Going Nuts…

That’s what’s happening to me right now. I am going nuts. Work is being crazy with things pulling my skills in many directions at once. And I am NOT good with that sort of stress. Especially if I get interrupted while I am dealing with it. Add to that a real life pain in the neck making it hard for my head to turn left, and you have real issues.

In any case, other than the neck/back issues and STRESS, I am doing fine. Mhari is doing well this week, as well. We’re just looking VERY MUCH forward to seeing Dr. James this Sunday.

City of Heroes: There is interesting news this week. Looks like they are pushing back the Mission Architect part of Issue 13 into Issue 14. And adding more into it. And they have renamed Issue 13 to ‘Power and Responsibility’ and have revealed a bunch of additional things including:

Leveling Pact: In this feature two players build characters at the same time and link them together ‘forever’. Each character earns only HALF the XP they would otherwise, with the other HALF of the XP earned going to the other character in the Pact. So, if you are both playing together, things are all normal. But if ONE of you is playing and the other is not, the one that is NOT playing STILL GETS HIS HALF OF THE XP. So… this means that if Mhari and I make characters in a Leveling Pact with each other, and Mhari plays her character all day while I am at work and goes up a level or two – When I get home and connect to my character, that character will have ALSO gone up a level or two!

Multi-Builds: Each character can have, starting at somewhere between level 10 or 15, a SECOND build of themselves. The build will be the same archetype, with the same primary and secondary powersets. But all the choices about WHAT powers to select and how to slot them and what enhancements you put in the slots can be totally different from how your first build is done. So you could have one build for solo’ing and the other for grouping, or one for PvP and the other for PvE.

No More Base Salvage: Base Salvage is going away. It will no longer be required for building anything for bases whatsoever. And all prestige costs of things for bases are going to decrease. Apparently the goal of this is to make more of the cool things in Bases available to all.


If you are really curious, go over to the City of Heroes Website and read the information there.

Perfect World International: I played this some more. I still love the music, and I am sort of enjoying playing my big tiger of a Barbarian. I took him into his first instanced dungeon, alone, and suffered his first defeat. The monsters in there are ones I need for an important quest in my queue. But they are ‘Elites’ and you can’t pull just one. They pull in twos. My defeat was swift. I left.

In general, PWI is a nice change from City of Heroes when I just want to let off steam and don’t want to get too wrapped up in things. It would be WAY better if I wasn’t solo’ing. But It’s not something I am worrying about. I can live with or without the game. And at the moment, from amongst the games other than City of Heroes that I play, it’s on the ‘interesting’ list above Lord of the Rings Online right now. Most of these games on this list are there because they are both good to look at and FREE (for me, anyways) to play.

Books this week:

Up Till Now: The Autobiography by William Shatner with David Fisher
I first mentioned this book in a partial review last week. It’s a rather entertaining look at William Shatner’s life. It goes from his earliest days as an actor in Canada, to his work on Boson Legal and everything in between. Naturally there’s a lot here related to his time playing Captain Kirk for Star Trek on TV and in the Movies.

What I found most interesting wasn’t so much his Star Trek related information, but rather the look at the early days of Television, and his workaholic nature. This man has worked, and worked, and WORKED all his life. And he really seems to have kept a love of life over all the years. He’s rolled with the ‘punches’ that have come his way and he’s STILL working. And he is totally willing to poke fun at himself and has a good time doing so. He’s been through good times and bad.

So, I will broil it down to this: If you want an interesting look at how William Shatner has seen the world over the last 60 years, and don’t mind him going off on tangents or promoting his website(s) or one or another thing along the way, then read this book. It’s a good read.

Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi
I only just really got started with this one, so I am not going to review it until next week. This book is a sort of companion piece to ‘The Last Colony’ which was the most recent book in the ‘Old Man’s War’ series. It’s not really a sequel, prequel or anything like that. It’s sort of a retelling from a different point of view and seems to be told for a slightly different audience.

Okay, I’m done for now. I’m tired and Friday has only just begun. It’s going to be a long day at work. I WANT MY WEEKEND!

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