Okay, so I missed one…

Yup, last Friday I missed posting my weekly blog. Oh, woe…

Mhari and I are fine. We had a quiet little Christmas. Mhari’s busy doing Further Confusion pre-registration things (Reminder: Pre-Reg for FC2009 closes at Midnight pacific time, on December 30th, 2008. That means you have until midnight, pacific time, TOMORROW, to get a membership to the convention without paying the at-door price At the door of the convention.) so she hasn’t had lots of time to play games or watch TV or whatnot. But we did get some Dr. Who (3rd modern season) watched on Christmas day. We plan for more on New Years.

We’re both having our usual back issues, sometimes lessor, sometimes greater. But not too bad. Nothing that can’t keep until our next Dr James appointment on the 4th.

City of Heroes: Well, we did slightly different things because of the Winter Event and people generally being not sure of their availability. So it’s been things like opening presents, doing a few missions as a group, or doing the Rescue Baby New Year mission.

Personally I have been doing the BNY mission again and again as a character that can solo him well, to earn Candy Canes for other characters that can’t solo him. See, presents, when opened have a chance of giving ONE candy cane, or they could burst forth with a small hoard of winter beasts. (Or if you are in a group of 5 or more, possibly a ‘Giant Monster’ Winter Lord!) But the Rescue Baby New Year mission will offer, as one of it’s selectable rewards, 5 Candy Canes.

The boss you have to defeat in the BNY mission is an Elite Boss by the name of Snaptooth. He does very heavy lethal damage, and isn’t alone, having his red cap minion(s) with him. Most Tankers and Brutes can solo him if they have good Lethal defenses/resistance. Masterminds of level 32 and above should be able to solo him. Some Scrappers and Stalkers can do him in, solo. High level Keldians and VEATs can likely solo him. But Blasters, Corruptors, Defenders, Dominators, and Controllers are just going to be frustrated, usually, because they can’t seem to dish out enough damage fast enough to take him down before he takes them down.

So those squishies that can’t solo Snaptooth (but could otherwise wipe the floor with the other mobs, in many cases) either need to team up with others to do Snaptooth, or go click presents in a zone below their level… again and again and again, while others are trying to do the same, and may be leaving their spawned mobs behind them as they click-and-run. Present-clicking can get very, very, very boring and does nothing to earn you XP if you are doing it in a lower-level zone.

I have been doing the BNY mission with my Level 50 tanker on the hero side, and my level (now) 38 Brute on the villain side. Then giving the candy canes to my lower level ‘squishies’ so they can buy the Winter’s Gift recipe that provides 20% slow resistance… something that is VERY useful! But it costs 50 Candy Canes. So that’s 10 BNY missions. My Brute, Purple Moose, was level 37 when I started. He’s level 38.5 now. *grin* The BNY mission, especially the defeat of Snaptooth, is VERY good XP, especially thanks to Patrol XP boosting it 50%!

I went on the CoH forums and put in some suggestions that they consider more options than just the BNY mission for the Winter Event… I’m sure Lord Recluse wouldn’t mind delaying the New Year a bit, or making things Colder for a while. Or Mender Silos might have something to do with things. There is sure to be plenty of reasons for the various powers that be to have things that they want to stop/do, etc. There has GOT to be options that people can do other than the exact same thing that has been done for 3 Winter Events in a row. And new ski runs, while nice, really isn’t enough. Some new CONTENT would be nice. Of course, if they let the Mission Architect use Winter Event things, maybe next year the player community will have to show them how it’s done! *grin*

Lord of the Rings Online: Yup, I played it some. Was solo’ing a Warden for a while. Interesting class with it’s gambit system. I’ll play more of it over time as I need breaks from other things.

Second Life: Got on just a little bit and chatted with a couple of folks. Did a little roleplaying. But I wasn’t on much.

Other: I didn’t touch Perfect World or Tabula Rasa. More interested in getting candy canes on City.

Okay, there… I’ve written a blog… I’ll try to get a new one in on time this coming Friday.

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