2009… so what?

Okay, so I don’t REALLY feel that way about the new year. But It doesn’t feel THAT different from the old one. Though those two four-day weekends really do seem to have made something of a difference. I do feel a lot better today than I did a week ago, today. So that’s a good thing. Right?

Well, as expected, I missed my Friday post, as is so often the case when I don’t work on the Friday in question. But it was for a good cause… relaxing and resting as best I could.

Mhari and I are doing well. Our backs weren’t so good late in the week, but a visit to Dr. James last night helped a lot. For me, at least. Not sure about Mhari. I left her sleeping away when I headed out the door for the day at o-dark-thirty. I hope she’s getting a good start by now.

City of Heroes: Finished out the year doing lots of Baby New Year quests, and opening presents on the street. My baseball-themed Mace Tanker Fremont Slugger got play time as it is the off season for Baseball still and he can get all his head bashing out of his system. I grabbed him some Candy Canes and got him a Jingle Jet at the Candy Keeper so he could get from mission to mission a little faster without using up fuel on his Raptor Pack. Got him 2 levels that way. It was sort of nice.

On the other hand for Stand In I tried out using the Multi-Build feature they added with Issue 13 to give her a ‘Solo Build’. She’s an Empathy/Dark Defender, so there’s 6 powers out of 9 in the primary set where you can’t used them on yourself at ALL. They benefit other people only, so in this build I didn’t take ANY of them. In their place I took Boxing, Tough and Weave from the Fighting set, and Stealth from the concealment set, plus I took ALL the offensive powers from the Dark Blast secondary set except for Blackstar (since it leaves one without Endurance for a considerable time after used). And I took Swift, Health and Stamina from the Fitness set.

It all makes for a rather strong defense, for a Defender, and as tough an offense as a Dark Blast Defender can be… but darn if it STILL, even with 52+ months of veteran powers, makes for a poor solo’ing experience. She’s level 44, and had some stale level 39 missions in her que. Some of them were defeat all’s. So here I am, taking two or three shots to take down a GREY mob that doesn’t give me any experience… that’s just LAME. In general, doing a mission with even-con opponents, she can generally take on up to 3 even cons (with one a LT) and deal with it. Mostly thanks to her self-heal. But it is very slow going if there are more than that in a group of mobs, or if the mob group is +1 and considerably difficult if they are +2. I guess I am spoiled playing tanks. *grin*. But it is a VAST improvement on her group-build, that’s for sure.

Other than that, I think this is the first holiday season where I did NOT make a passel of new characters. *chuckle* I -thought- about making some, but I didn’t.

As to other MMOs this past week… I didn’t play any. I did Further Confusion dealer room stuff and played some Amazonia for a number of hours, and generally relaxed and recovered from 2008.

Yup, end of the blog. I’ll likely have a Book review this afternoon or tomorrow sometime. I’m almost done with the book I am reading… And as for blogging, I’ll be back on schedule this Friday, I think.