Nothing to see here… Move along…

Honest… I’m Fine. Mhari’s fine. Nothing much has changeded.

We played some City of Heroes. We watched movies (Iron Man), we watched TV.

We read some books. I will review the one I finished this week another time.

This is mostly short because I worked from home for part of the day and had a normal, ordinary checkup appointment with my primary care doctor. Nothing special happened. And I don’t feel like taking the time to do more than this sort of cursory entry. I’ll go back to ‘normal’ next week.

I take that back… One VERY important thing happened. We elected a new president of the United States. Very historical. Very Important and amazing a thing. I sure hope to high heaven that he will be better than the one we still have to put up with until January 20th, 2009. And thank you ALL for voting, even if you voted different than I did (and the fact that 8 passed in California means a lot of people voted different than I did), I still thank you for voting!

Have a great week!

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