A Day Late, a dollar short

Yes, that means I am a day late with this, and it’s going to be short. I sort of expected it to happen this way, as you can tell by the end of my blog last week. Well, it happened. I worked from home yesterday, rather than heading into the office… and while some would expect that would mean I would get to goof off or something, no way! I actually got more work done than I normally get done in the office. I didn’t have any of interuptions of co-workers coming casually to my cube to ask questions, nor all the phone calls. AND it was a Friday that was unusually clear of the endless array of meetings. Which all means that I got so focused on work that I forgot about everything else, and when I wasn’t doing that, I have other things that I got to deal with…

And then there is today. Today Mhari and I are going to HeroCon. It starts OFFICIALLY in about an hour and a half from when I am writing this. Yeah, things unofficially started last night, and the computer room and Wentworths supposedly opened about 45 minutes ago. But Mhari and I wanted some sleep since it may be a late night tonight. I’ll try to report here about it tomorrow…

So, that’s where I am going to leave this for now. I’ll write a proper entry sometime, though it might not be until my regular scheduled Friday… we’ll see. Thanks for reading.

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