Another month bites the dust…

Okay… another month is gone. We’re in October now… As we always say this time of year: "Where did the year go?" I sure don’t know… into the past, I guess. This week has been another busy, busy, busy, stressful week at work. But thankfully, Dr James did work on my neck and back this past Sunday. So my back and neck are not quite so bad. I’m not popping Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen ever 4-6 hours any more, and I feel a lot better. Mhari seems to be doing better, too, though this week wasn’t as good for her as last week was, but it wasn’t too icky.

Perfect World International: Well… I bought some ZEN so I could expand my inventory as I just didn’t want to have to take so long gathering the stupid drops to be able to get more space the long way. So I spent the same amount of $$ I would have on a retail game. I figure this game is good enough to deserve that much investment into it. One doesn’t HAVE to spend the money to play and all seems to be available without it, but if you spend some money you get a few neat things faster and easier. It’s an interesting business model.

City of Heroes: It’s Invasion week. We’ve fought the Rikti a couple of times, and our Monday/Wednesday group has gotten another level… maybe 2 this week. They aren’t happening as fast and furious as they used to, but we still see progress a lot faster than any of us expected or planed for with this group. Likely we are going to try going out to Croatoa next week… we’ll see. Or we may stick with the non-alternate paths. I know I wouldn’t mind fighting Freakshow to death… but then that’s just me.

Books of the week:

Real Vampires Have Curves by Gerry Bartlett
This one was something of a pleasant surprise for me. I’ve been going for the werewolf books more than the vampire ones on the Paranormal Romance shelves. But I took a chance on this one at Powell’s City of Books when I was there in early August and finally got to it.

In it we have Gloriana St. Clair, a vampire with more… um… curves than your ‘average’ vampire. She’s full-bodied and fills out a corset well. This book is very well written with entertaining characters. The female lead is neither dumb bunny nor a genius. She feels more ‘real’ than many vampire characters in books these days. She has a ‘talking’ dog as a bodyguard, assigned to her by her ‘on again, off again’ boyfriend who was also the vampire that turned her back in the days of William Shakespeare. In this book she is moving to Austin, TX after having had a ‘full life’ in Las Vegas. And she arrives in town in time to start getting stalked by a vampire hunter with high tech toys. She’s just here to start a new life, fend off her boyfriend, or get back together with him, and fend off other vampires that want to have their way with her. There’s sex, mystery, and a lot of good writing. While it is not the best book I have read in the past few months, it still read well and I finished it in days.

I look forward to the 2nd book in this series, Real Vampires Live Large and I see from the author’s website that there is a 3rd out, called Real Vampires Get Lucky and the 4th is coming soon, titled Real Vampires Don’t Diet.

Next book I am reading I just started, it is Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre, and it is the sequel to Grimspace, which I read earlier this year. I’ll try to write about it next week. I liked the first book, so it was a instant buy choice to pick this one up when I saw it on the shelves a couple of weeks ago.

Well, I’ve already taken enough time on this. I have way too much work to do at work, and I better head off to it. Thanks for reading….