Book Review: ‘Dragon Wytch’ by Yasmine Galenorn

Dragon Wytch by Yasmine Galenorn

This book is book #4 in the Otherworld Series (Also known as the Sisters of the Moon series). As with the first three books, this book focuses on the point of view of one of the three D’Artigo sisters. Like the first book, this one is told with Camille, the Witch of the family. All three sisters are half-Fae, half-human. Their father was Fae, and a member of the Fae Queen’s royal Guard. Their mother was human and an adopted citizen of ‘Otherworld’ which is the dimension that broken off from Earth long, long ago in a bid to prevent demonkind from taking over.

The barriers between Otherworld and Earthside have been opening. The Fae restored contact with Earthside again about 4-5 years ago and made themselves known. Now the world in general knows about Elves, Fae, Goblins, Werewolves, Vampires and all the other things of the supernatural. It appears that the place where all this ‘breaking through’ or ‘reconnecting’ is going on is along the Pacific Northwest. And so the story is set in Seattle, roughly set in the current day, maybe a little back, or a little forward from us in time.

The D’Artigo sisters are part of something called the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Or they were. Things have gotten a little troubled back home. The Fae are warring amongst themselves and are a little busy with that so they have drawn most support of the OIA from them away. So the sisters and their allies, both Earthside and in Otherworld, are trying to keep things going alone. And it’s not easy. One of the major powers of the underworld, Shadow Wing, is out to break through from Underworld into Earthside and ‘unleash hellfire to burn it all down’ so that Shadow Wing can take over and rule over Underworld, Earthside and Otherworld. He wants it ALL! But he has to get some things called the ‘Spirit Seals’. In the first three books they managed to save some of them and get them into safe hands. But there’s another one that is now in danger. And there’s a new set of demons in town as well as many other dangers to deal with.

Besides the over story, there is also the personal stories. In the first book, called Witchling, Camille reunited with a love she was long parted from, met a kitsune-demon that she also has fallen in love with, and met this handsome hunk of a Dragon (who can shape change to look like a man) that she had to negotiate to spend time with in exchange for some much needed help. All of these men in her life return in this book and Smoky, the dragon, has come to collect on their agreement. And what a Dragon wants, a Dragon gets! Add in more portals between Earthside and Otherworld opening, goblins attacking, unicorn royalty, trolls, and Morgaine la Fae and the queens of the Earthside Fae Courts coming back into power, and you have a whole MESS of trouble.

The book is well-written, and there is clear character growth of the main character. Camille is center stage but that doesn’t totally leave out Delilah, the werecat, or Menolly, the vampire. And the cast of supporting characters are all back and we meet at least a few more. Delilah and Menolly’s parts are defiantly only supporting here, and sometimes they almost felt cardboard. But it didn’t detracts from the story at all. Oh, and since this IS ‘Paranormal Romance’ there is a bit of sex. But then Camillie is very much the ‘Saucy Wench’ of a Witch… with powers that have been known to short-circuit. So lust plays a part in this novel, though not quite on the level of focus that it plays with many ‘Paranormal Romance’ books.

Overall, I would say that this book does a lot more to further the over story plot and Camillie’s relationships that the first book did. And it feels like the author has gained a firm feel for where she is going with this and how Camille is going to react to things. Ms Galenorn’s characters are NOT dumb bunnies. They are intelligent, they have their flaws, and they have strength and courage. Her characters truly carry the story, they aren’t just swept along by it.

The next book in this series is Night Huntressand the focus of characters will move over to the werecat, Delilah. I am rather looking forward to it, as of the three sisters she is the one I find most interesting. I’m wondering if, like in the last three books if the complications of her personal relationships is going to get still more complicated. That’s sure what has happened in Dragon Wytch for Camille. And in the prior 3 books each sister’s personal lives got complicated in similar, yet different ways. Will it be the same for the second trilogy? Night Huntress is already out and waiting at home for me to read.

Meanwhile, the next book for me will be Brimstone Kiss by Carole Nelson Douglas. It’s book 2 of Delilah Street: Paranormal Investigator. This is the sequel to Dancing with Werewolves that I read last year. I don’t know if I will finish this one before Further Confusion next week or not.

Thanks for reading…