In a world without Betty Page…

I saw this article when I logged into my internet connection today… Pin-up model from the 50’s, Bettie ‘Betty’ Page passed away yesterday at age 85. She was a year younger than my mother, and both were from the same era, growing up in the same world. My mother’s birthday just passed on the 7th, and I thought about my mom a lot that day.

Betty Page is in my thoughts today… when I was a teenager she was on my list of women that ‘fascinated’ me. She wasn’t the only woman who was, by any means, just many of the images and art of her would follow me throughout my life… despite the fact that she left public life shortly before I was even born. I think she did the right thing leaving public life. By doing what she did (for whatever reasons there might have been… see the article) she left us with all those images and none of her as a really old woman. Her final months of life were not pleasant for her, she was in the hospital with pneumonia and then a heart attack that put her unconscious on life support with no hope of awakening again. It’s said she was a christian in her post-pin-up life… and I hope that she found peace with her god and had that to hold on to in her final days.

She will live on, as she has for the last 50-some years, in the photos of her, and the art inspired by her. She was heavenly.

Mhari and I are doing well, for the most part. I’m really tired from stressful work and short sleep. I will be doing work from home over the weekend, too. But Christmas and New Years are just around the corner with their two four-day weekends that I am working Hard to avoid working on. I think I just might manage that. I wouldn’t be surprised though, if I am home ‘sick’, aka Mental Sanity Leave, for the three days between the two weekends… I am really getting burnt out on this work stuff.

I got more work-related bad news today, with word from on high that there will be a complete wage-freeze and no bonuses this year, due to the way the bad stuff in the USA economy is trickling down into my company. There’s more lay offs coming, too… if the downturn continues. It’s likely my job is sort of safe, as I am working for the most important effort that is being worked on in my part of the company, but one can never call ANY job safe these days. I was also looking towards this bonus on what would have been a bumper crop year for the company if it wasn’t for the massive hit their reserves have been hit by the market downturn. That bonus would have allowed me to pay off the last of the credit card debt I have left. The good news is that despite all that has happened, I have only 1/5th the debt I had 3 years ago. And I -can- restructure my life if I have to, to even survive a layoff if I really needed to. But that would trigger MAJOR changes in how and where I live.

Sorry to share all this depressing stuff… but it’s majorly in my thoughts right now.

City of Heroes/Villains: I’ve gotten more back into the game again. I guess I got over some of my burnt-out with it in the past couple of weeks. Maybe in direct connection with the stress I have in my work. It’s a good stress reliever.

Our Mon/Wed group has been doing well. I was late into the games due to work, but people properly kept going without me, which I appreciated. I don’t want my downsides dragging down other folk’s fun. We went a little late (an hour) Wednesday due to a timed mission that took a LOT longer to get through than any of us expected to. It was a 2 hour timed mission and we used the first 30 mins of that in another mission, then took 70 of those remaining 90 mins to finish it. I totally expected us to be able to plow through it in 30-40 mins and only be a little late on the night.

Tonight will be the second session of our new Villain gathering, the Wolf Pack. We got 7 people last week, with an 8th waiting for us to catch up to their level rather than building a new character. It was really QUITE fun to do these early Villain missions on such a large team rather than the usual solo or duo’ing of them. It made missions that had gotten a little stale to be a lot more fun. The snakes never know what hit them as we plow right over them. That’s not to say we haven’t had things difficult here and there, just we are coming together rather well. We have 2 Brutes – one of them using shields, two corruptors – one of which has Pain Domination and the other sonics, two Masterminds – one of them with pain domination and thugs, and the other with darkness and necromancy. And I am playing a Arachnos Solider (a VEAT). It makes for a really rather fun team. It’s interesting not to have any Dominators or Stalkers. Though I will admit, stalkers do not really make for good team players, especially in the same team with one or more Masterminds.

I am looking forward to tonight’s session. And that’s really good, as I want to really be interested in playing the Rogue Islands side of the game again… first strikeforce is at level 15. We might get there tonight. Maybe.

Other MMOs: Yes, I am lumping everything together into ‘other’ this time. That’s because I didn’t even touch the updater icons for any other MMOs this week. I -have- been reading Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine. This magazine is devoted to MMOs and I find it interesting to read when I can find it. It appears my local Boarders and Barnes & Noble don’t carry it… but Safeway does… in small quantities. That means I usually get it at the tail end of an issue’s shelf-life, as Safeway doesn’t often get these non-mainstream magazines early on in their shelf-cycle.

I wouldn’t call this magazine excellent, it’s just that it is the only gaming magazine I have been able to find devoted to the Massive Multiplayer PC gaming market. But doing a online search with Google, it looks like there may be another one with a very similar name… it’s called Massive Gamer Magazine. I am going to try out this other magazine through the mail and see if I like it.

Beckett’s MOG isn’t the best magazine in the world… it was just the only one I could find on the subject. Looking at the Beckett website doesn’t make me feel any better about it. Beckett is more about collectibles and the like than into computer games, so it really doesn’t feel like a very good voice. We’ll see how MGM is. I sure like their website better, though I would like to track down the publishing company so I could see what their editorial angle on the industry is.

I did find a VERY interesting item on the MGM website… a list of MMOs and other games coming. It’s at this link.

Book of the Week: If you look back in my blog by a day, you’ll find a posting for the latest book. When I can I am going to break my Book Review out of my weekly blog and into it’s own entries. The reason for this is two-fold. 1> I want to write and post my reviews as soon after I have finished a book as I can so it is still in my head to properly review. 2> So that there’s a stand-alone entry about these books. I will put ‘Book Review’ and the name and author of the book in the title of the post, as search engines find it better that way. I want my reviews to be findable by folks who would not otherwise read my blog. Who knows… I might move to my own dedicated blog for those sorts of things at some point. I like reviewing things. I will likely review MMOs, Magazines, and other things as I feel I can. Maybe I will even review websites of interest from time to time. At least, ones that are of interest to me. Likely I will also do reviews of Movies and DvDs, too.

By the way, I’m somewhat disappointed… Windows Live’s lists can only hold 100 items. I’ve had to delete the oldest books off my ‘read books of the year’ list to fit the new one’s I have read… maybe I will start a new widget for the 2009 ones… to preserve the 2008 ones.

Well, as usual, blog entries have to come to an end sometime. And this is the time for this one. Thanks for reading, I’m going to go finish my Friday and try to get to the weekend, even if I -am- going to be doing work during it. Writing this entry has helped pull me out of the down mood I was in when I started it. Thank heavens!

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