Wow… it’s September

Yeah, there’s a change of month, so I have it easy in figuring out a title for this thing. Other than that, writing this isn’t coming easily, today. I just don’t really know all that much of what to write about.

You see, life is just sort of being normal this week. Nothing big and rocking to speak of. Work is work. Mhari and I are doing okay in the health department other than not liking the weather when it’s hot. Our backs are a little better some days, mostly thanks to having seen Dr. James last Sunday. But not so great other days when we sleep wrong or do something stupid to annoy our backs like moving a box of clothes or something while twisting. That sort of thing.

Our City of Heroes playing continues to be fun, somehow. 🙂 We are playing ‘new’ characters on Monday’s and Wednesdays, and all the team that only started LAST week are up to level 17! And this is with the team where leveling and doing things ‘the normal way’ where you chase the next level dashing door to door is NOT our goal. Yet STILL we are managing to level swiftly.

I suppose it will slow down in our 20’s somewhere. I don’t know. Two weeks to level 17 seems rather fast to me. We’ve only played maybe 17 hours. That’s a level an hour!

Nothing much else to really report. Oh, we watched episodes 9-12 of Bleach last night. Not sure if Mhari is enjoying it now. I sure enjoyed episode 12 where Chad finally can see the Hollows and gets an interesting armor over his right arm which seems to be as effective at defeating the Hollows as the main character’s sword is.

I really, really, really don’t know what else to write about. It’s just been a normal week with Labor Day in it. The three day weekend was pleasant to have, but nothing special other than getting some real rest during it.

Live well, folks. I’ll type again next week. Maybe I’ll have something to say then. I don’t know.