Please, PLEASE Vote this year!

I know you are hearing this elsewhere. But I’m still going to also say it here. If you have not yet voted with a mail-in ballot like I have, and you are a registered voter in the USA… VOTE this coming Tuesday. I won’t tell you how to vote, for I believe that one needs to make their own choice about how to vote. My only exception to that is that I -will- urge Californian voters to please vote no on #8. My wife and I both urge this choice. It’s about equality and freedom. On top of that the information that the supporters are using are all scare tactics and quite wrong in their ‘facts’. Please vote NO on Prop 8. But even if you are going to vote ‘yes’, I still want you to vote. EVERY vote is important, even if your choice on the ballot is not the same as mine.

Okay, enough with that. This week has been of mixed nature. My back is better, thanks to Dr James last Sunday, but it is still no where near completely well. I still am suffering short periods of time, usually after a period of inactivity, like sleep or driving, where it pains me. Mhari is also suffering some with back pain, but the ‘ick’ from her weekly meds was less this week. She had more issues with the sounds (and scents) from the construction going on outside her windows waking her and otherwise disturbing her than other issues.

At my place of work, today, it is not only Halloween, it is also my 3rd anniversary of starting working there. I will not be fully vested in one of my ‘retirement’ plans through them. From now on all that goes into it, be it contributions from myself or matching from my employer, it will be fully vested. Yay! There is nothing special going on to celebrate or anything, it’s more of a milestone that I am proud of.

City of Heroes: Well, this has been a rather interesting week. Both with the on-going Zombie Apocalypse and with an announcement made and changes in the game’s website. They went live with a greatly improved official website that has been long needed, as the old one was quite long in the tooth. As to the announcement that was made that I found interesting enough to mention here, it’s that the game will soon have a MAC client as well as the presently existing PC one! It’s about time!

Zombie Apocalypse-wise, our team of heroes spent Monday doing our final night of Trick or Treating, first in Talos, then as we were all leveling up to level 31, we moved to Brickstown. I believe we also did our level 30 IP Costume mission. We might also have done our Aura mission. It’s sort of a blur for me.

On Wednesday we gathered again, and as this would be this group’s last gathering for this Halloween Event, as it will end on November 2nd, we went Giant Monster hunting. We battled the Big E something like a dozen times and FINALLY, just as we were getting near the end of our session, Jack in Irons finally was found out there. He was swiftly defeated and the majority of folks, including a couple of our team, called it a night. I, with the majority of our team remaining, went back on the hunt and took down Big E one more time just before the Zombie’s invaded the zone. After that invasion was beaten back, we slipped off into the night. Good work heroes!

Perfect World International: Thanks to the event stuff on CoX and other things where I am working on [censored due to NDA], I haven’t really gotten onto PWI. I did prepare an ‘install Flash Drive’ for use by my Niece and mailed it off to her along with another gift. Even though she already managed to download the client, I am sure she can find a use for the 4Gig USB Flash drive as well as the gift. I look forward to hearing when she gets it. I plan getting back to PWI when I have the time.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Okay, so it’s not a MMO… it’s PnP. In any case, tomorrow I will be getting started in the first D&D game I will have been involved in for over a decade. We’ll see how things go.

Books of the week:

Darkling by Yasmine Galenorn

This is the third book in a series that I am finding quite good. The first was about Camille, the ‘witch’ of the family and was called Witchling. The 2nd was about Delilah, the were-cat and was called Changeling. This one is about Menolly, the vampire. All the characters are half-human, half-fey sisters. They work for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency as their representatives in our world. The witch sister owns and runs a bookstore, the were-cat is a Private Investigator, and the vampire owns the Wayfarer Bar which sits above and protects one of the portals between Otherworld and our world.

In this book Menolly’s sire, Dredge, has gotten here into our world and is fomenting chaos and creating more vampires. I won’t go into detail about the story itself, as doing so gives to much away too easily. However, I will recommend all of these books. There’s already a 4th book in the series out called Dragon Wytch. It’s of note here because I was able to get a hold of it before I was able to find Darkling. I should finally get to read it now.

Darkling is quite well written, and the characters are well realized. And the author’s work is improving with each volume in this series. Of course, it is sort of starting to show a pattern. The lead sister has to deal with something, meets at least one guy of interest (this IS a series of Paranormal Romance books, after all), and with the help of her sisters and the new men in her life and the lives of her sisters, defeats the menace. This book follows that line. And, it also follows that the over-menace that they are all fighting against is still out there and will still need to be dealt with. I can well recommend this series.

I am curious about what the 4th book is going to be about. It seems like it will be going back to the first sister. There are only 3 sisters, this 4th book is going to have to change the formula a little because the main character, if it is the first sister, already has the men in her life… 3 to be exact. Hmmmm… another 3…

And in visiting the author’s webpage today, I discovered there is a 5th book coming out in January on the week of my birthday, titled Night Hunter. Looks like she is cycling through the 3 sisters again for the 2nd trilogy in the series.

Normally I would have another book here to review, as most often I bring up 2 books. Well, I do have another, but as I have barely started it, I’ll leave it for next week. What’s been taking up my other reading time has been Final Fantasy III on the Nintendo DS and my usual Comics. Maybe I will start reviewing the week’s comings in upcoming blogs. We’ll see.

Well, I have work to do. A weekend to have. I plan to give out little comic books with the candy tonight. Peanuts comic strip stuff, specially collected for the purpose. Have a good one, folks!


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