldier – Arachnos Soldier/Training and Gadgets – Villain – Protector – Primal Darkness
  • Wedding Zinger – Level 8 Defender – Sonic Resonance/Sonic Attack – Hero – Virtue
  • Clueless Lass – Level 7 Scrapper – Dark Melee/Dark Armor – Hero – Triumph
  • Jackson Bob – Level 7 Blaster – Assault Rifle/Devices – Hero – Virtue
  • Blazing One – Level 6 Scrapper – Dual Blades/Fiery Aura – Hero – Triumph
  • Charclaw – Level 6 Scrapper – Claws/Fiery Aura – Hero – Liberty
  • Comeback Cat – Level 6 Defender – Dark Miasma/Dark Blast – Hero – Pinnacle
  • Happy Cow – Level 4 Scrapper – Martial Arts/Super Reflexes – Hero – Champion

    The rest of the list I have written out doesn’t have anything but names and Server:

    Commander Kitty (All servers have one of these, not just Protector. But the one on Protector is the only one past level 10.), Diamond Paw (Protector), First Fist (Infinity), Flying Fox (Guardian), Freedom Agent-01 (Freedom), Fremont Slugger (Level 38 on Training Room, level 10 on Guardian), Gadgetrix (Protector), Gendarme Nyte (Freedom), King Leon (Liberty), Kitten Not (Protector), Lucy Diamond (Victory), Magnificent Mace (Guardian), Miz Adventure (Justice), Notakat (Protector), Robin Resonance (Freedom), Running Fox (Virtue, somewhere around level 22 or so), Second Opinion (Pinnacle), Sharp Kitty (Guardian), Sister Two (Infinity), Stand Out (Virtue), Strange Forces (Guardian), Tantrum Kat (Protector), Weird Girl (Liberty) and Yreka Bob (Pinnacle).

    * = Not sure I have Glacial Leopard’s powers listed right. I thought she was Ice/Ice… maybe not.

    As to the other things in our lives, Mhari and I are doing okay. Our health was about average this week. Lots of our ‘back issues’ were dealt with on Sunday by a visit with Dr. James.

    Other things of note is that we are trying to institue one or more ‘TV Nights’ in our schedule again in preparation for the new season of Heroes and the new Knight Rider series, as well as other things. For now we have started out by watching the first 8 episodes of ‘Bleach’. Even though episode 8 sort of ended with a cliffhanger, we decided to save that for next time. We have through about episode 35 or so set aside on my hard drive to watch. Beyond that we will have to Netflix things. Sure wish they were on the Watch Instantly service on Netflix. That would save us a lot of time and not require waiting for the mail. We have a Roku and like it a LOT.

    There’s likely a whole SLEW of things I should write about here. But they are slipping my brain at the moment, so I will sign off here. Thanks for reading!

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