Okay, so it’s Friday…

Another one of those weeks when I really don’t know what to write about. The only real non-routine things in the week were as follows:

1] It has been warm in the later half of the week. Warm enough to be uncomfortable enough to turn on the A/C and run it around the clock so that we can be comfortable enough to sleep at night.

2] Our City of Heroes team that was ‘Knight and the Angels’ and ‘Thrilling Adventures’ decided that we all wanted to start our new characters. In two evenings set of adventures we are all level 11. We had one slight misunderstanding on Wed where some of the players wondered by we were stopping at every group of mobs and attacking them on the way to doors, even when they were gray. Well… the reasons were more than one, and I really was trying to select groups that were going to give us at least a single point of xp. And even the ones 1 level below that gave our late arrival player’s character XP.

But the real reason I am not rushing through things to get to mission doors when we are not on a timed mission is really simple: I’m not in a hurry. I also don’t want to play the game like someone who just plays for XP. I am trying to role-play a little.

One of the reasons I am not in a hurry is because there are people that have stated that they feel that getting to level 50 with characters causes the fun to be gone for those characters. That they no longer feel any reason to play them. So I am in no hurry to get to 50 with the new characters. Everyone on the team (except one player) has a level 50 character. We’ve all been to the end game. We’ve played things the ‘fast and efficient’ way. Some of us have gotten quite good at it and can get a character to level 50 in really short periods of time. (Though none of those currently in the team are like that, I don’t think.)

So, my thought for this new team (and since no one else seems willing to take a ‘lead the team forward’ role, I am doing so) is to try some of the less traveled things… or some of those deemed inefficient or too slow to play in the quest to 50.

Of course, the first thing I led the team through sort of flew in the face of that. And that was taking a team of level 2’s into the Sewer System in Atlas Park and fighting our way through everything on the way to Kings Row… we all came out of the sewers at level 7. Doing this trip is one of the ‘well known’ ways to bootstrap low-level characters past some of the low-level missions that get to be a bit, well… grindy. And we did it in style. The first group of mobs sent all of us to the hospital the first time, most of us the second time, some of us the third time, and a few of us the fourth. But then we started leveling and we plowed the rest of the way through without any more KO’s.

Wednesday we did a couple of doors, then did the Atlas Park Safeguard mission and got our freebie travel power. Then to the Hollows and doing the Wincott missions and working through Flux. When we left off, I had the Frostfire mission que’d up and we’ll do that Monday.

My plans for next is to take the team into the Troll Tunnels for some adventuring. And the missions from the contact after Flux. We don’t have a team of 8 (we are 7 when Ms. Smithe joins us), so we likely won’t do the Caves of Transcendence. But we’ll see.

Beyond the Hollows, I am sort of hoping to go to Skyway and see if we can’t fight across the zone on the freeway… you know, clean up the place a little. Don’t know if the team will take to that. So many are used to avoiding the street hunts and doing doors to death. I may even see if I can pull the team into Boomtown and play havoc there. We’ll see.

3] And lastly this week at work I moved from the 13th floor to the 11th. And from a ‘private’ cubical to a shared one. I am NOT happy about this. I do NOT like shared space. I do NOT like less storage space, and hardly any desk space. I do NOT like being on a floor without a kitchen (though that’s not that big a deal… just inconvenient). I’m settling in, and I will get by and get used to it. My cubical companion and I sit back-to-back, so we both sort of have the illusion of being in our own cube. But… well.. the move is stressful and really, really, really was unnecessary. Oh, well.

So… that’s the week. Mhari and I are doing okay. Nothing major going on. The heat is annoying, and one of our computers is being a little flaky. But… all in all we are doing well and happy.

Thank all that is that this weekend is a three-day one… I’m tired! I want a little more rest and relaxation.

I’ll write again next week… and add to this if I think of something else to write about.

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