A Lazy Friday

Hi all. It’s a lazy friday for me, taking a sanity day off from work due to a combination of not being allowed to do ‘work from home’ any more and having a doctor’s appointment.

Mhari and I are doing well. It’s being a quiet holiday season as we have no plans to go anywhere this year, and life just sort of feels laid back right now.

We’re doing the usual things with the usual people on the usual games. I’ve spent a little time relaxing from the quest for XP by hanging out a little on Second Life, or just gone to bed early if it’s not one of our game nights. Tonight will be a game night with our new villain team, the Wolf Pack, on City of Villain’s Protector server.

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s blog from me for my latest book review. And I’ll have another one of those soon as my latest book is going rather swiftly.

Yup. Short posting. Not really a whole lot to be going on about. So I will leave it at this. Thanks for reading and special greetings to my sister, Play Ink, and my brother, Brainbelly.


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